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5/25/12 1:16 A

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I think your demanding active job should count for something. It's not as if you are sitting in an office. I know that I am a walker - I cannot jog worth beans - and I have read that that qualifies as cardio for me, and moderate exercise does produce measurable results. I thought Sheenadee's answer was great too.

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5/24/12 11:03 A

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Hi! You might want to check out this SP article on cardio:

In part, it states this about which activities may also count as cardio:

"How does one particular thing go from "activity" to "cardio?" It just has to meet two principles.
The first is intensity: It only counts as cardio when you elevate your heart rate into an aerobic zone, which is 55% to 85% of your maximum heart rate. You can calculate your target heart rate here. Simply check your pulse during any activity to find out if your activity counts as exercise.

Second is time: For any activity to count as cardio, it has to last at least 10 minutes per session. Shoot for a minimum of 10-20 minutes per session, building up to a full hour over time. And remember, time can be cumulative, so 10 minutes here and there throughout the day is a perfectly fine and convenient way to squeeze in your cardio!"

I hope this helps.


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5/24/12 10:42 A

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I can't give an official answer but I can tell you that I have 3 dogs I have to walk daily because we don't have a fenced yard and take out several times daily... my washer and dryer are down 2 flights of stairs, my mailbox is a block away and my car sits at the bottom of a hill in my driveway..... I personally don't count doing any of that as part of my cardio. I only count my stationary elliptical biking, walking for my hour to hour and a half and videos. I consider the other stuff extra because it does not get my heart rate into the target range, but since it does burn calories I just think it is extra. That is me personally, but I am not sure what the experts are going to say about that. I just feel if I am not getting my heart rate up for at least 10 minutes continuously then it is not cardio exercise. Again I am not an expert, but just my thoughts, feelings and opinion.

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5/24/12 10:37 A

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I don't think it would 'count' the same as, say a cardio dvd, but it definately counts as much as heavy cleaning, gardening, farm work, and brisk walking do. I count my daily walks as cardio, and they seem much less intense then chasing after dogs!

The only trouble I can see in how you track it, is that the calories burned won't be terribly accurate - but they aren't exact any way. Pick the category that you think it most closely falls into (I'd pick walking at a fairly brisk pace, but farm work sounds perfectly acceptable to me), log your time, and don't futz over the 'calories burned' number.

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5/24/12 10:27 A

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I have a question aout cardio. I am just finishing the boot camp and since this question does not exactly apply I wasnt sure whether to ask it here, but here goes! i volunteer at a large outdoor sanctuary for dogs. A lot of the work is very demanding and all of it is active, but its not demanding in a continuous way like jogging. The closest thing I could find listed was "farm work". Although for my boot camp points I did low impact aerobics dvds, I have been counting my sanctuary days as extra aerobics points. I am at the sanctuary for about 8 hours at a stretch, but I only count 4 hours since some of the time is spent loving on dogs, taking a break in hot weather, stopping at a kennel to give a treatment/medication, etc. The active time is primarily walking, feeding, watering, and cleaning kennel runs. I also keep special needs shelter dogs at my home and spend about 30 minutes to an hour a day in active work carrying buckets of food and water down an incline to the kennels and cleaning kennels.
Is it OK to continue to count this time as aerobic exercise? I do plan to continue my DVDs 4-5 days a week but on my shelter days its hard to get it all in.
Sorry for the long question and many thanks!

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