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6/21/13 9:57 P

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Welcome, Minnie! What plan are you following? We have people on most of the major plans, and some that are trying to do it without following a plan.

I noticed that you had turkey bacon and chicken breast. Most of the low carb plans are low carb, moderate protein and high fat. It's the high fat part that is the hardest to get one's head around! Be sure to check your plan to see what it says about eating fat. It's hard to get in as much fat as we "should" when we've been taught that fat is evil and dangerous and disgusting and so on, instead of the vital nutrient that it really is.

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6/21/13 5:20 P

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dh has been sick since tuesday. so i am doing his job and my job is getting put on the back burner. which is ok, but, i have lots to do in the office. and since it involves billing customers and doing government paperwork, i think i'm feeling a bit backed up. today, i have to pick up vehicles from the mechanics, photocopy trip sheets and charge slips, empty the safe and some other small things, plus run out and drive taxi when it gets busy. it all seems small, but, added up it doesn't leave much room for my office work. oh well. he'll be better and things will be normal next week.
have gone for some good walks the past couple weeks and now i am going to walk to the mechanics to get a vehicle. so, exercise is going well. and tomorrow i am going to get hay. always work up a sweat putting up the hay.
have a terrific friday night everyone emoticon

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6/21/13 5:04 P

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I have had a weird couple of days! My computer bit it big time first thing Thursday morning so I took it to our contract IT's guy's office and then went and worked for a client! I could not do a darn thing at work... He brought it back to life and I'm back in the saddle....

I've been busy all week and tonight I just want to go home and drop!


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6/21/13 4:49 P

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Heated up some cheeseburger quiche for breakfast. I started taking some glucomannan for extra fiber since I kept coming in too low and amazinly I didn't even want my snack- same as yesterday. I brought havarti and peperoni for lunch along with some broiled zucchini sticks- good recipe for something easy and I like them cold; sometimes with parm and sometimes not. Also brought some Greek salad I make to work in extra veg if I'm still hungry. I seriously doubt I will be but you never know. Tonight is a picnic on the beach unless it gets dark like it did Wednesday. Hot and sunny all day, until 3:38 (I looked at the clock) when it turned dark. It was still hot but not bright. Did I mention I'm off at 4:00?

ONce home I'll get some Tri-Tips marinating, a salad made and thaw some meat for a meatloaf- I love summer.

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6/21/13 3:41 P

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TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY I am eating low carb. I am doing around 45-50 carbs. did some weight lifting today. Had egg, turkey bacon, and cottage cheese. chicken breast and salad with greek vigarette dressing. water water and gonna have some more water

Just remember to keep pushing yourself and you will be the best you can be.

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6/21/13 3:29 P

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I think we may have some steak off the grill this weekend as well, sounds good. nothing much going on here this weekend. I am going to go upgrade my cell phone that is about it. There is not much change on the weekends for me other than dad being here. I guess that is how it is as you get older use to I would run all weekend every weekend with tons to do now I just stay at home most of the time. Sad thing is I like it...

This is the link to the Atkins website. even tho I dont fully do it the atkins way anymore I do still eat from the atkins food list/eat. I just count carbs different than they do.

Watch this about the atkins program.

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6/21/13 11:43 A

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Happy Friday!

Still rushed at work, so I'd better get back to it! Hungry like a bear today, I'm having a burger from the cafeteria for lunch. They're big and not totally gross. High praise indeed!

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6/21/13 11:42 A

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Doctor's appointment this am, then did some grocery shopping (mostly I just needed cash for the Farmers Market tomorrow!), then tried to get a scalp massage. It would have been about 45 minutes, so came home and let my babies out. They're getting much more adventurous. And I now understand what they mean about trying to herd cats!

6/21/13 11:25 A

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Last day of school. And I bought steaks for the weekend. A bit of a break from my burgers!

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