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4/27/14 11:01 P

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I was home most of today but spent my time finishing up three client businesses and doing some chores. I read a bit too. Chaser won't eat his new food now (even with chicken mixed in with it) and I'm getting worried about him again. He's a very finicky eater without Whiskey next to him sucking down his food gusto, but now I feel a bumpy little spine and his ribs. :( I'm going to cook some chicken and rice and see if he'll eat that - the vet wants him on a single protein, but now I just want to get some food in the little guy.

Tomorrow will be the start of a long week with the Danish finance manager in town to teach me how to be a better accountant [said with some sarcasm]. I'm going to try to get there at 7:00 each mornning so I can leave earlier and go work at the gun range. I'm glad I cleared all the client work out so that I can better manage my stress this coming week. :)


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4/27/14 8:57 P

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yesterday we bought a new prius. very nice. today, a friend's husband and daughter came over. they board their horses at a stable a couple doors away and live about 35 km away. he came over because we have a cab company. he locked the keys in their car and had to go home to get the spares. he thought he might have to take a taxi. but, his lucky day, it was an opportunity for a nice drive in my new car. so, down the highway we went. got back and the car said we went 69.5 km and cost of fuel was 0. gotta love those hybrids!!

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4/27/14 7:40 P

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A pretty lazy day here, church and dinner at my parent's house. It's cool and the wind is howling again today, so no walk outside. I did stain the top of an old dresser that I've been working on, and reading. I love Sundays.

One of the most important keys to Success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don't feel like doing it. - Unknown

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4/27/14 4:21 P

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Sunday! I taught 2 classes this a.m. I sweat a LOt & didn't drink enough water. Then I went to a workshop for H2O instructors. The workshop was informative, the practicals were fun. I enjoyed the entire day. I stopped at my favorite Far Eastern restaurant & picked up veggie dishes. Yummmmmm!

Now, I'm going to rest my muscles, ligaments & hydrate! I'm happy to have experienced today! YIPPEE!

Hugs to Surround Us All as a Group! Connie, in WI
The pleasant thought for me today is LUCKY.
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4/27/14 1:47 P

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A beautiful day! The sun is shining, last I heard it's supposed to get up to about 80, lots of flowering trees and shrubs in bloom, birds singing, a light breeze. Heavenly!

Went to Sunday School this morning, then lunch out, then K-Mart, where I bought 8 pairs of shoes (6 were canvas shoes - including a couple pair of lace-up shoes for Woubbie!), got 30 cents a gallon off on gas so saved $2 there, then stopped at an estate sale on the way home. Lots of beautiful stuff at the estate sale, but nothing for me. Had a great morning and very early afternoon.

Last night I pressure canned some soup and some plain browned hamburger. Mostly to see how it would work. The hamburger turned out just fine. The soup not so good, but then it wasn't very good before I canned it, either. I went ahead just to try canning. I wan to get some chicken leg quarters at Walmart (where they're cheap) and try canning chicken, too. Before it gets too hot.

Any of you folks out east or down south get caught in those storms? Hope everyone is ok. Which reminds me, I should send word to my brothers in Atlanta and Mississippi and see how they're doing. They were definitely in the danger zone the last time I saw it, but don't know where the storms actually went.

Well, after I finish up here I'll get out and do some weeding and cleaning up outside. It needs it.

Have a great day, everyone!

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