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7/19/13 9:50 P

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Oh Debb, sorry to hear this. Often when we do good things we are judged harshly. I'm so sorry they did not warn you and others did not understand. emoticon

Joyfully~ Eliz in Minnesota

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7/19/13 8:26 P

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everyone has an tough animal story don't they? i'll share one of ours. from the dog pound, we got a gorgeous black and white collie (looked like a cross btwn lassie and a border collie). he had one blue eye. we brought him home and he was great with our springer spaniel. he was great with us. he even licked our faces. well mannered. just very nice.
after we'd had him for 2 or 3 days, our friend came to visit. the dogs greeted him at the door, everyone was happy. the dog sat politely in front of our friend and was being petted. so, i said, "take a look at his eyes, they're beautful." my friend slid his hand under the dogs jaw to tilt his head up....and the dog went balistic. he lunged at my friend knocked him down biting and attacking him until i could grab his collar and drag him off. we had to take my friend to emergency for stitches.
so, i had to return him to the pound. the kicker to this story? when i described what had happened the women who had adopted him to me looked at each other and said, "that's exactly what happened when he bit that other woman, remember?" so this woman did the same thing, tried to tilt his head up to look at his eyes.
now, if i had been warned, if i still chose to take him, i would've been prepared and handled him accordingly. i do think dogs can be rehabbed (not all). but, once we saw that, there was no way we could move forward in the type of relationship we wanted in a dog at that time. i just returned him and i never had the heart to ask if they had had him put down.
well, that was nice. all the sad doggie stories. great friday post everyone. let's do this again emoticon

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7/19/13 7:20 P

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Debb, do not feel guilty, you did the right thing! When my daughter was 2, we had a Scottie and had always thought it would be fun to get another. Well, my supervisor at work came across one and brought it home, then decided she didn't want it. Some friends of hers tried him out, but he bit their daughter - not serious or anything so it didn't really occur to me that this dog could be dangerous. We then decided to try him out...a very stupid decision. He bit my daughter on the cheek - had to have a plastic surgeon called in to stitch her up to minimize scarring since it was a face wound. When they wheeled her away to surgery I about lost it. When she came out, her cheek was the size of a baseball. She still has scars, but unless you know they're there you don't really notice them. The Humane Society came to get the dog, then called me a couple days later. I told them he needs to be put to sleep - no way did I want anyone else to go through what Lauryn did. ANYTIME a dog has bitten it is likely to do so again, and should be considered dangerous. Some people put too much value on animals - and I don't mean that to be hurtful. Not all dogs can be rehabilitated. Our dog Cloe is part of the family and we will be very sad when she dies, BUT, she is a dog. People are more important than animals and I'm sorry if that offends anyone but it seems like the people being mean have lost their perspective. When it YOUR child or loved one hurt, you feel differently. You have probably saved someone else from being hurt by this dog. I hope you and your hubby heal quickly.

Another thing to keep in least here in the U.S. - you are responsible for the medical bills if your pet injures someone. My supervisor's homeowners insurance covered the medical bills, and also is helping to send her to college thanks to settlement money - the only positive to come out of the whole ordeal.

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7/19/13 6:37 P

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Ow Debb! I've been bitten, it hurts. Screw those lame a---s that chastised you. The dog was probably in the pound because he was a biter. He probably wasn't assessed becasue he was to be put down. Years ago I had a dog that I TRIED to have put down- he was certifiable and everybody blamed me! I'd abused him, yeah right- my animals are always so beaten and downtrodden (they get the best food and medical care, we go out and play on the beach almost everyday, they sleep with me, little H goes with me anywhere I can take him, which here is quite a few places). The brreder wanted to sue me for not sending him back, the last person he bit wanted to sue me unless he was put down- the vet wrote me a ltter to the breeder saying he was a psycho (turned out it was the breeder that truly psycho). What a mess. All because some moron who didn't know or understand what was going on had to exert thier opinion and rescue "the poor dog". . . It did pass but I couldn't show my face anywhere near the dog pound for a very long time.

I am doing as little as possible this weekend- clean house, no hub, all my friends are gone (I cold have gone but wanted to stay home) so I'm going to quilt (it's supposed to rain), make some comfort food and practice for fall emoticon

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7/19/13 2:54 P

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Poor Debb! Hope you all get detraumatized and healed.

My foster cat is a sweet thing, but so skittish. I had a plumber come over this afternoon ($149 to tighten a little nut!) and it scared my poor Clara half to death when he knocked on the door. I locked her in the bathroom ("her" room) so that she would feel as safe as possible. She's still extra skittish from the trauma of having him knock gently on the door and then come in.

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7/19/13 1:47 P

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oh my Debb I do pray you are healing fast. And I wouldnt pay much attention to what those people on facebook say, you did what you could and thats all that matters.

Me I am having a rough emotional week. I dont know if I am through my plateau but the scale moved twice this week but last night I had a margarita. My family has been walking on eggs shells around me, I feel bad but short of locking myself in the room I cant control my moods and the meds make me sleep all day. Lucky for us all I am only "crazy" for about three day so tomorrow the sun should shine again! I see a natural medicine doctor next week to weigh my options. And my first day of work is on Monday! YAY. Hope everyone is having a great day. emoticon

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7/19/13 1:46 P

Debb - you poor thing! What a horrible experience. Here you were only trying to do a noble thing, and it turned out so wrong. So many are quick to judge. Your whole household was being held hostage it sounds like.

And of course, it is sad about the dog, too. How did you even get him home? In a pen?

You need to take some time out with hubby and recover from all that happened.

My hubby took the day off, and we are really just cleaning and fixing up things today. Still hot, hot, hot!


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7/19/13 1:30 P

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It's been a very "interesting" week. SIGH is about the best I can say.

It first started when I lost my mobile (cell) phone, 8 days ago. I was not unhappy, but not thrilled, and got on with it, sorting what I needed to do.

I am (well, I WAS) involved with several dog rescues, and a person from one mentioned to me that she'd seen an older German Shepherd in a pound, and about to be put to sleep. (Some euphemism, huh?) Anyway, another rescue offered to give me vet bill back up, and another to guide me.

Well, suffice it to say, I collected him, and things went from bad to worse. I was badly bitten late Friday night and went to A&E (Accident and Emergency over here), where I got a tetanus, antibiotics and such. Fun (not).

The next day, he bit hubby, and I was frantic to find someone to come get him. It was all done online -- Facebook -- and I got slammed and called a liar, that I had made it up, and worse. A place was found but I was not about to drive him, as I was not wanting to get bitten again. It was an awful experience.

Bottom line, is I called the dog warden who came over to assess him; she was not comfortable around him and called HER supervisor who then came over. They advised me to put him down (I was really crying, I felt so guilty) and said he never should have been released from the pound.

I have since found out he should have been assessed first, and he was not. I still feel badly, but there was nothing I could do. The worst of it, actually, even worse than the bites and bruises, is how I was crucified for having him "pts" --

It has been one helluva week. Meanwhile the bruises are healing and my own dogs are settling back in; they too were traumatised. Glad this past week is over.

I have, of course, removed myself from the various rescues (I probably would have been ousted anyway). SIGH

And life goes on...

thanks for the "ear" Everyone -- hope your weekend is a good one. (We are having a heatwave here -- yes, in England!!!)


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7/19/13 12:45 P

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LOL! We were just waiting for you to get it going!

Yeah, well, actually, I AM quite busy today. I took 2 days off this week, but the same amount of work still needs to get done. Grrrrr. Was going smoothly until an hour ago when an online system starting choking and gagging on me. I'm using a virtual Heimlich on it but so far something's still stuck. Grrrr again.

Looking forward to picking the boys up from camp tomorrow. They drive me a little crazy but I miss the crazy!

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7/19/13 12:23 P

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Wow, starting the daily thread from the West Coast... Everyone on the other side of the world must be busy!

I'm at work and I have no plans for after work - yay! Might go grab a few groceries, but other than that I'm planning on a quiet evening. Today I am going to churn out a bunch of small tasks, meet with the CPA after lunch, and generally not get bunched up over anything!

It's cool and cloudy this morning but it's supposed to hit 80+ later today and be in the 80s all weekend. Unusually nice Washington State weather!


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