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8/14/13 4:20 P

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Had a fab night last night! read till my head spun after doing my chores. Tonight will be much the same. I'll FL a bit and see what other simple task I can complete.

I'll walk at lunch, and get the exercise thing (good for morale) out of the way so I can let the dog sniff till his heart's content. usually it's a power walk with him for the first part then we mosey some.

Let's just hope this day is over sooner rather than later. Tomorrow I have a (desperately needed) hair appointment and took the rest of the day off. It's supposed to cloud over and perhaps rain so I'm thinking my sewing room will good a good cleaning tomorrow so I can spend the weekend (rainy) in there.

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8/14/13 2:12 P

Leslie - I have become one of those vacation 'death-ready' people. ha ha Sorry about your tooth.

Maw - I have some friends in their early 50's that have had a knee replacement, and they feel very positive about the whole thing. It beats being in pain all the time.

Well, I need to do all of my hubby's ironing today. I try to buy him shirts now that don't need ironing when taken out of the dryer. I hope I can find a good movie to watch while I iron. Otherwise, it's just too boring.

I have nothing else planned for the day, except maybe looking for some brown seaweed extract. I read that it can help your thyroid and hair and weight loss. I just want to make sure it doesn't come from around Japan.

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8/14/13 1:59 P

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Maw, I have a friend who says she gets her house "death-ready" every time she and her husband go on vacation! Freaked me out the first time she said, but then I realized that I kind of do the same thing. I think that getting your place uncluttered and tidied up will increase your peace of mind by just making yourself feel more ready for surgery and by reducing the irritants in your line of sight afterwards... :)

Today I called the breast care place and made an appointment for the follow-up mammo and ultrasound. Then I called the endo office and made an appointment for the review of my tooth that is apparently (painlessly) damaged. I really hope I can keep the tooth... I'm having anxiety about my body coming apart at the seams - all this in the same week!

The good news was that a fee I had to pay to my credit union for agreeing to stay in second place (home equity line of credit that paid tuition...) on my mortgage refinance is being waived entirely! They charged me $250 and I sent them a check along with a letter that expressed my disappointment in their fee schedule relative to their mission statement ("service, not profits")... :) The dude from the credit union just called me and said they're shredding my check and not charging me because they appreciated me calling the issue to their attention! (making a note to myself to be thankful I wrote a courteous letter despite how I was feeling at the time...)

No plans for after work - going to focus on self-care.


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8/14/13 1:21 P

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Just to let you know Maw, there is a spark team all about total joint replacements. It was really helpful for me when I was having my knee replacements.

BTW, I LOVE my new knees. But I did do a lot of PT after the first and for the whole year between the first and second knee replacement. I think the second was easier because of the PT before it. You might just see if you could have some PT before to help build up the quads, etc. before the surgery . It can only help your recovery! Your atitude plays a huge part as well and I know you will do great in that area! Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Also make sure that you have anything you need to come home with whether it is a walker, portable commode, etc. Get all the help you can.

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8/14/13 12:31 P

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Nothing specific scheduled for today. I cancelled a tutoring session and bridge. I sure wouldn't want to sit across from me today, the way I'm coughing and hacking and blowing my nose!

I do have several things planned to do around the house. Lots of little things, to get ready for my knee replacement surgery the end of October. I'd like to have the house all cleaned up and tidied up and decluttered and so on before the surgery, just in case home health or my mother or someone comes by!

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