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5/20/11 3:20 P

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As I live and breathe, Ann, I feel you have a gift that needs to be shared beyond SparkPeople.
Absolutely amazing.

Do you mind if I tweet this and spread your wisdom?


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5/17/11 12:48 P

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Excellent - thanx for posting this!!!

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5/15/11 10:32 A

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There is a powerful message here,thanks for sharing this.

"Goals that are not written down are just wishes."
"I may not be there yet,but I am closer than yesterday."
"There are no short cuts to any place worth going."
-Beverly Sills-

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5/15/11 12:51 A

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Marianne Williamson's latest book Course in Weight Loss (Hay House) details 21 spiritual lessons for surrendering your weight forever. Here's an insight into the author's approach, which supports moving away from the obsessive and compulsive habits of over eating towards conscious self care and worth.

1 Love the real you
There is the physical you (your body), that sees physical things in this material world (including food) and the spiritual you, the real you that cannot be defined as fat nor skinny as it has no material density. "The more you identify with the light of your being, the lighter you will feel," Williamson says.

.2 Commit to yourself
Williamson teaches that your relationship with food is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. Overeating is an act of self rejection, self betrayal and self punishment. If you learn a new way of thinking fuelled by a love and compassion for yourself, you will learn how to be there and stand up for yourself when the self-destructive urge to binge kicks in.

.3 Ritualise the change in you
This lesson requires you to identify a real person in your life who has a healthy relationship with food, a commitment to wellbeing or an ease with their body. Ask them to take part in a special ceremony that marks the beginning of your new relationship with food and wellbeing. They will be like a mentor of sorts for your weight loss journey.

.4 Exit the alone zone
"Overeating is not a food issue, it's a relationship issue," says Williamson. Your weight is like a wall you have built to further separate yourself from people you already feel separate from; it is a statement of your unavailability. There is no point trying to lose weight unless you have arrived at a place where you want to be closer to people.

.5 Be disciplined
As your mind realigns with its true spiritual self, your body will realign too and begin listening to its natural programs and hunger mechanisms. But beware. Your old Self will not go quietly. Now is the time to exercise discipline of loving thoughts and give credit to yourself for every single improvement you make in better choices and behaviours on your journey to true wellbeing.

.6 Honour the process
The weight loss journey is a process requiring spiritual mastery. "Learning to live with the common disappointments and failures of the human experience is part of your spiritual mastery," Williamson says. "Mastery does not mean you arrive at a place where nothing goes wrong; it means you are able to endure and transform what's wrong. It means you rise up more often than you sink in life."

Everyone smiles in the same language.

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