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8/8/13 5:05 P

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aw, poor kitten, maw. hope they figure out his problem.

i am about to go get groceries and then clean house. there is a big music festival at the end of our street and we have friends coming to town to stay with us as they want to see a band playing called the heavy. look them up if you're a music fan. a british rock/soul group. i love their music.

as i said, this festival is at the end of our street. our whole neighborhood gets free tickets, because this a major interference in our lives. there's maybe 35,000 people coming for it. our town is less than 20,000 population. already the highway is backed up like crazy. we have to have passes on our windshields to go to our own homes. we have to watch for people trying to park in our yards (we all have 2 acre lots). they hang on our street drinking and partying all night. and of course it's loud!! i don't even have to go, because i can just sit in a chair in my yard and sounds like i'm right there, but, i have free drinks, no crowds and no porta potties!!! emoticon i will go just cuz my friends will be here, but, i'm happy to enjoy it from home. i'm too old for music festivals outside in the hot sun and dust.

anyway, it should be fun. i adore my friends that are coming and it's always fun to have company.

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8/8/13 2:52 P

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I went for a walk this morning, and watered my garden (by hand, with a pitcher, from the rain barrel), and packed my lunch, and walked out the door with my lunch but without my purse. Got downtown where they have just installed parking meters, and scrambled around to find enough change. Got out to put it in and discovered that they haven't started charging yet. I feel all off kilter without my purse!

I'm putting forgetting my purse down to the cold that I am in the middle of starting big time. Ugh. Though not particularly surprising after spending all day and half the night in airports and airplanes.

I got another kitten yesterday to foster. His name is Tater, and he's a ginger tom. They told me that he has "potty problems" which I interpreted to mean that he didn't use the litter box. No, he sounds like he is in terrible pain when he poops. Which he does. But he's also not very good about using the litter box. I cleaned 3 piles up off the floor vs the one in the litter box. I take him to the vet tomorrow afternoon for the painful pooping issue and will discuss the other one, too. I may not bring him home. In the meantime, he's in the spare bathroom except when I can keep an eye on him - and can listen for potential problems.

8/8/13 1:42 P

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I'm back at my desk today after a lovely day off yesterday that could not be dimmed by the annual healthcare activities, but was finally brought down by a stupid conversation with my mom in which she changed her mind on a computer repair that she'd been excited about the day before... Why do I keep trying to keep that crazy woman happy??? GAH!!! I emailed the IT guy and told him not to do anything after all. For those of you who do not know the back story, let's just say that she's a borderline personality and that makes her view her life either as good or bad based on how she feels at any given moment and her opinion of me changes along with it.

Today my chaotic boss is out of the office traveling and I'm plowing through paperwork and then will start month end which is running a little behind. This is a seed production company and I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I am allergic to seed dust. My eyes were less itchy yesterday, and they are also better at work when the big, noisy vacuum thingy is running out in the mill.

Oh, and I've eaten two doughnuts already!! *thumps head on desk*


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8/8/13 1:22 P

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Good going, LHAAS8! It WILL get better.

Heidi, you're job sounds frustrating/interesting!

I'm taking a couple hours off today and tomorrow and leaving work early. Today I'm taking Max to get his sax cleaned and "tuned up" (so to speak). Stupid things are so mechanical that something's ALWAYS wrong with them. So. Back to the grind to get 8 hours of work done in 6! As if.

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8/8/13 12:38 P

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Morning all. Today has been good so far. I have been setting an alarm lately to get my butt out of bed at a decent hour. I seriously would sleep in like a teenager if I let myself!

So, today I am cleaning out my pantry (big project!), and attempting to modify the doors from bifolds to french. We will see. My issue right now is: What on earth does one do with dozens of perfectly good cookbooks that never get used?

Also... my boyfriend wants to lose about 12lbs (ugh, I could lose that with a sneeze, and gain it with a thought). So I made a SP account for him and entered all his foods for the day, so that he could see where he is at. If I ate what he eats, I would literally be 400lbs at least. Yet he just "eats a few more veggies and cuts back on the sweets" and loses 5 lbs this week already! I am happy for him, obviously I want him to be healthier and feel good, but I am wallowing in self-pity that it is SO much harder for me.

Off to the pantry! It will not defeat me! lol

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8/8/13 11:35 A

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Kris, you were the first one up!

I am down .2 pounds from yesterday! Woo Hoo!, I know it isn't much but it is d o w n. I had to pee 3 times last night so I'm sure it's just water- I don't think I had more than 4 cups of water a day the entire last week so I'm most likely retaining a bunch that will take a couple days for the body to drop now that it's back on schedule.

All day in the s--t hole, the super is lazy and doesn't take responsibility for anything and after a week long federal review last March, I had 4 "concerns" (as opposed to "findings" where you get more than a wrist slap), 2 of which I corrected, one is unjustified and one I just plain can't do anything about. They won't let me travel to do what needs to be done so tough.

It's raining today so I won't be going outside- we needed the rain, all it takes is a couple days without and it gets dusty, it's supposed to be nice for the weekend.

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8/8/13 11:33 A

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Today is the day I come back to atkins. Not that I really left, I just wasn't doing as well as I should have been doing. Back at it and still not smoking, this is tough!!

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8/8/13 10:39 A

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Yesterday's thread was so interesting, and yet there isn't one created for today yet?!

WOE: Atkins

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