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9/5/12 2:49 P

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Hi Libby,
I also have Seronegative RA, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Joint Disease and Reactive Arthritis. To top it off I also have Nondiabitic Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia. Pain is a daily issue but one that I have learned to deal with. I take Sulfasalzine, Sulidac, Embrel for the arthritis and Cymbalta and Gabapentin for the nerve pain. I also use Hydrocodone but just at bed time so I can sleep and not be woken by the pain. It took many years of trial of different medications before I found medications that really helped me. The Cymbalta does cause me to sweat a lot but that is a side effect I can live with. Other medications had some horrible side effects which it kind of sounds like you are having. You really need to press your doctors to find medications that well help without the negative effects. I know what you are going through and hope you the best in your efforts to find the right control for your pain.

Also, have you considered seeing a pain specialist?

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9/4/12 4:35 P

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Hi Libby,
Hang in there! It's tough to find the right combo of drugs without the side effects and other b.s. I tried a few different rheumatologists before I settled with my current. She listens and will take my preferences into account. I've tried so many drugs I've lost count!

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9/4/12 1:27 P

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I have taken Cymbalta before and have had the hot sweats and headaches from that, but the Prendisone should help keep you from having any issues breathing. That has been known to help asthma patients. I would talk to your doctor again about possible dosage changes or other meds if things are that serious. I know you want to be as pain free as possible, but not at the risk of other health problems.

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9/4/12 12:58 P

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Libby, my whole family is loaded with auto-immune diseases - most of them in multiples. My sister has about 5 of them. It seems that all of them cause serious problems embedded, and all of the medi's have negative effects - some immediate, and some show up later on. If you were in So Cal I could direct you to a great Rheumatologist, but part of the cure (LOL) is trusting your doctor. I would suggest that you make a change now, in the early stages of treatment, if you don't have that kind of relationship with your doctor. It can make a big difference.

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9/4/12 12:30 P

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Hi everyone.
I hope this finds you all doing well.. It's been a while since I posted -- so I'm a little out of touch in following events of our team members. Right now, I need some advice, from this wonderful group who knows the pain I'm living with.

I've known I had arthritis for years......but I started exhibiting some strange symptoms.... long story short ..... after months & months of testing, scanning, watching etc - I was finally diagnosed with:

Seronegative Inflammatory Arthritis (a twin to Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis)

In my case, the inflammmation doesn't show up in my blood (hence, 'seronegative') I'm presenting symptoms of both diseases....

My rheumy is treating me like he would his Lupus/RA patients....

Currently, I'm taking Plaquenil, Morphine (just cut the dose), Prednisone and Cymbalta. I have strange side effects - horrible excessive sweating, breathing problems on humid days, headaches, alopecia .....

Does this sound familiar to any of you??? Can anyone relate?? I'd love to compare notes with someone who shares my experiences. I'm not too crazy about my rheumy -- and if there are better, less toxic treatments out there to fight the inflammation and pain ..... I'd sure love to hear about them. I'm ready to find a new rheumy - but would like to go into a new relationship aware of some of the latest treatment options...

You can respond on this thread ..... or leave me a Sparkmail message.....or comment on my page.....Just contact me!!!

Many thanks in advance.........

Libby emoticon

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