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7/2/16 7:09 A

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Thankfully we don't do a big "to do" on the 4th even though DH was in the Army for 11 years. But I am watching what I eat just the same and those are great reminders and helps!!

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7/1/16 8:57 P

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I agree. I am having a brat burger on a bun, a half cup of my homemade potato salad, 1serving of corn on the cob and a cup of watermelon for dessert. That is my dinner. My breakfast and lunch will be minimal. I try to do this for all holidays where there so much food involved. Total calorie for dinner 522. We all have to be mindful when we eat and especially during these holidays.


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7/1/16 7:50 P

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Thanks for the good reminders.

A few more:

put some really great vegetables together -- only the kind you love -- and indulge to your heart's content with fat free ranch dressing (or ranch mix mixed with really thick buttermilk or ff or low fat sour cream. You can eat a lot of your favorite vegetables when you're using ranch dressing of your own making.

Decide on the foods you absoluutely want (ice cream, potato salad, etc.) and keep that in mind all the time you''re picking out your other foods. This helps me delay grafification, just for the sort time I need.

Asian type broth, dill pickles, pickled asparagas. I realize that few other people will find theese foods as gratifying as I do, but I'm glade I do. I make sure they're around on these days, because I really do like to eat them. They are comfort foods to me as much as potato salad and milk toast.

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7/1/16 7:11 P

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With the 4th of July weekend comes all sorts of opportunities to eat at barbecues, picnics, family get togethers and restaurants.

Don't deprive yourself.

Save the best for first. Eat what you REALLY love first, just one serving and then fill the rest in with stuff you're not so keen on. Why? If you save what you really want til last, you will definitely eat everything n your plate to get to the god stuff. If you eat the good stuff first, you will likely byass the other and not have to deal with those calories.

Protein. Fiber. Water. Fill up on those types of foods before, during and after,

Eat some really yummy fruits for your sweets, like fresh cold sweet cherries, grapes, or watermelon. Yummy veggies include sweet corn, fresh ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and other garden fare.

Wear a FitBit or step tracker and challenge yourself to be a bit more active than usual.

Don't count calories, just eat healthier. Think about things you can add to your health and fitness when you eat them, not things to take out.

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