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1/20/14 9:02 P

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POPEYE - TRIANGLE-WOMAN posted a TED talk link, shown below. Good stuff. Does take a minute or two to "get into it."

My niece, who has a Ph.D. in social psychology, gave it a like on FB.

Stacy, KS

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1/20/14 4:15 P

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Well, I'm not power posing (I don't even know what that is, so I'm not even sure I could do it), but his young lady really has it nailed. Unfortunately, boys don't begin to be able to separate the truly important characteristics out until at least the age of 23 when some of them start to really be men instead of a boy. Some boys grow and appear to be men, but never really change on the inside and are condemned to be boys forever.

t would take a unique boy to be able to see a girls other qualities through the haze of raging hormones. Boys pass through puberty and that 1-7% genetic link to Neanderthals completely blanks their ability to see anything besides nice hips and big boobs. Instinctively, they are looking for the prototype woman who could bear their children - wider hips for easier birthing, bigger boobs to ensure the child is adequately nourished so their genetic line keeps going on.

Even boys who are not particularly athletic stars, don't have 6/8 packs, aren't overtly aggressive and who don't stand out, just an average guy, can't overcome that hormone driven truth. Maybe that accounts for the reaction some men have to models, super models. We look at them with a question that may be seen in our eyes. The question being, why is that skinny thing supposed to be a standard to which men should be attracted.

Her poem should have been titled, "Why Do Boys Want What They Do in Girls". It will take almost ten years for her to find a man that meets her standards, unless she gets incredibly lucky.

My Dad had a piece of advice for us that he wanted us to pass on to our children. "Don't even think about marriage until you are 25 or older. It takes a minimum of 25 years before you can recognize what characteristics in a woman make you compatible."

Though he had only sons, he meant it for daughters as well. Girls appear to mature emotionally much faster than boys, that could probably be dropped to 21-23 in their cases (recognizing that some girls never really become women).

Speaking for no one other than myself, what I looked for in a life partner was cute (attractive to me), physically fit, intelligent and who could love me in spite of my many faults. Bonus features including knowing at least a bit about sports. I totally lucked out, Cherry is a bigger sports fan than I am. She knows who the rookie of the year should boil down to in baseball (collegiate and Pro), basketball (collegiate) and baseball (both pro and collegiate). She knows who was traded to who and why and on and on.

Early in our marriage I had some of the "guys" over to watch a particular football game. When one of the guys asked if he could get a beer, she told him, "Beers in the fridge, snacks are on the kitchen table". When she started asking why the coach didn't do this or why the fool didn't do that, all the guys were dumbfounded. Finally, one of the guys said, "Cherry, you really do know a lot about football. Where did you learn all of that?"

"I was Daddy's girl. If he was interested in something, so was I. So I know about baseball, football and basketball. I don' t know a thing about soccer or hockey. I don't like boxing, even though Daddy did. Any of those other "sports", like dressage, water polo, wrestling, running, jumping - all the stuff they do in the Olympic games, every four years is good enough for me."

My DW was, and is, attractive to me, she is much more healthy then I am, she is intelligent, compassionate, loyal and still loves me (in spite of ALL my faults), since we were married 42 plus years ago. She also has a great deal more patience than I have.

The only place where we don't exactly mesh is in our ideas about what is humorous. I don't mean we are exactly opposites, nothing of the sort, but she can't quite get enthusiastic at my propensity for puns, sarcasm and a play on words.

I know when I've got a winner there by the volume and length of her groan. She loves me in spite of such childish behavior.

Last night I got a huge eye roll while watching a girls basketball game. On one of the teams one of the stars was Lajina Jones-Parker. My immediate reaction was, "What parent in their right mind would call their baby girl Lajina? I can't even imagine how much she had to endure from boys in junior and senior high school. And yes, the announcers, straight faced, pronounced her name exactly is you might think.

I doubt it will happen, but I pray that girl meets a boy who matures faster than others. If not, I hope she doesn't get so depressed it negatively affects her entire life.

So, what is a "power pose"?

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1/20/14 11:10 A

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I cannot begin to say how disappointing it is to have gone through five decades of social change to NOT be an art object only to have this youngster feel compelled to write a poem about how she isn't exactly that. Will we ever learn? I doubt it.

I'm power posing right this minute...

Stacy, KS

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. - C. S. Lewis

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1/20/14 9:41 A

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Beautifully done performance art. She has quite a way with words.

Three minutes long. Made me cry that it even needs to be said.

Then I power posed and felt better.... emoticon emoticon

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