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8/19/13 2:21 A

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Yea! Whiskey's home.

What the hell happened to my weekend? Carpet not shampooed, oh well. I daisy chained around but did manage to SCRUB the slate in the kitchen- it's always filthy and I'm the biggest offender. Sewed a spell. Painted 75% of the living room- I hate painting (over and over), the colors always look great on the walls, I see it in my head but then get it home and yuck. This is dangerously close to a white and I want sand! I'll try again later on, I'm tired of painting. But, because I needed access to one wall, I had to move the sofa. Once moved I had to clean under it; it's a giant sectional and weighs a ton so gets moved maybe once a year.

I threw out a lot of junk- nic-nacks people I don't see anymore gave me. I truly love the thought but I didn't need the Lennox snow queen figurine. She IS pretty but try to dust a paper thin snowflake crown. I'm taking her to our office break room- put out anything free and someone will take it. Somewhere along the line someone gave me 2.5 boxes of those heat wrap things-they don't help much since my issue is bone/nerve rather than muscle so I'll take those. Also found a surplus of fuzzy knitted scarves, I kept 2.

Work tomorrow-groan. I WAS on a roll.

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8/18/13 10:01 P

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I'm baack! It was a slow drive home from the friend's cabin (slightly north and east of Seattle), but I'm home now and I've picked Whiskey up from the hospital and we're all hanging out like normal. He has a big seam down his tummy but I can't believe how healthy it looks. Chaser really missed him but he did fine on his own with me.

I'm a little unsettled tonight because my allergies are making my eyelids itch, my lymph node is puffed up and sore again, and there are still no lab results back on Whiskey's lump. So many unknowns right now! I'm doing laundry and have to get ready for work tomorrow, and I'm hoping for some kind of Normal the rest of the week (other than the mammo/ultrasound on Tuesday and endo consultation on Thursday!). I need some Calm.

And yes, my eating was atrocious this weekend! Strangely enough, I didn't really overeat, but I definitely ate the wrong things. However, one friend (there were three of us there who met via an online art group years ago) who was very pro-grains a year ago said that her trainer at her gym lost weight by going Paleo... :) I do love seeing someone go from brainwashed by tradition to openminded!


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8/18/13 9:01 P

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LOL, Nay, I agree! I think Maw got more done before 10:00 than I did all day. But I did make Linda's BLT "Potato" Salad, for supper tomorrow night. It's our favorite salad but takes a bit of time to make, plus it needs to chill at least a few hours before eating, overnight is better. My son starts his sophomore year tomorrow. And my daughter already left for college last Thursday. Woubbie, how did it go dropping your son off? I had a hard time with it last year, but I will say that having her gone most of the time seemed to change the family dynamics a bit, for the better. They even get along better now that they're not around each other all the time.

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8/18/13 4:53 P

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Maw, I thought you were sick! Did I get confused? You seem awfully busy for a sick person.

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8/18/13 4:52 P

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Hey All,

Hope you had a good week, I haven't been around much -- school starts on the 22nd, so I have been in schools training teachers on our new data display and assessment system. It is going pretty well -- 7 schools, 3 hours in each school over the last 4 days, with 6 more to go this week. Busy -- but never boring.

The first football games of the season started yesterday for my nephews so it has been a really busy weekend. 1 win, 1 loss, 5 hours of football, and 2 hours of drive time. I did manage, however, to get quite a bit of walking in between games.

Have a great week!


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8/18/13 2:31 P

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About to go to the last soccer game of the weekend. It is going to be very hot all week. I hate the heat! Bring on fall!

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8/18/13 12:41 P

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Woohoo for "progress, not perfection"!

I slept fairly late today, but I've already gotten a fair bit of de-cluttering done. We dropped Max off at college on Friday, so I'm tidying the last of the "left-behinds" - things like the old receipts for his bass and amp, a stack of sax reeds (probably bad, so why didn't he pitch them?), and hoodies that he hasn't worn in several years.

Kyle now has the room all to himself, so I'm trying to give him his own study corner (finally). Working at the dining room table always suited Max just fine, but Kyle has always hated it. We just didn't have the space anywhere else, though, so he was kinda stuck with it.

I'm trying to get my own room back into some semblance of order too. My DH started the repair job on the ceiling back in late April or early May, got halfway, and then let it go. Ladders, stepstools, tools, rolled up rugs, stacked furniture, ugh! This room is my sanctuary from the rest of the chaos of life, except it hasn't been for the last few months. There's the construction mess, but it's also where I had been stockpiling stuff for Max's move - bedding, towels, cleaning supplies, basic food stocks, etc. Now that the bags and boxes are out I have room to walk around again! Phew! So much better.

So that's my goal for today, improving our Chi flow!

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8/18/13 10:33 A

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I can do without the heat, I want fall!

I didn't do good last night with eating... I kind of saw that one coming. But I'm not going to sit and pout about it all day, progress, not perfection. Happy Sunday everyone!

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8/18/13 9:43 A

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It's supposed to start heating up again, and getting more humid. These past few days have been wonderful!

Nothing special planned today except some housekeeping. I may go grocery shopping, too. I gave the cat room (the spare bathroom) a good cleaning this morning, so it's pretty much ready for its next occupant. I had planned to visit my SIL and nieces near Minneapolis next week, but it's a 10 hour drive each way and I'm not sure I'll be up for it. Still, it's a week away, so who knows. I'd especially like to get up there because she just got engaged (she's technically my ex-SIL), and I'd like to see her one more time before she gets married. I'm sure I will still be welcome, but it will be a different dynamic once there's a husband involved.

It's not even 10 o'clock and I've already done two loads of laundry, gave the cat room a thorough cleaning, picked tomatoes, watered the gardens, and dead-headed the dahlias!

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