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4/18/19 8:34 P

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Whew. Long day. I was feeling really down last night knowing that today would be unpleasant, until I realized that it might actually be one of my last unpleasant days there.

I let the Internal Controls folks know that Monday I'll find out if I get the buyout (we're about 90% sure now) and they were pretty blase about it. So we keep working on the (icky) audit process and about 10 minutes later one guy conversationally asks me when it goes into effect. I say May 31 will be my last day, and he actually startled, lol!

Yup, don't bother downloading the database onto my PC young man. I'll do this one more time next month if you still need a Beta tester, but no, this will not be leaving your desk anytime soon.

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At the Constitutional Convention, George Mason asked: “Shall any man be above Justice? Above all shall that man be above it, who can commit the most extensive injustice? . . . Shall the man who has practiced corruption & by that means procured his appointment in the first instance, be suffered to escape punishment, by repeating his guilt?”
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4/18/19 4:39 P

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Good Afternoon Team & Thursday!!! Vitamin D--- hhhmmmmm--- I bought some gels D3 1,000 icu. Hhhhmmmmm---- mornings --- hhhmmmmmm!!! I could add it to my cinnamon, turmeric, biotin, gloucosamin/condriton, B12 --- need to attempt a change!!! (or is it an addition???)

I sat around to much yesterday. I was fearful of a headache. Most back tracking is due to fear. I counsel arthritis situations to: I know it hurts -- and if you would come and keep moving--the pain will lessen. LOL!! Now - me-- I was fearful that if I walked 45 minutes, the headache would come back and it would take many hours to have it recess. I over ate and my stomach and all digestive track was miserable so I couldn't sleep. My knees ached, my muscles twitched, and all of the aches & pains that happen due to lack of movement. At 3:00 am I took a muscle relaxant and slept til 8:00. I loaded another set of sheets to wash, made coffee, enjoyed a facial & used some highly infused under eye moisture. I remembered my oldest granddaughter's b-day so got an e-card with picture and gift card.

I then went to Club to teach Arthritis warm water and I got in. It's Spring Break so the family pool was full of yelling/screaming little kids. That set my fear of headache --- but didn't happen. Only 5 people attended class. I did some paper work at Club then showered & dressed. I visited with 91 yof for 20 minutes & took him an Easter Lily. He forgets all conversations from this morning. Breathe in /. . . breathe out. I'm cooking some chicken broth with the leg, thigh bones.

I'll sub the Tabata Class at 5:30pm and will deal with my fear of headache and be careful. Life is good. Many things cause fear within me--- it's a Gift to be able to continue when fear almost cripples my ability to proceed. Breathe in . . . breathe out!!! I don't know what I will do this weekend. Maybe I'll stay home. I could visit son's family in MN but his wife's mother is in hospital in Rochester with just diagnosed Leukemia. They spend most afternoons with her to keep her spirits UP. That's a 5 hour drive. My Uncle is a 4 hour drive and he has food that has thickeners, and stuff that tempt and cause me challenges. I guess I'll figure it out.
Hugs to All!!! I woke up this morning!! I get to do IT All over again!! YYYiiiippppeeee!!!!

Hugs to Surround Us All as a Group! Connie, in WI
The pleasant thought for me today is LUCKY.
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4/18/19 2:05 P

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Glad you're feeling better, Debb.

The meetings are every day. I will for sure be on Saturdays and Thursdays, not so likely other days.

This weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there will be meetings every hour on the hour from 5 am to 7 pm PDT. Same again next Saturday and Sunday. Same phone number but the PIN is 485115.

4/18/19 1:45 P

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I am actually starting to get up a little earlier, Maw, so I am aimg to join your OA phone meeting soon. Are those M-F only?

Saw my cardiological NP this morning. Great appt. I love this guy! He also facilitated a counseling appt for me - I start next week!!

My heart blip, late Sunday past, gave me a scare, and a big kick in the pants. So I am back on plan. Coupled with upcoming therapy, I am feeling positive.

I even took the dogs to the park this morning. (No rain and a beautiful day certainly helped.)

Hugs to all!

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4/18/19 1:42 P

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Did 40 minutes on the elliptical just so I could finish an audiobook, and now I really want to do nothing! Nope, gotta shower and head off to see a client.

After that, the post office, and then home to work. PT job later. I made huge progress yesterday on the big client, and another client rescheduled our plans for tomorrow. That means tomorrow opened up a bit.


"Normal is not something to aspire to - it's something to get away from." -- Jodie Foster

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4/18/19 9:37 A

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And an almost free day! I moderate an OA phone meeting in a few minutes, but other than that have no commitments today. There are dishes to do, of course, and yard work.

I spent about an hour yesterday digging dandelions and only dug up 10 gallons of the silly things (two 5 gallon bucketfuls). I must be making progress - a few years ago I was digging up a 3 gallon bucketful in just 5 minutes! Lots more to dig up, though. I also need to mow the backyard and plant the chard and lettuce and maybe some radish seeds and things like that. Our average last frost day isn't until the middle of May, but that's the average. Maybe it will be earlier this year.

Oops. Got to get ready for my meeting.

Have a great day, everyone!

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