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1/28/11 7:50 A

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I tend to have trouble getting carbs and enough calories....I tend to emphasize getting lean proteins in. (Previously I just did not eat enough meat....what a change in how full I am!)

If you have plenty of fat and want to go to plain yogurt, I suggest 2% greek yogurt. The 0% is good but the 2% is just incredible. (I don't like anything in my greek yogurt...not even the traditional honey)

For breakfast I have a whole grain english muffin (this week its fiber one, but it tends to be whichever brand is cheaper....they both have 8grams of fiber) with a tablespoon of Trader Joe's peanutbutter with flax. (Its delicious and gives me a little fiber. Thats 12 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber.) It easily holds me until lunch.

I don't do the smaller meal at dinner at all...maybe thats great for people who go to bed early but I'm up until 11 usually each night.

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1/24/11 9:09 P

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Adding to your breakfast is a good idea. I find if I eat a big breakfast, I feel better the rest of the day. There's that saying, "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper."

Sometimes I'll split up my breakfast into two parts - lately it's been 1/2 a piece of toast with nut butter on it and half a banana before exercising, then afterwards: the other half toast and banana plus some oatmeal and more protein, like egg whites or sausage. Seriously, sometimes breakfast is my biggest meal of the day, calorie-wise, but it helps me feel stable and then more aware the rest of the day to eat more fruit and veggies - the lower calorie stuff.

Hope you find what works for you!

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1/24/11 8:27 P

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I understand your concerns. I had some trouble getting a) enough calories, and b) the right mix of calories. I was too low on fat & protein. Once I got it right, I felt immediately better. No late afternoon crashes and not as much temptation to eat lots of chocolate in the evening.

Like you, I added a little full fat salad dressing. I also mixed some walnuts in my oatmeal in the morning. It really made a difference! Another good snack is a baggie filled with 1/2 c cut up celery and 1/2 to 1 oz of chopped walnuts. It's really delicious and filling. If you really want a great snack you can add 1/2 nonfat greek yogurt and some cut up apple.

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1/21/11 10:24 A

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Thank you! I like many of those things and am going to add them to my snack list. It's funny but like yogurts...I love yogurt, but I always thought of it as part of a meal! What a great snack food though, so I'm going to start using that.

The larger amount of food is freaking me out. It's like adding a whole other meal. I had to take away my lower fat dressing and put a whole fat dressing into the planner today, and beefed up several of my servings.

I thought this out some this morning, and I think I need to add some to my breakfast. I generally eat a very small breakfast because I'm not very hungry and I eat it so slowly (takes about an hour to eat it). If I add cereal or toast to it that will help a lot with my calorie count. I kind of's important for me to use the numbers firmly because I've had problems with under-eating before.

I'm so weird about the food. I find myself shorting myself anyways, giving bites and pieces to my preschooler, leaving some, taking a smaller measure...I figure it evens out later when I'm cooking and tasting dinner and the like. But then faced with that pizza it was like "It's on my planner so I have to eat this." If I hadn't of eaten it all I would have ended up a good 400 calories under for the day. A pretty significant amount.

But then I thought...Next time on a meeting night like that I will eat half of my dinner at that time and then put the other half away to finish when I get home. That would give me time to work out just how hungry I still am. I don't know how I'd do that AND put my daughter to bed though.

And I'm thinking.... I need to get a whole lot more fruit. My eldest son eats a lot of it too, and between him and we can go through a dozen pieces in just 2 1/2 days!

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1/20/11 10:11 P

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Some of my favorite snacks are
baby carrots and humus
peanut butter and celery
greek yogurt

Hope that helps.

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1/20/11 10:59 A

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It has taken me a while to realize that it is okay to leave food on my plate. My trick is to eat more slowly - I know, it's nearly impossible when you're running out the door, but when I take my time over my food rather than shoveling it in, I find that I'm not eating as much.

I look at the calorie counter as a tool, not a firm and fast rule. I also plan out what I am going to eat for the day - that way if I have a higher fat content meal planned, I can skimp on the fat elsewhere. Sometimes, if I am coming in shallow on my calories, fat, etc., I will treat myself with a cookie (one reward once in a while is not going to knock you off track).

My favorite snack is dill pickles (Claussen spears are the best) wrapped in a slice of smoked turkey breast. I try to eat two of these about 30-40 minutes before I work out after work just so I don't get sick (I get very faint when my blood sugar drops). Other snacks can be baby carrots, celery sticks, bananas, apples, pretzels, etc.

Good luck!

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1/20/11 10:27 A

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Your determination is very impressive!

My favorite low calorie snack treats are:

smoothies (homemade)
ginger tea
100 calorie bag of popcorn
shrimp (spice)
canned fruit
string cheese


Best wishes on your weight loss journey!

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1/20/11 10:10 A

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I've been really focusing on food this last week, and I'm having some problems. I don't know if they're real problems or just my own worries getting blown out of proportion.

I've been trying to cut out my higher fat processed stuff and add in more wholesome goodness. I need to pack in more veggies and fruits. (Like I'd like to ditch my really sugary yogurts I eat now I go for the plain ones.)

I have 3 problems right now....First if I put something into the plan for the day it's like I feel I HAVE to eat it. Last night there was a band booster meeting, so we ate half an hour early before leaving. I had planned frozen pizza and salad for dinner. I had figured out how much of each I'd be having. Being in a hurry I ate not as slowly as I'd like. And as we were riding there and my tummy was aching and I felt like puking I realized that I wish I had left some on the plate. I was just too full. I felt terrible. (Been a long time since I've had THAT feeling!)

That has been a problem before. Where I'm not really hungry, but I eat anyways because I had planned it. If I don't eat it I end up under on everything, and that's not good, right? What's worse then, eating too much late in the day to meet my numbers and feeling so stuffed I'm ill, or falling short?

That leads right into the other problem...Often after I finish up planning the day's menu I find I fall quite short. I generally fill in the gaps with stuff that isn't really so great for me. Like instead of "oh great, I can add in more fruits!" my brain says "Nice! Now I can have that little bag of chips!" I need squash that.

And then this morning I put in my weight loss and it tells me that every 10-15 pounds I need to press "change" on my weight goals and save again so it can update my calorie range.

Well, first I didn't do that after I entered that I'd do 20 minutes of cardio everyday and I think I should have! And secondly it may have decided I'm losing too fast right now. INCREASED my calorie range. It is now 1,450 - 1,800 a day. That's like 200 more! I am NOT happy about that. I was throwing in higher fat and higher calorie foods just to make the numbers before! Now I'm worried that I'll just throw in more of that crap. The menu I figured out last night at bed was no good, as it was under for the new numbers, so I went and added an apple and made it good, the back of my head...knowing I'm getting full with the meals how they are...I was thinking...NOW I can have those chips! (again)

So I need some help meeting my numbers without eating the junky stuffs. I am trying to raise my fiber and my iron too. Also, I only eat meats for lunch during menses. Otherwise, I eat vegetarian lunches.

What are some wholesome good natural foods that you like to snack on? What do you do when you're under for the day?
If anyone wants to you can go look at my food tracker on my page and let me know where I can adjust things. Or maybe I'm doing ok? I don't know. It seems like too often I'm adding in those little treats.

Well, just go look at let me know what you all think, please.

I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence. (F. Douglass)

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