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9/2/11 8:35 P

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I have a couple of thoughts.
- one, I am assuming that you are still being followed by your oncologist - ask him/her or talk with your primary care provider - because you want to make sure anything organic is ruled out.

- two, I am wondering if you are simply 'deconditioned' and as you continue to work out your fatigue will go away. You don't mention what you are doing - but you may be to aggressive and actually do too much.

Those are two thoughts I had - after reading your post.

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9/2/11 2:57 P

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I'm sorry to hear about your lack of energy. That's gotta be rough. The only thing I can suggest is power through, encourage yourself and even though you are tired and don't want to do, or think that you can't do it, do it anyway. it will start to come back.

I don't share this issue at all. I lost 70 lbs in 4 months from cancer before my diagnosis. After a long year of chemo and a stem cell transplant, I had lost just about every muscle strength possible. Walking to the bathroom would wear me out and picking up the milk carton took all the strength I had. My husband didn't like that so he made me go to the gym with him. I was angry with him and cursed his name the entire time we were at the gym. At first I would just walk from car to the gym, but after a while I was able to walk on the treadmill too, then I picked up some 5lb weights and started doing those. I've only been 10 months out of the hospital and now I'm running 4 miles/day. I feel great and strong.

I know that you can feel great too. Please please just power through it. Think that the first two weeks of not giving in to your tiredness will be the hardest, but having cancer was even harder, and you got through that! Your strength and energy will come back.

BTW - congratulations on making it 4 years. That's something I can only dream about at this point. Stay strong!

~~ Ellie from Ridgecrest, CA
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9/2/11 12:46 P

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I have been cancer free(hodgkin lymphoma) for about four years now. Although my energy has come back I still feel my body is fighting me. During my cancer bout I had lost over 40lbs only to gain it all back and than some. I have been struggling to lose weight and feel comfortable with my body. It has been really tough just to find what feels comfortable for my body to respond to weight lost. I eat healthy but sometimes I feel imbalance, either I am eating too much or not enough. My body reacts to everything, sugar, salt, certain foods, and excercise. Either it is too much or not enough. When I excercise the next day I am severly fatigue, and there is no way I can excercise. Sometimes I am fustrated because my body will not respond the way I want it. Do anybody have this problem? If I do a little excercise I feel it is not enough but if I do 60 minutes of excercise my body tell me I am doing too much. I have over a 100lbs to lose and my body respond better with healthy eating and excersise. Do anybody still feel fatigue especially after so many years , especially when you excercise the day before? I feel extremely exhausted and I can barely walk with out pain. I can deal with the pain but the exhaustion prevent me from wanting to do anything. I just thought after four years I should be pretty much in good shape, or is it something else.

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