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5/1/12 11:14 P

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Good tips!

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4/27/12 11:09 P

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How old is your daughter? If she's not in school yet, can you do some exercise while she takes a nap? If she is in school, can you exercise while she's in school? Where do you think you can squeeze in a half-hour of You-Time?

Of course while you are under the weather, not over-doing, but doing enough to get your heart rate up may help you feel better sooner. That tends to help me clear the congestion out of my chest.

Hope that helps.

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4/27/12 11:21 A

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I seem to have the same issue...getting sick when I start back into exercising. I don't know what it just always seems to happen! I think it's because I start out too intense, and that throws my body for a loop. But, I've learned to just push through it...I'm not saying to jog 5 miles when you're running a temp or have the stomach flu, just that you CAN find something that works if you really try to. I have 4 kids, so what I'll do is do something that involves them. Then I don't have to worry about a babysitter (plus then there's no sitter to have to pay!) We'll play a Wii game that is a little physical, like "Just Dance", or "Wii Fit Plus". Or we'll go outside and play frisbee or catch. Or take a leisurely walk or bike ride. When they're at school, and if I'm feeling under the weather, I try to keep myself busy, even if it's just washing dishes (do a squat after every dish you put in the drying rack...after a sink full of dishes, believe me, you WILL feel it!). Or if the weather is nice, I'll make it laundry day: my laundry room is downstairs, so I end up going up and down the stairs twice for each load (times about 10-12 loads weekly on average). I'll hang the clothes on the line to dry. Hauling a wet load of clothes outside is work! Then do a lunge, squat or leg lift after every item you hang on the line. Then hauling everything in at the end of the me, it all counts as exercise. It's better than sitting on the couch or at a desk all day!

My point is, use the time & resources you have to your advantage. It doesn't have to be time-consuming or expensive to get healthy. I refuse to pay a gym membership just to walk on their treadmill when I can walk outside for free. Go to a second-hand sporting goods store to buy your fitness equipment, or save up & buy it when it's on sale, or even put on lay-a-way. Multi-task your activities. Like I said, do squats/lunges/leg lifts while washing dishes, cooking dinner, talking on the phone. March in place or do crunches while watching TV. Sneak in activity whenever you can! And maybe by starting out at a less intense level, it will allow you're body to ease into it better. That's what seems to work for me!

Keep your chin up...keep trying, don't give up. You're worth it!!
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4/27/12 8:05 A

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When I first started SP I found this and nervously joined. Hadn't done any activity in forever, heavier than I have ever been and a metal ankle. After the first walk/run I realized that I could try this, I didn't collapse and completed it. It felt great. Well, shortly after I found the LiveFit program with weights. The first phase is muscle building and no cardio (I know, shocking). Well I snuck in some walk/runs and then said I would stick with the program and could always return to this. Enter Phase 2 which includes cardio and here I am back at the beginning of this program. I started right back at the beginning and am now doing this along with the other program. Not sure if it is from eating clean and having more energy or my mind set now, but I am enjoying it even more. So far so good. I am keeping with it and the ankle is holding up. Still tough, but I can do it:)

With this, or any program, I realize I have to take the time for me. Things pop up that take you off track, but you can always jump back in. It isn't easy, but I think that the sense of accomplishment from simply running for 2 minutes is such a boost and drives me. Sometimes we have to look at that and find pride in it. We will eventually get there.

You can do it!!! Take care of that cough. That makes it tough. Hope you are feeling better:)


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4/27/12 4:56 A

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When I joined this program I was so excited! But then everything went kind of down the hill. First I had no opportunity to work out, had no one to leave my daughter with. Then I finally started my first week, and got sick. Still have a pretty bad cough. I still want to learn how to run,but do not feel that excitement.
I would really be thankful, if you share some storeys how you jumped back on a program.
Any kind of boost are welcome=)

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