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3/19/11 10:38 P

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I think because public education is a government program, they should regulate what the children eat- all the way through High School. Our High school had hotdog/hamburger carts that served sodas and Snapple teas, they are gone this year, but now there are vending machines. So which is better? My kids walk across the street to the Lil Caesars and Mexican restaurant. But thankfully My daughter joined SparkTeens and is re evaluating her choices.

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3/10/11 10:30 P

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Any way the government can help is great ... our children are our priority ... let's try to do all we can to help them be healthy and happy.


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3/10/11 5:11 P

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I think the school lunches should be healthy. For some kids it is the one decent meal they get a day and a way that schools can not only teach nutrition, but show it! That hits 2 of the learning points for it to sink in! IF any of my school lunches had been healty, and we had been taught about nutrition, more than the food pyramid, then maybe I would not have gotten to the weight I was. Also, we had vending machines and it was cheaper to get a soda, chips, and candy bar at lunch than to buy the school lunch. And tastier, oh and you knew what you were getting, as in it was not mystery meat, etc. So I did that (bad choice on my part!). So yes, had the vending machines not been there, that option would have gone away.
As far as when we turn 18. Nope. Nadda. Not at all, and if you are wanting to mandate nutrition counseling, then how about just a simple test to see if people are even ready to have kids, or are smart enough to help them with school work, it gets too slippery of a slope for me. I think the government needs to remember why this country was first founded and stop trying to micromanage the population. This is, after all, supposed to be a somewhat free country.

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3/6/11 4:00 P

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A lot of us parents tried for 30+ years to fix the school lunch program. The teachers would be so much happier if the children were fed decently instead of just caloricaly. And, for me, recess was a refreshing time when my seat could do something besides be squished!

For adults, if people are wanting to have a child, mandate some nutrition counseling and an exercise instruction/demo for them both.

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3/6/11 11:17 A

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Do you think government should be envolved with our daily choices of being healthy, and exercising even on the school lunch level?
I think so because it is being funded by the government, and kids don't always have the right resources like adults do. I also think that soda, and candy machines should be removed from schools. We never had them. As far as adults go though I think government should stay out of our choices. They could have programs that will offer incentives for good behavoir. I also agree with taxing soda and junk food.
Any other thoughts out there?


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