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4/15/14 10:35 P

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it's late but -- hi everybody -- nothing special going on here.

i feel bored. i think i'm ready for a vacation. i don't have to leave home, just leave work for a week.

went to my first bbq on saturday. gained 5 pds! i took burgers and a fauxtato salad, but, someone made homemade baked beans. had to try them. and or course had a few drinks. it's so easy to gain i can't believe it sometimes.

well, hopefully it's easy to get rid of this week.

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4/15/14 7:49 P

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I had a busy day at work and didn't even finish payroll. MUST finish it tomorrow or the direct deposit won't hit in time... Chaser went to work again with me this morning and I took him home at lunch time. That seems to be better for both of us. :)

I'm leaving in a few minutes to go to my monthly investment club meeting, so it sort of feels like an evening off with no client stuff.

In other exciting news, the Danish general manager gave me the okay to close the bank account at the bank that made the wire transfer error. Oh happy day - no one treats me and my organization that way and keeps our substantial business! This also means opening an account at Bank of America (not a fan) and changing all our wire transfer payment info with customers. I am motivated!


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4/15/14 7:04 P

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I am in touch with Suzanne on Facebook. She is still doing zero carb emoticon
Seems to be doing well. Her baby just turned 2 I believe.

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4/15/14 12:12 P

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Suzanne has been here a couple of times this year, but not very often and not recently.

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4/15/14 11:41 A

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Hunh. I HATE shopping at my local Best Buy. Women are invisible unless they're in the cellphone area, in which case they have big targets painted onto them. I was there with my boys a few weeks ago and when I would speak the salesperson would glance at me very briefly and then answer to one of the boys. I called him on it too. *Woubbie waves her hand in front of doofus' face* "Hellooooooo!!! I'm actually over here!!!" Then pulled out my Best Buy card as a reminder of who's paying for this purchase. Still had to constantly fight for the guy's acknowledgement. He's an extreme example, even for that store!

Weather is craptastic today. Phones have been quiet though. Hope it stays that way while I pitchfork some more old paper from my desk and drawers.

Have a great day, all!

(MAW, do you remember who it was who said they were still in touch with Suzanne on Facebook? That was easily 5 or 6 months back, though.)

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4/15/14 11:34 A

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Oh Maw, I understand the tax situation. Seriously, I'm always grilling my financial guy re: when and what's going to be done when I am required to take 'pre-tax investments'. We all make mistakes and get befuddled; but . . . when it's my money . . . I'm a pit bull.

You are a GREAT role model! Hugs

Hugs to Surround Us All as a Group! Connie, in WI
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4/15/14 11:04 A

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My last day here! And then I won't be back for two whole months! (Yippie!)

Picked up Mom's tax returns yesterday. I'm glad I was here to get it with her as there is a problem with the Minimum Required Distribution from her IRA. Fortunately, they distributed more rather than less than was required. Almost the whole extra distribution was in the next tax bracket, but at least there weren't any penalties. Mom didn't know what we were talking about (probably most of you don't, either!) so it was a good thing I was there to talk to the CPA and to take care of the problem so it doesn't happen again this year. It sort of irks me that there are things that Mom just refuses to do or to understand. Dad used to do them and she doesn't. Period. Not that she's not capable. She just doesn't do them. She probably would do more if I didn't do it for her, of course. Oh well.

Another thing that irked me yesterday was that the CPA talked to me the whole time, instead of Mom. Yes, I was the one who understood without him explaining, but he should have been talking to Mom. I see that so often. If a younger person is with an "old" person (or a man with a woman, for that matter), the clerk or whoever talks to the younger or male person instead of the older or female person. Grrrrr!

OK, enough of that. I brought Mom's checkbook up to date last night. Just need to reconcile it to the bank statement. Fortunately, most of the errors were forgetting to record the automatic monthly deposits from her pension and Social Security, so she has a lot more money in the bank than she thought. I hope it stays that way!

The only thing left to do today is to finish washing the dark clothes (I washed the lights yesterday) and pack. We need to leave here about 11:30 tomorrow so there'll be plenty of time tomorrow, but I'd like to get my suitcase upstairs today. It won't be heavy, but it is awkward. And that's it! I can't think of anything else to do here. And anyway, I'll be back in two months (and one day!) so if there's anything else, I should be able to do it then. The trip in June and July is a week-long family reunion (Mom and lineal descendants) the last week of June. I'll come out a week early and help get things ready. My brother is coming out a few days early and staying a few days late so he can help with the two days driving each way. And packing the car.

So, that's the gossip from around here! More than you ever wanted to know, I'm sure. It looks to be another nice day, though maybe not nice enough to sit out on the patio and read. The trees have really come on in the past week, when we had several days in the 70s.

Have a great day, everyone! Glad you're back with us, Kris. Now if Suzanne and Heidi would just show up...

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