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12/27/18 7:21 P

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Rain turned to snow right after I got to work today, by the time I left tonight my car was iced over with a bunch of hard snow on top. I had remote start installed a couple weeks ago so that was helpful. Roads bad but could have been worse, I made it home fine.

We moved Christmas with the kids to tonight because DS found out he was scheduled to work even though he supposedly had the week off. Not sure who dropped the ball there, but he has to drive back to Omaha tomorrow morning so I hope the roads are OK by then. DH and I are driving down on Saturday to help him move to a different apartment. He's had enough of battling mice.

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12/27/18 3:34 P

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Woubbie, you created an AWESOME visual for me. You Go Girl!

I set all my alarms to wake me up and get to the Club to attend a couple of classes. LOL!!
Alarms sang---I swore-- rolled over---slept for another 2 hours. I sorted laundry, unpacked my travel stuff, washed out my lingerie, went to the optical place to order glasses (YIKES), stopped at Aldi's to purchase meat & spinach, came home fixed pork chops and enjoyed every morsel.

I ordered some shirts for my 90 year old that were to be delivered today. But, I need to visit with him at 3:00 and USPS haven't arrived. GGgggrrrrr!!! He's an Alumni of Ohio State and their football team is playing Rose Bowl. I ordered the shirt that he can wear to announce his loyalty. Now, he's never worn any type of Sports shirts. He still dresses like the late 40's & 50's. Sometimes he leaves off the tie. We'll see if he'll lower his standards. LOL!

I watched "Dumpling' on Netflix last night. It was entertaining as well as educational. We need PEOPLE. We need people that love us just the way we are!!

That's all I have for today. It's been raining--that drizzly, foggy dense to limit visibility and aware of slippery surfaces. Hugs to All!!! YYYiiiippppeeeee!!!

Hugs to Surround Us All as a Group! Connie, in WI
The pleasant thought for me today is LUCKY.
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12/27/18 2:27 P

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Astonishing how well I stick to plan at home. Then I come in to work and can't stop grazing. My brain is tired and all I can think about is how soon I can leave. I'm mostly eating allowable things, just too much of them.

Well, at least I can say for a fact that I've ditched most of the pounds I put on in the late spring and summer. My pants are not as loose as they were at the beginning of this year, but they're comfy again. I'm determined that by April they will be unwearable because they'll be falling off!

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12/27/18 12:03 P

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For some reason, AOL has started sticking some of my spark messages into the spam folder. But not all of them. Weirdness.

Sunny here today, chilly and calm. I have a massage scheduled this afternoon, which is good because my upper back has been achy off and on for a couple weeks now.

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12/27/18 11:44 A

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Sounds like a lovely, peaceful day ahead for both you and Russell! And excellent job maintaining healthy eating... [insert applause]

I'm back to the island client's workplace again today. No windstorms due. We're updating her QuickBooks, setting up a couple of new users as she's got a new person (future owner's wife... complicated, messy, and got some ick going) starting on the 3rd.

I have NO idea how long that will take, but I've got to show up at the PT job after that and then drive about 30 minutes to get to a massage on time at 4:30. It will be a full day. Bella will sleep through it until she hears the garage door open...


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12/27/18 10:56 A

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Everyone should be gone by now. It's just Mom and me and Russell.

I went back to bed after Don left and back to sleep and just woke up and got up. Weighed myself for the first time in over a week. (The scale is in the bathroom off of the room Don slept in.) I'm pretty much right smack in the middle of the two to three pound range my weight had been bouncing around in for the past few weeks. I'll take it! Especially since we had ham last night, so some bloating from that would not be unexpected.

Russell is happy because I have a blanket over my lap for the two of us. I had used all of the blankets on the beds and/or took them in car with us to Boise, just in case. Now there's a free blanket for snuggling under.

Life is good.

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12/27/18 6:35 A

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Just barely, though. Don got up about 3:30 to get ready for Bill to pick him up at 4:45 to get to the airport for a 6:30 flight. Russell, of course, had to tell me about Don being up, so I got up, too. Fortunately, Bill said he'd take him to the airport, so I can go back to bed.

It snowed again overnight. It looks nice, but everyone is heading home today. Don flies out of Twin Falls (where I live), Nick and Jean drive to Salt Lake City (three or four hour drive from here), and Bill and Katie drive up to northern Idaho (eight to ten hour drive). I hope the roads and runways are reasonably clear.

Nothing planned for today, except to do my nothing in peace and quiet and privacy! Well, except for Russell, of course. It's been great having them here, but after a week I'm ready for them all to be gone. Last night we had a buffet - I took my leftovers over to Mom's and we put out all the leftovers and let people take what they wanted. We got rid of some of it that way. Bill is taking some stuff home to his chickens. And we have a few leftovers left - things like ham and turkey. Plus lots and lots of candy of various types. But that can stay at Mom's house. She likes to have a variety of candy and cookies and chips and snacks and such on hand. And she only eats a few pieces a day!

Hope you all have a chance to relax today. Enjoy it while you can!

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