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3/27/13 2:02 A

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I checked my list of Favorites, and the "real" eggs I have there are all -0- carbs.. The egg substitute has 1. I don't know why your Tracker reported a carb for the egg, unless it's an item manually entered by someone else.

If you look up anything any my username comes up as the one who listed it, you can pretty much count on it. I sit with the labels/packages and enter them exactly. The poor DH here is afraid to throw any packaging away now! LOL

It may be a rounding issue, too. So long as the rounded value is greater than the expected value, I don't quibble over it. I figure I'm safer overestimating than underestimating. One carb isn't likely to throw your plan out of whack...but the program doesn't know one number from another, I think. If it will misreport one, why not a dozen? I don't know. Some things are just a mystery!

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3/26/13 10:22 A

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I think that anything that isn't strictly fat can have a trace of carbs. Eggs seem to have about .6 gram, so probably the SP tracker generally rounds down because it's less than 1g. Once in a while it rounds up, though, and that's where the 1g comes from.

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3/26/13 9:22 A

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It's all how someone input it. I really have to check before adding something to my favorites. Lots of people don't even put the carbs in, only the calories...GRRRRR....

But then with the Carb for Low Carb dieting - you can't even see that sometimes so you have no idea what it says. I just know that my tracker is probably conservative and actually I probably had a handful less then what it counts.

I dont' know why an egg would have 1 though. Is it a real egg or egg substitute?

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3/26/13 7:44 A

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So I'm working on a Fat Fast which made me notice something weird about the tracker. I know it doesn't want to do carbs correctly but in one place on the nutrition page that shows percents it has a total of 1 carb for the cream. But in another place it says "Carbs for Low Carb Diet" also shows a carb for the egg.
Any ideas?

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