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8/5/13 12:05 P

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That would be exciting.
I suspect that's why hubby tends to be adventurous with cooking - after being in the Navy, and traveling world-wide, he's been exposed to a variety of cuisines.

Of course, for some, that just meant they ate on the ship - because they didn't want to experiment. How sad for them.

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8/4/13 5:11 P

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I don't think I even WANT to get to a place where my diet is THE DIET I will eat for the rest of my life. No matter how varied and delicious, I'd get bored. I want to still be trying new things when I'm 90. But food things, not processed substances. Dating a man whose idea of how to choose a place to travel is "where would I like to eat?" - that kind of exploration could be fun for a lifetime.


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8/1/13 2:27 P

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I think we have a pattern here! There is no quick fix and have a happy body and spirit.

Each step of change in my food choices were preceded by doctor conferences or recommendations. I, too, started with the Weight Watcher plan which does contain portion control and sensible limits in 2-3 hour time gaps between meals and snacks. I stopped the habits of unlimited consumption of calorie-rich or calorie-free trouble of stimulants and artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and a need to crunch anything -flour coated or fried.

Eventually, I adjusted to accommodate glycemic values; gave up highly processed preservative and gluten filled food-medicines-supplements and skin products for better more even exercise performance. I can do this by taking out all the strong stimulant rich sugary things, poor fat and oil stuffs, and empty calorie artificial products and volumes of carbohydrate crunchy habits causing, in me, steep sweet highs leading to depressive falling lows or bloating from volumes of the poor performance things that once aggravated my exhausted state. I add in more coconut oil of my meals and snacks to help curb hunger and up my omega quotient. I quit all the stimulants of coffee, cocoa, any true tea, and Guarana. I acquired a taste for herbal teas even weird ones. My current favorites are any of the mints, chamomile, and assorted kitchen cupboard flavors like sage, artichoke leaf, and dong qui but they must be dried with no additive.

Over time as I adjust and maintain these many changes I can see myself accommodating positive actions first the awareness regarding then adapting to my adrenal fatigue without prednisone. All the effort does increase my health and outlook. I can do this. These good for my health steps changed me to open my mind and encourage more confidence to get true gut repair, better habits for healing, desire to perform effective exercise, and build my emotional acceptance to so many changes. We restructured my diet to avoid allergy and intolerance foods including nutritional supplements and things like health and beauty products through trials of woe and discovery. I made determined switches from over-the-counter products to doctor controlled pharmaceutical grade purity supplements, away from synthetics where prescriptions were once needed into bio-identical versions.

An epiphany is… since I no longer have the pain I no longer have to take the pain hiding prescription medicines with negative side effects. I also give myself time to learn to accept each change and that being honest with my self in strict avoidance does reduce all those nightmarish nasty fast weight gain symptoms hidden behind pain and silent inflammation if syndromes and chronic conditions. And I made it my own by another tweak to fit my food budget.

For someone with a few syndromes and chronic conditions, like me, after taking strong synthetic drugs and antibiotics, and being rejected by doctors because I had so many syndromes like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Irritable Bowel, and thyroid issues to overcome using this approach is calming soothing and filling. It is strong nutritional density Paleo-like that I can eat. I call it ‘The Find It and Stop That’ diet.

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I may not recognize the significance until some time later.
Is my resistance to change really that strong?
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7/23/13 4:32 P

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It keeps on evolving

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7/22/13 4:33 P

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My diet is always evolving, too. Keeps things interesting! And the more I read up on certain "clean eating" topics, the more things have the potential to change. Joining a CSA has been the biggest boost. We get a regular delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables, which requires me to figure out new ways to prepare them!


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7/22/13 7:44 A

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Just like you, baby steps.

Years ago, I did wonderful on Weight Watchers, but when I stopped being so strict, the weight slowly returned. That's when I decided to make permanent changes.

I gave up soda about 10 years ago. Like you, I'm cutting out processed foods. I've cut way back on carbs, and don't crave them. In June I got the Nutribullet and it's made a big difference. Now, I'm trying to stop eating by 7PM.

And loving it emoticon

xoxo elle~

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7/22/13 7:35 A

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When I initially decided to eat healthier (again, it seems, but differently), I changed certain things in my menu, and added more fruits and vegetables.

As time progresses, I find I've eliminated more and more processed and other foods in favour of unprocessed and "clean" eating.

For me, it's been a work in progress, and I'm still not sure I've reached the point where I can say - "that's it - that's the menu I'm going to follow". There still may be some "tweaks" along the way.

How about you?

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