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Good day everyone...

The latest round of E-mails, Spark Mails etc has people asking why... if they're trying so hard, why aren't they losing weight! Of course this has no one answer but I'll give some insight around the Phenomenon known as the Plateau! This is the time when everyone feels that no matter what they do, they just can't lose weight!

It's true that when you get to your plateau there are certain things happening in your life that make it impossible to lose weight! Lets go back in time to when you were losing weight! At that period in time your body was experiencing the I can have anything that I want and your doing nothing to stop me syndrome! Yes the Eating, munching, no exercise no discipline era where "Anything Goes" was the rule of the day!

Then Your brain said to your body... I'm not liking what I see and hammers the body with good food and exercise. Woo Hoo this is great! I'm losing weight... I'm feeling great! Nirvana sets in!

Well, after a while the body reacts differently because there is no change! Sure you're exercising the same, you're eating the same but there's something wrong with the equation!
What could I have done so wrong that my body is rebelling against me like this?

It's not really that easy... You're at the Plateau point! What to do now?

There are many things you could try at this point... like going back to basics... How many calories do I need to eat in order to lose weight? What am I eating... Am I using portion control? Am I doing enough exercise to lose weight... Questions questions...

I could look up the BMI list but everyone is different. then I'll analyze the question What am I eating? Have you ever carried a small paper pad with you and actually written down what you actually consume in a day? Try it... From the little pats of butter on the crackers, cheese on the Ritz, snack foods like chips, dip, cookies, pastries, the sugar in the coffee and tea, the soda pop, The extra food after the proper portion at the restaurant (The one we should be taking home) and the refrigerator raid in the middle of the night when nobodies looking? This all adds up! But we just write down what we think we ate rather than what we actually ate and this is huge when it comes to extra calories... Add in condiments like Ketchup, salad dressings, Mayonnaise, BBQ sauce... well you get the picture. Rather than a tablespoon what are you actually using to measure these things? Remember, I didn't ask you to get rid of these things but I think moderation is in order!

The next thing to look at is the exercise... What have you done differently in the exercise department lately? If you've kept things the same, chances are your body is used to what you're doing and it won't change anything because this is what it's used to now! What you could try here is to change up the exercise... If all you do is Wii Fit then maybe get out and ride a bike! If you're going to the gym and you do dumbbell presses and sit ups, maybe it's time to add the stationary bike, treadmill, elliptical or some other exercises to "Wake Up" your body again! Perhaps after the gym you could go swimming, biking, running etc... Mix things up! You body won't know what hit it! Just like it was when you first started exercising! Your Body didn't know what hit it then either!

I keep going back to portion control but If you have NO control over your portion control then your weight is going to run away from you no matter how good you eat!

You're on the right track at this point and making a few small adjustments will help you get back to your goals and your plans to conquer this weight loss plateau ... you can do it!...
Stick with it... you know what to do!...

See you all at the finish line... with goals met and weight gone!

You're looking great already!


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