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4/21/12 12:45 A

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Just purchased Zumba for Xbox, and I LOVE IT!!!! I have never done Zumba, but this is awesome! Just did the 20 minute beginner Calypso and I thought I was going to DIE. I huffed and puffed, sweated profusely, became dizzy, then did some more! I can't wait to do it again! I'm looking for you all to keep me on track, because I'm not good at this exercise thing.

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4/17/12 2:30 P

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I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this game. I usually do a mid-lenght class, which is like 50 minutes. I have found that I'm not a big fan of all the songs so I customized my class - I have like 5 favorite songs (high intensity) that I mixed on repeat with one cool down song. I may change it up in a few weeks but as for now, I like my little "favorite" playlist that helps me burn between 850-1000 calories each time!!!

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3/24/12 11:48 A

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Im loving Zumba Rush also...after 3 songs, Im pooped. It is so fun even if I can't get moves right!!!


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2/28/12 12:58 A

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OMG! Zumba continues to kick my butt! If you need a good workout, GET ZUMBA FITNESS RUSH! I practically have 2 left feet when it comes to Latin dancing, but this breaks it down and burns the calories! I've now lost 6lbs since I started using it Wednesday, I'm not on a strict diet either... This game is worth the $50 I spent on it for sure!

The only thing I can't figure out is where to input my weight? Anyone figure it out?

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2/13/12 10:15 P

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Sunday, when Zumba Fitness Rush for Xbox 360 Kinect was release I had it pre-ordered and picked it up. I'm so pleased to have the game. I found the first Zumba Fitness to be a challenge and it was hard to keep the dancing girl green all the time. I normally had her yellow, emoticon .

With this new Zumba Fitness Rush I'm able to do the tutorial (Unlike the other one), and focus a lot more on the dancing. I find it really fun to play and today I played with it for a hour. I did the short class which isn't really all that short, the medium class is an hour so I'm scared of what the hard/long class is. I played all the songs in low intensity and there is a large variety. The only thing I'm not pleased with is sometimes they will do a extreme closeup that's kind of foggy and I can't see what steps they are doing for those brief seconds but other than that, I find there is a lot of song selections and the dances are really fun. I love the cool down song, but it isn't the belly dancing, it's more of a simple Zumba style song.

I would love to hear what others have to say about it. It was released Feb. 12, 2012.

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