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4/22/19 3:49 P

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I had my right knee replaced on Nov, 27, 2018. I am still in therapy and have issues with pain when the barometer changes. Walking a long distance is a challenge but I keep trying. Not happy that it is taking this long to heal. Progress has been slow but I guess at my age everything is slow.

4/22/19 4:51 A

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I was 20 when I began having OA sx. in 1970. By the 1990's, I had bone-on-bone OA in both knees. I elected to 'live with it' rather than have surgery, as, back then, artificial knee joints had a 10-15yr life expectancy before needing replaced.
I had challenges after having my R knee replaced in 2013 despite being faithful to the exercises. No one can predict in advance who the 1-2% of people are that end up with complications. They only know the statistics that it WILL happen to a few people. Unfortunately, if it's you, it's 100% of you! It took ~ 11 months for me to heal from that surgery.
I began taking a natural supplement made from various herbs, (including myrrh), in 2015,. Amazingly, with it, I began to regrow the cartilage in my L knee, (which I never had replaced). The only time now that I notice pain in that knee is when the barometer changes.

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4/21/19 9:48 P

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I had my left knee replaced on Nov 1, 2018 and the doctor told me to take 3 months off work.
I am having the right knee replaced this Thursday April 25th.
My surgeon will not do 2 knees at once, he says it is too hard on the body to heal when both are done together.
In November I did all my physio at home and got all the exercises from Utube - Brad and Bob knee replacement exercises. You can google them.
There are other utube videos you can find too. some are better than others.
But I can't stress enough, it is really important to try and do the exercises at least 2 times a day until you can do them more and you actually feel a little better.
I had to write down each time i was taking the pain killers so that I knew how often I was taking them and then gradually I do not need them anymore.
I started to go to swim aerobics at 8 weeks after my operation, and have been going 2 times a week since January.
I also started to ride a stationary bike around 6-8 weeks - but it was very hard at first and you have to have no tension on the pedals, just turning your legs.
If anyone else has any questions I'll try to answer you. - Judy
I forgot to say that I also had bone on bone with OA.

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4/21/19 9:03 P

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LARAE329: I am right there with you in that both knees are like yours. Will be watching to read what responds you receive about this. My position will be eliminated beginning of June, However, I get to keep insurance until August so not sure if able to get both done in time.

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4/21/19 6:28 P

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Hello, my name is Larae and I have bone on bone OA in both knees. I was told I need both knees replaced. My concern is recovery time. I work part time and can't afford to not work. I am trying to get a feel for what recovery will be like.
Has anyone had the surgery and returned to work? How long were you out of work?

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