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6/7/12 5:25 P

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WOOHOO for making it through Phase 1. The weight gain is common and I know you are bumming. Try not to fixate on that scale number, celebrate that those strong muscles are taking up less space!!! Are you enjoying the workouts? All the best in phase 2 with the entrance of cardio. Please keep us updated:)


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6/7/12 2:10 P

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I'm in week three and I am seeing weight gain.

I was trying to lose weight - finally lost two more lbs at the beginning of the program but eating more + strength training means the two lbs is back. I am smaller and stronger overall so it's still a good thing but I must admit I was a bit bummed the first time I saw that. I know it will even out:)

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6/5/12 6:49 A

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I gained at the end of Phase 1 also. I was close to my goal weight when I began the program and wantes to focus on strength and muscle building. I took my measure ments at the beginning and lost inches despite the weight gain which proved to me it was mainly muscle. I was not worried about ti and could really feel a difference physically after just 4 weeks.

My diet to begin with was also very clean. I think people who have a weight loss are either starting with more weight to lose or are reaping the benefits of clean eating by changing the diet. For those of us who ate clean before doing our best to follow her food plan ensure we are getting anough protein for muscle growth, but also means we are eating more than we are used to. Dont stress about it! Just focus on getting protein, eating often and really focusing on the training!

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6/2/12 11:08 A

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Welcome:) Congrats on completing Phase 1!!! One thing I have learned going through the 12 weeks is that each one of us is unique. Depends on where we were when we started and how are body builds. Many people gain weight in the Phase 1. It is the muscle building phase, as is phase 2 with the addition of cardio. I lost weight in the beginning but was a mess when I started. Believe much of the loss was addressing my food allergies that in turn eliminated the bloat. You sound like you were already a clean eater. I, too, (for the most part) do not eat dairy, except in the protein shakes. I am not a big meat eater. Modified the diet big time. Also sounds like you are blessed (in my opinion) with a strong body that probably builds faster. My question would be…do you feel changes in the shape of your body. There are some areas I have not lost inches, but have changed dramatically. Guess much of it depends on our unique goals. For me, I wanted to feel strong again and build muscle, figuring the rest will fall in place. I would really be okay if I was heavier weight wise, but the body looked better.

I say stick with it! Keep challenging yourself with the weights following the wt %. Cardio arrives in phase 2 and then phase 3 is killer:)


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6/2/12 11:06 A

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Hi JRiTZ congrats on finishing phase 1 and Welcome to the team!

Lifting heavier weights is part of the point of this program... Lifting lighter weights is NOT the answer. I wouldnt worry about the gain TOO much, as Jamie points out this may happen for the first six weeks....

You really should look at your diet. Even if you can't follow to a T, I think you would benefit from focusing on the LEAN meats... Cutting out the beef and pork.
There are a few people here with food sensitivities and different dietary requirements and hopefully they can chime in with some suggestions for alternatives.

Keep plugging away- have fun with Phase 2!

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6/2/12 10:19 A

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Hi everyone! I just found this forum and so glad to get the support. I just finished phase 1 and I do feel stronger but I gained 5 lbs and only lost about 1 inch combined. I don't follow her meal plan because I am Paleo. I cannot eat gluten or diary of any kind. I eat really good and clean, all fresh vegetables and grass fed beef, whole chickens and very little pork. I supplement with D3, woman's food based multi, BioAstin, Krill Oil, calcium.

Do you think the weight gain is nothing to worry about and phrase 2 will take care of it? Or do you think I should lift lighter weights? I am strong, so usually using the 15-20lbs weights for the exercises, however I have incresed it tremendously throughout phase 1.

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