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6/14/20 4:43 P

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MAW: WOW – letter from the Civil War. Even without the story, it must be so precious. Ditto with that American Flag you got from that Middle East Unit. They are both keepsakes…..

WOUBBIE: congrats on finally getting that armoire finished.

It’s pretty cold here in Rochester also. Has been for a day or two now. Expect the entire week to be a bit on the chilly side but if the sun comes out – it will warm up everything. I had to go out on the patio and sit in the sun today just to get the chill out of me. PS - I do love the cooler weather especially during summer.

Been trying to stay busy, so far - so good. I am noticing that I'm having more and more days of doing much of nothing. I think I've said this before.

We're on the verge of Phase 3 here - I'm in the Finger Lakes Region. There are people all over - I guess with most people still being home, they think it's fine to go where ever they want. We're still being very care and mostly just staying at home.

Rochester, NY

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6/14/20 2:28 P

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I didn't know you played the piano, much less had one! Nice to learn more about you, Debb. Glad you enjoyed your son and grandkids.

We watched church online this morning and just finished lunch. I found a recipe that maybe others would be interested in as a substitute for a sweet treat. Just swap out the sugar for your favorite LC sweetener, I used Swerve. It's in the freezer now. I think it will taste like a sorbet. It tasted good before it was frozen anyway.

Heading over to my parent's place in a bit for a visit.

Enjoy your day!

One of the most important keys to Success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don't feel like doing it. - Unknown

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6/14/20 12:50 P

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Had a grand time Friday morning till early evening Saturday with grandkids. It had been so long! My son and his family had self-isolated for so long, and I am flattered to be their first visit.

We basically hung around, so nothing "exciting" except going to the doggy park and feeding the ducks. Their visit was the best time I have had in months! And I even stayed on plan while they had treats!

Back to "normal" today.... quiet, with dog park visits. We took our first morning jaunt already.

No plans. I will probably play the piano a bit. I always enjoy that.

Swell Sunday to All!


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6/14/20 11:44 A

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I love living in the high desert. We usually have nice cool nights and it gets hot during the day. Some mornings I have the small, localized heater going and the air conditioner in the afternoon. But it is the cool nights that make life bearable.

A quiet day planned. Our 'crew' of one man didn't quite finish tar papering and putting up wire and lath. And he is working all week and won't be back until next weekend. Dang. That puts everything behind schedule. On the plus side--even the tar paper looks better than what was there before. (GRIN) Got the last railing up and the porch cleaned.

Working on laundry--cottage changes out again today.

Live, love, laugh and wash your hands.

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Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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6/14/20 10:43 A

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Brr, indeed! It's only 61 right now. I was surprised when I realized the furnace had kicked on. The AC (at least the AC fan) is still running in my room!

My sister has been pursuing some genealogy and family history and has made some connections across the country with relatives we weren't really aware of. She keeps trying to interest me in her findings, but for some reason I am totally not engaged. I'd rather know more about our past history, and there's little likelihood of finding out anything concrete about that.

She had Mom do one of the genetic tests and it said "Yup. You're 100% western Ukrainian." Go back 200+ years and some of our ancestors would have come from Central Asia, which we also kind of suspected, just based on some physical features.

But the record-keeping in that part of the world was no great shakes. The churches had birth, death, and marriage records, but lots of those were destroyed by the Soviets.

Moving on, wonder of wonders, DH actually finished putting the armoire back together!!! It's on its new stand, it's tethered to the wall, and all I need to do to finish it is to glue together the pieces of the crown molding that wraps around the top and finish off the lower edge with some peel and stick veneer tape. I've ordered a shelving unit from Target to insert into the right-hand cabinet, so I'll finally be able to get rid of the short dresser that the armoire was intended to replace.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
We took out all of his clothes from the left-hand side (that side has the closet pole for his hanging clothes) and (SECOND Wonder of Wonders) he actually went through his stuff and eliminated a few items that were just clogging things up.

He was about to just hang all his pants back up, but I MADE him try them on first. He really really is in denial about how much weight he's gained in the last 10 years. So yeah, he has literally ONE pair of dress pants that still fit him, albeit snugly. He was guessing that he was still around a 33 waist, so it was a shock when he couldn't even button a pair of 34's (or was it 35?).

I have been crying for full-length mirrors in this house for decades, and now that we finally have two maybe we'll both pay a bit more attention to how we're looking!

I am unsurprised at how much this has improved my mood for the weekend!

Well, I'd better get back to doing something productive. I baked muffins a couple of days ago, whipped up some fried onions/colorful peppers yesterday (I've been mixing it with shaved steak from Aldi), and today I'm going to experiment some more with my baking powder coated chicken wings. That's more cooking than I like to do in a whole WEEK let alone a weekend, but the final products have been might tasty.

Happy Sunday, all, and Wash Your Hands!

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I Voted By Mail!
R>Each man's death diminishes me, For I am involved in mankind.
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6/14/20 10:00 A

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I wrote lots of letters and cards and postcards to a unit in the Middle East, and they sent me a package of things they had each contributed. One was a flag that had flown on their base. I wish I had a place to fly it. I need to look into that.

Lots of things are "celebrated" today, including:

Abused Women and Children's Awareness Day
Army's Birthday
Family History Day (take advantage of the older generation's memories)
International Bath Day (I love me a good hot bath in the winter!)
Multicultural American Child Day
National Bourbon Day
National Children's Day
Pop Goes the Weasel Day (which I always associate with Laura Ingalls Wilder's Pa who played it on his fiddle)
Race Unity Day
World Blood Donor Day (giving blood is one thing I miss, but just don't see how they can keep it totally safe - not a problem if I were by myself, but possible issue with Mom's safety)
Write to Your Father Day

When Great-Aunt Kay died, we found lots of stuff at her house that clearly had stories, but she was the last of her generation so no one to ask. One thing we found was a box of letters written to and from my grandfather's grandfather's sister when she was a nurse in the Civil War! There was letter from her to AK's sister, so AK probably knew the Civil War nurse. And nobody alive knew about it.

Not much planned for today. Will go to Mom's house, as usual for Sunday, and refill her pill boxes. She thinks she takes lots of pills, but only 3 prescriptions. Total of 11 pills a day total, which I guess is sort of a lot. Mostly non-prescription stuff that may or may not help her memory. Will play a game of some sort.

Dishes need washed and clutter needs put away all over the house. It's really pretty much of a mess around here.

High today of 69. Brr!

Have a great day, wash your hands, and don't be a COVIDiot!

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