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9/15/08 3:08 P

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It looks to me like you're not eating enough. Did you know that when you eat less than 1200 calories a day that your body goes into what is called "starvation mode" according to SP? That's not good.. it means that not matter what you eat, your body will try holding on it as long as it can because it doesn't know when you're going to eat again. I think you should really try to find SOMETHING nutritious that you like to eat for each meal and a couple of snacks a day. It's really important for your body to get what it needs to function properly.

List what foods you do like on here and then maybe we can pitch in with some suggestions to help you out.

Veggies, which ones?
Fruits, which ones?

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9/15/08 2:20 P

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I know where your coming from. If you want a fast meal you can get the Smart Ones in the frozen food section at the store. The portion is the right size and its easy throw in the microwave and go. When your working at Mcd's a great dinner is the grilled chicken cesar salad without dressing. Oatmeal is a great easy fix meal too. Paula has some flavor and fiber bars that she loves and uses them for a meal replacement when heading out the door for work.
Ideas for cheaper ways? I would bake some boneless skinless chicken breasts and separate them into 2-4oz portions and then freeze them. Its a good protein for on the go. Most places have microwaves. Spice them up a bit to give the chicken different flavors.
I know that we should all watch out for sodium and alot of spices have tons of it. I'v found that Sam's has a great low sodium cajun spice among others. They are not sodium free but its alot lower than the brands at other grocery stores. Speaking of Sam's they have different packs of already seasoned chicken breasts that you can get for easy make and take.
I posted a few recipes in it. They are really quick, easy, low calories and I love them. Hope this helps you! GOOD LUCK!

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9/14/08 9:57 P

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Okay - I need some recommendations on what to cook for dinners. Today's meals: Breakfast = 0, Lunch = south beach diet bar, Dinner = a cup of hot chocolate with a dollop of Cool Whip Lite and a bottle of water.

NOTHING sounds good to me. I hate to cook and I'm no good at it. The only time I eat dinner is if I'm at my parents house and then I over eat and they think I'm starving at my house with no groceries.

I'm very much in a funk. Of course my weight's not going anywhere and I'm too exhausted from lack of fuel to exercise. The rain has me in a horrid funk, too. Although, I must admit, today was a BEAUTIFUL day....opened all the windows and cleaned some more.

Anyway, if anyone has any recommendations - if i do cook, I'll just split it out into multiple servings if it's a full recipe. Agh..I'm frustrated, but NOT giving up.


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