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8/23/11 8:53 P

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I've tracked the past 2 days, out of curiousity. Yesterday was only 1,476 and today was 1,585 calories. That's not counting the egg whites meal at night, because I fell asleep a little early last night.

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8/23/11 8:20 P

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Hi FitWhit, thanks for your perspective here. I missed this when you first posted. This is great advice. I'm going to eat salmon too - maybe once a week - I just love it. And yes, I'm going to eat the egg whites I just find myself already kindof dreading them. They used to taste so good but ten of anything starts to overwhelm my tastebuds I guess. And you're so right about the volume versus calories. I hadn't really thought of that before. Today worked out really well for me. Like you, I kindof paced myself. It worked much better than yesterday. I ate my four small carrot cake bars in the afternoon, a few hours before the workout, and then a banana right after my workout. Wow. I felt great! Usually I go to the gym, lift a full circuit, do cardio, and come home and scramble to put together a dinner (which usually means patching together a bunch of snacks and then overindulging.) It felt so great to come home, feel like my energy was still up, and be able to take a shower and actually pop dinner in the oven. And then sit down 30 minutes later and eat it! So filling, and so much better for me.

Thanks for getting us into this program. I would have never found it without you and Amanda!

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8/22/11 11:55 A

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Hey girl!

I plan on still eating salmon occasionally too, but just not as a sub-in for "lean protein" since it's not. Just have it as the protein AND fat (i.e. don't eat half an avocado WITH your salmon!). I think as the plan progresses Jamie will add more fats into the daily plan.

And about the egg whites... YES! Eat them! They're less than 20 cals each usually, and 5-6 grams of protein. So 5 whites is still under 100 calories and 25-30 g protein. :) It's a brain-thing THINKING you're eating TONS of calories/food, when it's just more nutritionally dense!

About snacks... I think that the protein shake/banana option is meant as a small meal post-workout. So this morning I had my eggs-starch-veggie-fruit breakfast before working out, then a protein shake about 1.5 hours later after my workout, and my protein bar (quest bar) as my "small meal 2". So I kind of lumped protein shake & bar into "small meal 2" and just split it by about an hour since that's how it fit with my workout.

And about the food/calories... my guess is that it's more FOOD than we're used to (eating more often in "meals"), but around the same calories-- maybe more depending on your range. The CLEAN food is usually lower-calorie and more filling than a lot of other stuff we (I) maybe eating otherwise, so it will feel like we're filling up with more even though it's less calories on average.

I do not plan on tracking my food on spark, because I'd like to go no-calorie counting for a while on this plan and see how I feel. I trust that as long as I'm eating clean and having appropriately portioned meals, listening to my body with my hunger, there is no sense in obsessing over calories!

I hope that helps!


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8/21/11 6:50 P

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Thanks for the advice! This really helps. Now all I need to do is figure out where salmon fits into the plan. I'm a huge fan, and I hope I don't have to give it up.

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8/21/11 10:07 A

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The after workout protein and banana idea is not supposed to be in addition to the meal plan, it is supposed to count as one of your daily meal options. :)

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8/21/11 9:47 A

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Hey there, I will try and answer, of course I am no expert!

1. Egg whites, thank goodness they make those big containers of them eh?

2. If you are follow Jamie on Facebook she actually gives some more information about the fats and the dressings. She was at last I knew making an approved condiment list.

3. I think the snacks/small meals can be interchangeable. I think the key is that you are eating really clean and eating 6 times a day or so.

4. Calories, I am a crazy calorie counter too. I look forward to the repreive quite honestly. I read several of Tosca Reno's eating clean books and she says if you are eating clean, there is no need to count the calories, and I think Jamie is of the same opinion. I am certainly willing to give it a try, I look forward to eating more of the healthy foods!

So basically if I were you, I would just sick with the program and worry about calories later on! You are going to be working hard and I bet you will need all that food energy. :)

Hope that helps.


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8/21/11 8:46 A

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Hi friends, I have a few questions about the program and thought some of you might have answers or advice.

1. Are we really going to be eating all of those egg whites? Wow!
2. What about fats? I see that they're on the approved foods list, but I'm just wondering how to count them. Salad dressing, sauce for chicken, etc. Do we just try and keep them in moderation?
3. Are the snacks meant to be post-workout fuel or is are they something different? Jaime mentions eating a banana with a protein shake after a workout. I'm just wondering if that would be an afternoon snack (I work out in the early evenings) or if it's in addition to the snack?
4. Does anyone else feel like this is a lot more food and calories than they normally eat? I'm actually excited about that because I know that I've been depriving myself of the calories I need for years, which always ends in an eating rampage. Anyhow, it's good to have a real fitness expert lay down the daily meal plan so that I don't have to feel any guilt or fear about gaining weight. But here's a question: Is everyone going to be tracking the food on Spark? I am a little worried about seeing the calories up there. It's a weird psychological thing, but I don't want to start shaving off the meal plan here and then because it looks like my calorie count is too high. I know how tricky I can be with myself! I'd rather start the program, see how great I feel and maybe even that I am losing weight, and then track my food when I am certain beyond any doubt that the program works. Is anyone else having this dilemma?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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