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5/6/14 12:27 A

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OMG, Maw, I laughed out loud at the "Danish Menace"! Her Monday started without a ride to work... I got to the office about 8:15 and the only guy in the office asked me to drive to the little town where she's staying and pick her up. Our facility is in an industrial park so no accommodations nearby. Anyway, I get there and she's in the lobby, miffed to have been forced to call a cab. We cancelled that, I paid the $20 fee, and I took her to Starbucks. She's really not a drama queen, but today I figured out that she's the accounting version of Seinfeld's Soup Nazi. I've been insulted all week ("I can't believe you did that - I thought everyone in accounting knew that - I thought you would know the difference", etc), but then she hugged me goodbye!

Didn't tell anyone at work about Chaser - no one there today. In fact, I whipped up an appointment at 12:30 and went to a friend's lovely house that overlooks the Puget Sound and gabbed, relaxed, and hung out until about 4:30. It was therapeutic and kept me distracted.

My eating's been terrible - hardly ate anything today. But I'm going to bed laughing at Maw... awesome name. And way to go on the upgrade, Maw. I think traveling is hard work but first class seating buffers some of the inconvenience. :)


"Normal is not something to aspire to - it's something to get away from." -- Jodie Foster

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." --Albert Einstein
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5/5/14 8:43 P

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Thanks to all for the good wishes--kit is home, vet cautiously optimistic. Needless to say, I'm adjusting my schedule to spend as much time as possible with the cats for the next few days. Happiness beats exercise any day!

Having fun reading about the Danish Menace. Waiting for a colorful description of the departure of same!


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5/5/14 6:11 P

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I have decided that it is a really good thing I strive on stress (and coffee) -- Super busy today -- while I was answering one call, someone was leaving a message on voicemail and I was answering email questions as fast as I could type. Then about an hour ago -- when school got out -- everything stopped.

Have a great week!


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5/5/14 3:33 P

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i took the garbage out emoticon

Gail -- She believed she could, so she did.

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5/5/14 11:51 A

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I have to get some deep cleaning down today before the in-laws (and outlaws) get here. They will be arriving either late today or early tomorrow. My only grandbaby is here (10 days old) so in between cleaning, I have that little bundle of joy to deal with :)

Just one step at a time and I will get where I need to be

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5/5/14 11:22 A

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Geez, Maw, I'd be looking at Greyhound or Amtrak at that point!

Having a weird day so far. Details would be TMI, so suffice it to say that, if it keeps up this way I may need a chocolate intervention before long....


*deep cleansing breath*

(((hugs))) to Leslie. At least you have one thing to look forward to this week.

Love thy neighbor. No exceptions.
"Poverty exists not because we cannot feed the poor, but because we can't satisfy the rich."
"You can't get into heaven without a permission slip from the poor." Reverend Jesse Jackson
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5/5/14 9:21 A

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Hurray for the last day of the Danish Menace! Hope you have a chance for some healing time this week. Leslie.

I think it's supposed to be nice today. A bit warmer, but a chance of rain. It looks a bit overcast out there, from what I can see.

A busy day today. I'll leave about 9:30 for some errands, then bridge (if there are enough people - it's drop in and there are only a few of us who play), then more errands, then lunch and bridge this afternoon. Then, weather permitting, some gardening and yard work later.

I talked to Mom last night and we decided that I should go back to Idaho a week earlier than I had planned to help her get ready for the reunion at the lake this summer. I thought I had booked it for almost a week early, but I had forgotten the travel days to get up there. So I called the airline to change my tickets and got quite a deal. For just $102 more than it would have otherwise cost, I changed my reservation to a week earlier and got first class seats! It's 3-1/2 hours from Indy to Salt Lake City going out, almost 4 hours from SLC to Atlanta and then 1-1/2 hours from Atlanta to Indy (yes, I know my geography, too, but that's the way the planes go these days!). An extra $102 for first class for nine hours is definitely worth it! For some reason, if I changed to first class they didn't charge me the $200 change fee for changing the dates. Crazy, but as I told the Delta agent, I took it before she could change her mind!

Have a great Cinco de Mayo everyone!

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