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10/6/11 12:51 P

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Tummy tuck-
1. Get to goal weight- the surgeon is working with damaged skin- I had a whole year to wait on free plastic surgery in denmark.. So this was a good tool to preserve my results..
2. Younger women have to be realistic and be finished with having their children- no point going through hell and getting pregnant again- the doctor is moving mother nature and it sucks having to start shaving the belly button region..
3. The weight has to be off if you loss more weight efter it- the area can sag..
4. There are different degrees of tummy tuck from a mini to the huge star model which can be dangerous.. One person I know had to have blood vessels left bleeding to feed the navel area.. They experienced having to return to the operation table to stop the blood vessel going overboard..

5. I trained before I got the operation- there is a 3 month ban weight training and lifting in general.. Reason the doctor cuts all the muscle layers and a hernia can mean returning to the operation table to have it fixed..

1 months with a corset 24 hours and 1 months with the corset on during the day..

The scarring if you look efter this operation can fade- I was told to keep the incision line moisturized by using a angel tape on the incision line.. Keeping weight stable avoids it getting dark and ugyly..

Complications- a drain didn't work correctly so weeping fluids gathered and caused a fissel a opening to the surface- it feel like razors and was cured with a 60 pill pencillin cure.. At some stage I bent over and the fluid leaked out.. The district nurse gave me a couple of large sanity nappies the elderly use to avoid the fluid leaking all over my clothing.. When this escaped the infection cleared up and I was a good as new..

I returned to work with light duties and had to start up very slowly with weight training.. I had to also train my abs super strong to compensate having no nerve contact- I only feel sharp pain if I ever over do it..
The stitches were removed by appointment with my own doctor and I replaced the tape when it needed changing..

My results are 3 years lossing weight, maintenance since 2007 and body building.. Because I could see my lower body was over kill..
I am a very strong person even with a spinal injury- I used to do all the work around our farm as my husband was slowly dying from his diabetes type 1.

I looked in the mirror at starvation mode..

The plastic surgeon told me not to go for 57 kgs.. Thats my tricep skin hanging and everything hanged..
It took me 3 years to recover from stripping the fat off my body..

I ate 1500 calories all the way through- I could have eaten 1800 calories with the job and weight training I do.. I don't want any more plastic surgery- it is plain vanity and I can't get it free like the tummy tuck..

When you start you have to keep going or other parts of the body need touching up.. Some people are addicted to plastic surgery.. she has 52 operations... She is 55 years old..

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Fitness is a battle, welcome to the frontline.
Suit up and fight for your life. War is war, no matter what front your fighting..

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Share your recovery stories here! How long did your recovery take, were there any complications, what have you done to minimize scarring?

Thanks to all my SparkFriends who have supported me through this journey to health!

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