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2/4/13 7:22 P

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Hope it's just meds, Russel, and they can get you straightened out tomorrow.

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2/4/13 5:36 P

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I ate ice cream and pop after learning I was diabetic, and chips, and macaroni and cheese after learning I had a heart problem. Sounds suicidal, but finally realized that even after being diagnosed, I still couldn't avoid those foods, or crave them less. Why would I ? After all, I had these issues from overeating these foods.

If knowing the food was bad prevented us from eating it, we would all be skinny.I don't go to any parties for this reason, and avoid any food but real food, that is very low carb. Strict, but it works. Every time I eat anything diet, "low carb ", aspartame, sugar alcohol etc. I gain weight. Expecting someone to have a low carb party is unreasonable. Even on nights I play basketball, I go home, while my friends go out. If you go to a party, odds are 50/50, you will cheat. It is a choice you have to make.

Total switch on topic. I have been having shortness of breath for a week now. Not eating off plan, or high sodium, so I have no idea why. I am on the same dosage of meds since I was 280, so wondering if I need another drop in dosage, but finally scheduled a doctor visit for tomorrow morning. If they can't find out what is wrong, I will probably go to the E.R. tomorrow night. They can get bloodwork in a few hours, not 3 weeks, which is usually the problem.

I tend to end up at the hospital 2X a year now. When I was 350, they had me on 22 pills a day, and I went years between visits. Of course, they usually involved a week stay at the hospital, and now are just usually an overnight stay. Then they let me go, and I am fine. A tune-up.

This time, I have no idea why. I just want to feel good. It is very annoying. Is it too many heart meds lowering my heart rate, or too little of one pill, and an extra dose will correct the issue. I always feel a little stupid going in, and getting released the next day with a minor variance in pills. I don't want to spend another week short of breath though, and it seems to happen right after I take my pills.

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2/4/13 4:58 P

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Got up feeling sorta bloaty from some no-so-great foods yesterday (and beer), but I got up early and did a workout. I'll get back on track - however, as I sit here at work I can feel my neck and jaw tension bunching up... I don't wanna do this again!!

*sighs* I'm going to sit here and breathe and not work for a minute or two...


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2/4/13 12:58 P

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Mail is back to being relatively light at work, so I might actually catch a breath now and again! Did one short walk so far today and still need at least 2 more for a daily goal.

Oh, Jenna, that's a hard way to learn! Glad that you got right back on track, though!

Have a great day, all!

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2/4/13 12:56 P

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That was a great January! Congratulations!

2/4/13 12:30 P

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Cheering you on, Debb!!!! emoticon emoticon

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2/4/13 11:44 A

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Last night was awful. I went to a friend's house for a Super Bowl Party/dinner and wound up facing a table full of only carbs, crackers, chips, tortillas, bean salsa, brownies, chocolate. And of course - I was starving. So I ate the naughties. Back on plan this morning but kicking myself for not eating first or bringing some veggie snacks just in case. :(

I'm feeling great about today though. Egg/veggie/bacon omlet for breakfast, cabbage soup with beef for lunch and home baked rotisserie chicken and green beans for dinner.

I lost 13 lbs in January and I'm hoping to match that in February and see the clothing start falling off.

Happy Monday everyone!

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2/4/13 9:09 A

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I am the same way. When i eat carbs I know i won't feel good at all, so why in the world do i stray!!!! I made some chicken salad yesterday, so that was a wonderful change from the other stuff that i eat. Easy to get bored with this unless i make sure to keep a variety in the house that i can eat. I don't do so good on the weekends when i am home more, so getting back to work helps. The cheese crackers really help too. I made some last week with parmesion cheese and they were even better than the sharp cheese. I just have to watch it and not eat too many of those. I try to just make a few at the time so i won't eat so many.

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2/4/13 9:04 A

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Just about 2 pm here already -- where HAS the day gone??!?

I had 2 hard-boiled eggs with mayo, about an hr ago. Hubby expected to be back by then, so we were to have lunch together, but I was hungry. So the hamburger with cheese will wait till he gets back.

Feeling better already. It's amazing how quickly returning to induction can increase my mood, self-esteem, and reduce my ankle pain. DUHH amazing, huh? You'd think I'd never stray. SIGH Go figure.

All of the ebay and the other orders are done, packed, and ready to go. Also had the dogs out for a 20-min walk at one of the parks this morning... good thing, as it's gotten REALLY cold and snow is forecast for later! Regardless, I'll have them at the park again, after I make my trek to the post office.

Hope you all have a terrific Monday!


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2/4/13 9:01 A

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Hey all work and school! Going to the gym in a little while! I am getting frustrated again cuz I am not moving in the scale at all! I stick to eating right so I really don't know what's going on, I have been seeing a holistic practioneer she believed my thyroid adrenals and that I'm estrogen dominate! So I'm on a bunch if supplement and a bio identical progesterone . I hope this kicks in and helps! I hate this!

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2/4/13 8:57 A

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Have a tutoring session this morning, but that's about it for the day. Other than some homework that hasn't even been begun.

I need to find some leftovers in the freezer that fit into the Food Stamp Challenge I'm doing this month. Finding leftovers won't be a problem - the freezer is full of the things. Finding ones that fit into this challenge may be more difficult. But I need to get rid of some leftovers so I can cook something new and make more leftovers!

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