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3/5/12 11:42 A

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Once I decided to start I wrote out my grocery list of c1 foods and bought alot. I use 1 whole egg and egg whites and veg at breakfast. Yogurt and fruit for snacks. Usually a salad or leftovers for lunch. Dinner is a protein and 2 veg. I look and see what I have in the fridge to make and when I start getting low on options it is time to go shopping again. When veg start going bad I know I am off track.


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3/5/12 11:13 A

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Unlike the others who jumped right in I worked up to dieting. Before I even heard about the diet I read two books - The Self Compassion Diet by Jean Fain and The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel. I knew that I had to change my mindset in order to stay with a program. It seemed that every January I was determined to lose and every December I was at least 10lbs heavier until I was morbidly obese. I would only stay with a diet for 4 - 6 weeks and then gain back everything I lost and more. I took the advice in the books and the started doing self hypnosis, affirmations and visualizations. I also created a vision board of what I wanted when I was fit which was actually pictures on my laptop in a slide show (Beaches, horsebackriding, a little black dress etc). I made a list of all the reasons I wanted to be fit and healthy and I also made a list of all my triggers i.e things that made me eat or drink - like strong emotions or just watching TV at night.

When I was all psyched up to start another diet, I happen to read about the diet in the supermarket checkout line from Womans World magazine I think, and in the same week I heard about Sparkpeople. That was last April and I'm 60 lbs lighter. I have had blips since November and needed to do all those things again that motivated me before because I had the winter blahs and couldn't seem to stay on plan again. I'm back on track now though.

Sorry for writing a book, but you have to find the things that motivate you and keep working at them. It's not all about the food. We also recommend He's very motivating!

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3/5/12 8:00 A

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I saw part of the Dr. Phil episode where they showed 17DD. At that time I was content with where I was (had lost about 30 lbs previously). By the time my weight was creeping up a few lbs (and STAYING up!) at the end of the year, I decided I wanted to do something different to kickstart some forward momentum. I had enough of the 17DD info to get me going, so jumped right in. I wasn't eating badly before, so had enough of the right foods to get me started. I found the book (finally!) that week but was so anxious to get going that I didn't want to wait for that "detail"!


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3/4/12 10:33 P

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I was tired of looking and feeling unhealthy, especially after seeing pics during the holidays and knowing that I was now on blood pressure meds. I had almost given up. I tried WW like I had in the past, bu this time it wasn't working. I noticed a co-worker who had been losing a lot of wt and had hormonal issues like me. I was ready! I bought the book, went shopping, read the book that evening, and started the next day! I haven't looked back since! Good luck--after a few days, you'll be so glad you started.

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Today is the first day of the rest of my life! Michelle

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3/4/12 9:39 P

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My coworker mentioned it and he and his family were doing it. I scoffed but got the book. As soon as I read the book I started! It's so vaguely familiar to a bunch of other diets I've tried so it wasn't too unusual.

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3/4/12 9:00 P

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Hi! Honestly, I started because my friend in scotland told me that she had been losing weight. I was extremely skeptical because i'm not into "fad" dieting. I researched the diet extensively and thought it looked, well...healthy. So, i jumped in full force. I was so tired of feeling fat, unattractive, and lethargic. I wanted to change so badly... and so i did. After the first day I saw the scale drop a few pounds, and that was it. I was determined to go with it. And i was successful the first time around. I'm hoping to be that successful this time around.

Good luck. Get through the first FEW days and you will see it gets very easy...just stick with it! emoticon

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3/4/12 7:11 P

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I knew that if I didn't plan out my first week at least, that it wasn't going to happen. I had two children and a husband that were not on the diet with me. So I planed my breakfasts and just did what they normally did for theirs. They all ate lunch at work or school, so that was easy for me and for dinner, they ate what I ate most nights, with a side dish or two thrown in, that I didn't like much so I was not tempted by it. I think planning is really the key if you are not good at sticking with things. It is too easy to say, oh, I don't know what to do tonight, and then let the kids talk you into fast food. If you already have a start on dinner going or at least a firm plan, then they have a much less easy time derailing you. I planed the date I was going to start, and I had all the food I needed in the house and all of the food I was most tempted by out of the house by that date. With all of that said, I will tell you, that starting with my second round, my family saw my progress and decided to join me. That made the planning for dinners a lot easier.

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3/4/12 6:15 P

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I saw the show on Dr. Phil when they first advertised the diet and the book. Then my sister started the diet, last January (2011) and had great success. I borrowed my sister's book some time during the Spring but it took me until August to decide to do it. I will turn 50 this coming August and decided that I would finally get rid of this weight after so many excuses and false starts. So for me the motivation is really a gift to myself. I have my own balancing act with work and other family obligations but I think others here on the team can talk to how they balance with children and partner issues better than I could.

I do tend to try to plan during the weekends what I'll be eating for the week so that I don't have to think about it on any given day. I do a lot of cooking (generally Sunday) for the week (soups, ground turkey meat for taco salad) so that I will have go-to things to eat and less to do once the week gears up.

Good luck!

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3/4/12 5:19 P

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I was in WalMart, saw the book, took it home, read it in the next couple of evenings, shopped accordingly the following weekend. I have a tendency to over-ananlyze & over-think...everything, and I knew if I didn't just "jump in with both feet" it wasn't happening.

I wish you well, and will enjoy watching your progress.

: )

Kiko : )
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3/4/12 5:03 P

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Hi All - I am planning and trying to start the diet although I seem to have had several starts and stops lately. This may sound strange, but how did you get started? Did you plan for a long time then follow through? Or did you jump in with both feet and take off? I'm having trouble getting and staying on the path.

What's your best recommendation to make it work? like a lot of you, I have 2 young kids and a husband (not a dieter at all). Any tips are welcome!

I love this group, though - it is wonderful to have this resource.


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