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2/22/08 10:51 A

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We're all in this together, don't worry about it. Sometimes just getting it off your chest makes you feel so much better and stress DOES make you gain weight and is bad for you is so many different ways.

I have never understood the way our society has gotten to be, to be praised for having bones poke out and be basically a walking skelaton, but not just that because those people don't have the right parts anymore, let's just implant them and now "WOW" you've got a body. Hummm..... is that the way it really is supposed to be? I don't think so, but then again.... I'm a fat chick so the world MUST look different thru my chubby eyes.

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2/21/08 2:41 P

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Why is it always so hard to get back on track after a few bad days? What is it that keeps anyone from doing what should be done? I have a problem with procrastination, consistency....... and if I don;t "feel like it" I don;t do it. It seems that my emotions at the time always rule. I know what needs to be done. I should be a trooper and just go for it but being in the house kind of makes me go to slow motion. When I eat poorly I take a step further and do not get back on track with the next meal. Why in the world would I sabotage myself? Even if people around me eat differently its ok. I'v been there before while working at McDonald's part time for extra money. I lost alot of weight there. Its just weird. I'm on track today with eating but the water intake has dwindled way down. I have to remain positive and upbeat. I want to take steps to a healthier lifestyle and attitude. I desire to be healthy and have great endurance. Why is it that its easier to slide to the negative emotional state and harder to go to the positive? Is it the world we live in? The media? Either your too fat or too skinny. My sister is commend for being so thin but she is anorexic and has terrible mental issues because of malnutrition thru the years. I on the other hand went the other way with the weight gain. Being an emotional eater for most of my life I understand where that comes from and why. To break it is not so easy but I know I'm not alone in this. Its more common than people think it is. I know even some of you can understand this and relate to it. I'm changing how I view food. Food is fuel. I have alot of stored fuel but have to eat a certain amount every few hours in order to feel my best not only physically but emotionally as well. I have to exercise. It not only improves endurance but it is a key factor in making me happy. Its true....Mike often tells me I need to workout if I am grumpy. What's sick is that I know I need to its just doing it! UGH I plan on getting my butt in gear today instead of this weekend. After working out with Carrie at the school yesterday it reminded me how much I do need this for ME. Thanks for letting me helps me work out the kinks and get over these small set backs.

I have to remember to stop and think.

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