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5/31/08 12:59 A

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How to make more time? Everyone has had some great ideas and mine might be just like them but this is what I do when I'm busy and have to make time for myself and health:

1. Throw in a load of laundry before you go to bed and then in the dryer before you leave for work. That way it will only need to be folded and put up. Like Paula suggested that you can make your family memebers responsible for thier clothes.

2. One of the most important things for me to do is to batch cook my meals. That way you will always have a healthy meal or snack when you need one. I can't tell you how much this one thing can make or break your day. I know I'v had to struggle with it. You can make low calorie/lowcarb meals in your slow cooker while your at work or bake a large amount of chicken breasts with your favorite seasonings and seperate them into individual servings for the week. I make my own frozen meals and they save me from eating alot of the stuff the guys do here at the house. I use protien shakes when I am out mowing most of the time. I bought a baby formula powder thing? You know the ones that seperate into 3 spaces? I fill them with a serving of protien powder and bring my shaker with skim milk in a cooler and mix them when its time for my meal. It works out when you need something fast, low calorie, healthy and easy.

3. Get up earlier and get it done. (Like Carrie said) The sooner you get it done the better you'll feel and NOT have to worry about it. I know when I worked full time outside of the house as a HACCP Coordinator I was at work from 630AM to 7PM but I did get up at 430AM every morning and get my step workout in. Yes it was hard and I'm still working on getting up again BUT I can tell you its so worth it.

4. Evening walks after dinner or while watching tv.
A great way to unwind and get some healthy time in without leaveing the house.

There are alot of great suggestions that are out here. I hope this transition goes well for you! Wishing you the best! You can do it Jana!

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I have to remember to stop and think.

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5/30/08 10:59 P

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The buddy system is a GREAT idea! Larry & Leon are both mine. Larry is a chunky butt like me so he understands how it feels to be overweight and need that extra push for exercise. Leon couldn't be overweight if he wanted to be, but he's very high energy is contagious and makes me push myself (a couple of times too hard to the point of throwing up later) because he's in such great shape. Yes, my workout buddies are both men, but that's all I work with and frankly... they just push harder because it comes easier for them so I have to reach higher and strive harder to just meet their minimum. Plus they're never really bitchy... that me! lol

I KNOW you'll be successful, just get your family involved to help you out. Your kids won't be at home forever and need to learn to do for themselves - not EVERYTHING, but nothing wrong with helping mom out and (eventually) help themselves.

Just remember you've got to make yourself #1 when it comes to getting exercise and eating the way you need to eat.

5/30/08 10:09 P

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I don't have to handle children but I have a really crazy busy job. I normally leave the house at 630am and normally leave at 630pm with a 30 minute drive home. And I can't leave for lunch.

But all that said is:
1) You need to make your health a priority (for me it has been getting a hold of my hours at work)
2) Make small goals because then you can celebrate success
3) Have healthy snacks
4) Set a long term goal - mine was signing up for a 1/2 marathon. I think you said you had set something like up right? A 5K? Something?

Find someone to be a buddy! I partnered up with a coworker and I know she is there to run with me so it makes me accountable and know I have someone to be proud of me.

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5/30/08 10:08 P

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The main thing I can tell ya is to get up earlier and get it done. If you do, then anything else the rest of the day will be extra! I always feel better if I get it done before everyone gets up and before my day really gets started. That way, when you can't get to it later you don't have to worry about it. You just have to make that choice and stick to it until it becomes habit. I know it is me! But if you do 30 min in the morning it will help your entire day. And, what is 30 min of more sleep? I usually get up early get on the computer for 10 min to wake up and then exercise. Then, you can do 15 or 30 at lunch (just walk around) and if you can squeeze in another 15 or 30 before or after dinner you will get plenty of exercise! They say you don't have to do it all at one is actually good to break it up here and there. While you are watching tv...exercise with weights during commercials and walk in place during the will be amazed how much exercise you can get while enjoying the tv! Hope this helps some! YOU CAN DO IT JANA!

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5/30/08 7:44 P

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You guys are the best giving me all your tips like that. I am going to talk to my family about helping out. Especially this summer Alex can have some chores while she's home all day. Not a ton, she's still a kid, but s few won't hurt her! And I am going to get early hours starting next week so I think I will start working out as soon as I am off..before dinner. I will have more energy then. And then to start making meals on Sunday. That will be great. I hate getting home and having to figure out my meal and thaw something. Puts me in a bad mood. If I go back to planning the week and se,i-preparing the food, I will be a much happier momma.
Thanks you all! Free Spark Hugs for everyone!

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5/30/08 5:17 P

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I only have a part time job(4 days a week), but having kids is a full time job. I try to set particular days a week that I KNOW I can make it to the gym. Then I schedule the kids stuff around those days. 2 kids in gymnastics at different times, both on Tuesdays. Thursday is girl scouts, but only every other week. I'm thinking of walking to work this summer since its not far, but with 3 kids in tow, not sure how that'll turn out. I think its just trial and error to find what works, and with more practice, you find what works for you and your schedule.

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5/30/08 1:33 P

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I have a hard time finding time too. I'm very grateful that my kids and hubby kick in on the chores, so that's not as much of the problem. My problem is I work full time, go to school at JBU, and then run the kids all over the place. I think if I just turned off the tv when I do have a moment to sit, it'd help. My goal for June is to do 90 min of Cardio each week...


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5/30/08 8:46 A

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1. I enlist help of others in my house. The boys (10 & 7) are responsible for getting their laundry into the washer (I tell them when to do this, but a chore list is getting ready to be put in place), my oldest adds the detergent & starts it. I usually move it over to the dryer (so I can start other stuff) and they have to fold & put away their stuff. Yes, there is a lot of whining, but if they work I'll let them watch tv... if they complain too much, I'll turn it off.

2. Rotate nights. Ron & I switch off on who can either work late or go to the gym & who has to head straight home after work to take care of the boys. Mon & Wed are my late night, Tue & Thur are his, Fri is family night.

3. Do bulk cooking on the weekend. Make a crock pot of ham & beans, a big pot of chili... whatever is easy to cook a lot of that the fam will eat. Put it in single serve containers to grab before heading out the door. This is great for dieting too because I tape labels on the top what it is so I know how to log it.

4. See if your new employer will let you work "off" hours so you miss all the travel delays that make it take so long to get to work - avoid rush hour. I work 7-4, this helps me to A. only have a 20 min drive vs. Ron's 35 min drive & B. get off work early so I can run to the gym before anyone else gets there and get the "good" machine.

5. Got to the gym on your lunch break. I know this one is hard and takes multi-tasking to a new level, but is can work. We have very flexible hours at our office, so we can do an hour's workout play racquetball. But if I go alone, I only do 35 min so I can take just an hour lunch. I eat while driving or working at my desk. My bosses are wonderful when it comes to health - they go to the gym at lunch as well!

6. Cram in as much cardio activity as you possibly can on the weekends. This help one takes care of the overeating that most 8-5ers experience on the weekend and boosts your cardio minutes so if you miss a day during the week, you won't beat yourself up about it because you did so great on the weekend!

That's all I got for now. If I think of something, I'll let you know.

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5/30/08 8:34 A

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Jana, is getting ready to start working outside of the home again & wanted suggestions as to how to get in exercise while maintaining the house & working a full time job. Everyone, please put on your thinking cap and give her some suggestions that might make this easier on her.

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