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9/20/17 8:37 P

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My DH has good friends living near Tampa and he checked in with them a day or so before Irma hit. They are "relative" newcomers to Florida, hadn't ever been through a big storm. They were pretty cocky and had no intention of evacuating.

And then, for a while, the eye of the storm was aiming right at them, and all of a sudden that evacuation notice sounded like a good idea. They escaped with minimal damage to the house and yard, but were pretty sheepish about their original macho attitude. I'm glad they were okay and even gladder that they learned their lesson. I figure when the state of Florida - no stranger to sever storms - tells you to evacuate, you'd best skedaddle!

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9/20/17 8:04 P

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I heard from my girlfriend in Florida whose home survived the storm and a tornado that came through her property. Home and trailer survived with minimal damage, but she said there was lots and lots to clean up. She sounded well which was a great relief. I had just been thinking of her when she called. Was good to hear that they were okay.
Spent my day moving stuff into our new motorhome. My back and ankles are hurting but I'm nearly done.
Prepped a bunch of bacon and some keto meatballs to take camping with us. Got to store and bought everything we will need. I'm headed to pick up my granddaughter for her cheer practice. Been a busy day and I'm weary.
Hope all are well and enjoying the day.

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9/20/17 7:51 P

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Half day today, but all chopped up. Got to work at 9 and got through my morning routine and was just about to get productive when they called a surprise meeting. Just settled in and then it got cancelled and rescheduled for 10:30. Got a couple of little things done at my desk, then went to the rescheduled meeting and the fire alarm literally rang as I walked in the conference room.

So, outside for 15 minutes and slowly filing back in. Then sat back down to FINALLY get our meeting over with only to find they were starting with other peoples' data first, so back to desk for 10 minutes, then got called back in, went over MY data, back to desk, now scrambling to finish up! Got up at exactly noon and snapped off the light, was in my car by 12:10 and squeaked into the parking lot at my appointment without a minute to spare.


Got lots off the to-do list anyways, though. Took Kyle to his new dentist for initial checkup. Talked to insurance company about car policy discounts and about renters insurance for Max. And had Kyle help me set up the Wii U to be able to use Hulu on the living room TV.


Science literacy is a vaccine against the charlatans of the world who would exploit your ignorance for their own gain. ~Neil deGrasse Tyson
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9/20/17 1:47 P

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9/20/17 11:47 A

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Not a highly exciting day today. Just checking in.. hope you're all well..

The world is an even more bizarre place, what with the weather happenings. SIGH I pray all are well.

My older brother retired 2 summers ago to Florida. And while they were KINDA hit by the hurricane, it wasn't God-awful. Just mostly a mess to clean up; damage was minimal.

hugs to all,

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9/20/17 11:33 A

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I don't know of anything that doesn't have carbs, except meat. Even eggs have 1 carb if you have more than 1. I have a huge list of all the carbs listed in each category. I am staying between 30 or highest 40 carbs until my next session with a diabetes counselor for maintenance (once every couple of months, it's costly). I tell ya, it was easier to stay at 20 or less when I was regaining health, losing weight and keeping the diabetes at bay. Maintenance is not for sissy's. You really have to be stronger when finding what works. If I can keep my weight at 145 or less (thought of losing another 10 lbs for flex) but everyone tells me I'm too thin now. I don't think so

I feel so bad for the hurricane victims, and now the earthquakes in Mexico. My heart goes out to them, and hoping they can get to where they can be safe. They always say to be earthquake ready, but we never are. And earthquakes are sneaky! Glad to hear your niece is safe, Maw.

Weather is getting nicer, I'm staying outside more. If Tee Torte would wake up, I would march him outdoors to his bigger habitat, while I'm watering. I still have to finish it, but it has a top on it, so nothing can get to him, but I want to screen in the bottom of it so he doesn't burrow out and beyond. He's still a little tortoise.

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9/20/17 10:35 A

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Finally heard from my niece. I knew she'd evacuated from St John in the US Virgin Islands to Puerto and was supposed to be going Stateside a few days ago, but didn't know if she'd made it. She did. Whew! They tried to evacuate all non-essential personnel (that is, all but a few emergency/disaster types) from St John to Puerto Rico, and now Puerto Rico is in the eye of a Category 4 hurricane. My heart goes out to them.

Anyway, the day is off to a good start. Russell let me sleep in until 7:30, which I really needed. Got up and did some knee exercises, then read that Heather is stateside. A great start to the day!

Am skipping exercise class this morning. I got up late, to begin with, and am still sore from Monday's class. Especially my knees. I haven't figured out how to limit what I do to protect my knees, though the teacher keeps stressing that we should listen to our bodies and only do what our bodies can take. I'll do various exercises at home throughout the day, and will walk to class this afternoon to get in some extra exercise. That is, assuming it doesn't rain. And Russell will get some extra long walks, too.

I'm on my version of a meat and egg fast (which includes cream, mayo, butter and tea of various kinds) which is great for getting me off of carbs. I do much better with "no" carbs (no, it's not zero carbs - there are carbs in eggs and in cream and in tea) than trying to go from lots of carbage to low carbs, l like Atkins 72 or DANDR. Unfortunately, the transition from "no" carbs to a few carbs is hard for me. I tend to be an all or nothing kind of person.

Hope you're all having a wonderful day! Please keep the islands in your thoughts and prayers as they make it through Maria and the aftermath of Maria and Irma. And there's lots more hurricane season to come.

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