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10/1/11 10:07 A

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Thanks everyone! I'm going to start out and see how it goes, but if I have any trouble, I'm going to probably find a different program and wait until I'm more prepared to handle the 12 Week Challenge.

Thanks again for all your help!

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9/30/11 9:22 A

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I am recovering from knee surgery (June 2011) and have started the program. There are things that I HAVE to modify so that I don't reinjure my knee. So, I would say when you do the leg workouts, you might try using a band, or very light weights at first. Also, I found that when I am not feeling it in the area I am supposed to I probably don't have the right form, or I am lifting too heavy and thus overcompensating in other areas.

When I was in the Army and went through Basic Training, our Drill Sergeant taught us how to do our sit ups without using our legs. Our tendency is to use our hip flexors for leverage, but it tires out your legs faster. He would make us do the sit ups and hit our stomachs, to make sure we were using our core and not our legs. It was a pain in the butt, but it really did teach me to focus on the abs. Also, crunches are better for me if I am trying to concentrate on focusing on my abs.

I think that most important thing is if you are doing an exercise that is absolutely painful or uncomfortable, then don't do it. There is not sense in you injuring yourself because then you defeat the purpose. Good Luck!

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9/29/11 8:55 A

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I injured by hip running over a year ago so I feel your pain. It still bothers me after months and months of rest. Massage helps but the best thing for you is rest. I saw and orthopedic surgeon and his recommendation was "stop running". He said he sees more runners with injuries and he tells them the same thing. Running is not good for you. Switch to the elliptical machine for your cardio. As far as the strength training, you'll need to favor that hip. If it hurts don't do a particular exercise. You should be able to do certain lower body exercises, but stay clear of the anything that causes strain on the hip and lower back. That means, no abductor machine, steps-ups, barbell squats should be shallow and you should probably do push-ups on your knees. Listen to your body. I know it's frustrating not being able to do certain exercises, but you'll notice an increase in strength over time and your body will heal. Good luck!!

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9/28/11 11:44 A

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Thank you so much for both of your replies! I really appreciate the help! I will try what you suggested.

REBYTR--so sorry about your knee injury! I love running and it is so hard to not be able to.

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9/28/11 7:46 A

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I'm a former runner until a had a major knee injury last year. While being evaluated during physical therapy, my therapist found problems with my hip flexors. My doctor thinks maybe that caused my knee injury. I would foam roll and stretch daily (all lower body muscles). You can probably do the upper body workout as written. You might want to add in planks a couple days a week to strengthen your core.

For lower body, I'm better now, but I'm adapting it because I don't go to the gym. While I was injured, my therapist had me do most of my exercises using an exercise ball. There's a variety of things you can do to hit your hamstrings. He had me put my feet up on the ball while laying on my back. Lift your bottom off the ground while keeping your legs straight. Then roll the ball towards you while bending your knees. That will also strengthen your core.

For quads he had me do wall squats with the exercise ball behind my back. Rather than doing continuous reps, he had me hold in a squat position for about 30 seconds.

Hope this helps!

Melissa, from Texas

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9/27/11 11:15 A

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First of all, I'm sorry that you were injured. Unfortunately no one can predict if a program will make this injury worse. You are right that strengthening your core and abdominals will help a recurrence of this. It can be a chronic problem. You may want to see how you are on October 1st, but if you aren't 100% you would need to modify the program for your lower body. You don't want to lift light in this program. The emphasis is to gain muscle in the first phase and you need to lift a specific percentage of maximum weight for the specific number of sets. So having no problem doing 12 reps won't benefit you. You could follow the program on your upper body, start focusing on strengthening your core (lower back and abs) and depending on your hip flexor injury modify the lower body workout, or leave it out for now. Wishing you luck and be smart about this, don't rush into it if you need more recovery time.

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9/27/11 10:57 A

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I was hoping someone might be able to give me some advice here! I have two questions:

I plan on starting the program on October 1st. Here's my first question: I had worked myself up to running a 5k a couple weeks ago when I injured something--possibly a hip flexor strain or something. I feel a lot better, but it isn't 100% yet. I'm hoping that it will be 100% by October 1st, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I can handle this program without hurting my hip flexor again, or do I need to modify anything?

My second question is that I read a lot about hip flexor strains and found that a lot of people have trouble with it because of weak cores and a lack of flexibility. I think this is my problem! After the injury I started paying more attention to my form and realized that I probably am not doing exercises correctly. For example, when doing core exercises, I have a lot of tension in my hip flexors. I assume this is because I don't have a strong core. I also have tension in muscles other than the muscle I'm trying to work when lifting weights. I'm trying to work on that, but I was wondering what kind of weight should I use in this program?

I'm not very strong, but I was wondering if I should use extra light weights and so I can be sure to keep good form and retrain myself to do exercises correctly--not use any muscle other than what I'm suppose to be using! I hate to do this because I know I won't get as good results... but on the other hand, I definitely do not want to hurt myself further and I feel like the sooner I learn to do the exercises correctly, the better!

Does anyone have any experience on how to handle these two problems? I would really appreciate any help you can give me!

Thanks so much! :)

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