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3/4/16 2:30 P

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What blood tests did your Dr. do for RA? If he only did RA Factor and a couple of others, you could still have it. I tested negative on all except , Cyclic Citrullin Peptide Ab
That test is not always ordered, I don't know why.

"CCP antibody testing may also be ordered to help evaluate the likely development of RA in people with undifferentiated arthritis those whose symptoms suggest but do not yet meet the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) criteria for RA. According to ACR, approximately 95% of those with a positive CCP antibody will meet the criteria of RA in the future. Early detection of RA is essential for guiding treatment decisions."

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5/9/14 6:24 P

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Also, check for fibromyalgia...that can do all sorts of weird things to you as well.

Blessed be.

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5/4/14 9:54 A

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Thank you everyone for your replies. I will continue to search for answers and be thankful that I don't have any severe debilitating issues, as I'm sure many of you do.

Perserverance is definitely one thing I have learned from Sparkpeople!

Good health and happiness to you all.

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5/3/14 8:26 P

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Menopause is definitely relevant. Taking hormones helps to keep arthritis at bay, but raises its own problems. I found they controlled the pain well, but then I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Surgery and radiation fixed that (probably), but of course I stopped taking hormones and the arthritis started getting steadily worse. Things are quite a bit better now that I've lost almost all the weight I wanted to, because I'm eating right, and because I'm taking the right kind of exercise: walking and aquacise, with stretches every morning.

I hope the OP does find someone who will listen to them. Meanwhile, there's hope that this severe bout will fade for a while to manageable levels on its own. It does happen.

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5/3/14 5:55 P

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I would ask your Dr to refer you to a Specialist in a different field. Things like
Gout, and
come to mind, but I would imagine that the RA Specialist would have ruled them out too?

Good luck with finding the answers and a good outcome.


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I am not a Dr - please check with your qualified Health Professional for a diagnosis and treatment plan

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5/3/14 4:05 P

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Just read your post and my heart goes out to you. It seems that you are doing many things to help your situation with no good results. However, I would continue on the anti-inflammatory diet and do mild exercise, too. These certainly will not hurt and sometimes, a person's system takes a long time to show results. I do not know anything about the anti-inflammatory diet, but know, from personal experience, that sugar and other processed foods cause inflammation for me.

Continue to explore solutions, especially in the supplementary medicine area. Do you know of a naturopathic doctor? He/she might help you.

Best wishes.


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5/3/14 3:53 P

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Hi check out this web site. Also sodium can also be a factor, maybe your body is retaining salt. I think I would get a new Dr. I can't believe your Dr. Would say come back if it gets worse. That is a terrible thing to say to you. There has to be a reason.


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5/3/14 10:54 A

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I understand that you feel frustrated!
I wouldn't know of other steps you could take. I admire you all those things you've done already. I also noticed that you are at goal weight, which is a big achievement in itself!

I wonder if you've asked the / a doctor straight out if this is something you will have to learn to 'live with'.
I got diagnosed with arthritis in my right hip about a year ago; I'm 49 and have been seeing signs that I'm entering perimenopause. So maybe that's right that menopause is a factor involved.

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5/3/14 10:00 A

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For the past 6 months, I have been experiencing joint inflammation in my hands. Several finger joints swell and my fingers look bloated. My right thumb will pop out of joint at the base when bent but will quickly re-align when straightened. When pressed, the swollen joints do not hurt, when moved, they do. The swelling will go down a little bit but is never gone. Here is what I have done to figure out what is going on...

1. Used the Anti-inflammation diet for 6 months. No effect.
2. Took supplements for inflammation (ginger, green tea, turmeric, etc.). No effect.
3. Maintained my exercise regime. No effect.
4. Tried daily doses of ibuprofen for 1 month. No difference in pain or swelling.
5. Same as #4, but with Aleve. No effect.
6. Met with rheumatologist who did extensive blood work, took x-rays, etc. I do not have RA (like my mother and grandmother), I show no markers for inflammation (I don't get this - I have swelling!), all my blood work was normal. I basically got a pat on the head and was told to come back if any of my symptoms got worse.

I really can handle the pain I feel and know it is nothing like RA. I just don't know what it is and am worried my inflamed joints are being damaged. I guess I just want an answer like, "You have ________ and are doing the right thing to manage it. You will continue to experience pain and swelling but this isn't damaging your joints. Keep up the healthy habits."

My next step is to go back to my gynecologist and ask to be placed on low dose estrogen. I have read that some types of arthritis come on when a woman reaches menopause, which I officially entered in December.

Have I tried everything possible? I feel I have been pretty methodical, but have yet to reach a conclusion. I wanted a "natural" solution but am willing to try various medications at this point.

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