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10/29/13 2:49 P

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LINDAF49 emoticon Especially about 'diet names'.
I'm not celiac, however I do try and keep my gluten organic and on the low side. I believe it's very possible for gluten to slowly damage our gut, and we may not know till the damage is done. Just choosing to err on the side of caution.

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10/29/13 2:41 P

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Carol thank you very much for the thoughtful reply. And thank you for your heart of support, it's appreciated emoticon
I brought home some organic foods from Costco a few days back. I always buy their organic olive oil, I will continue to use it, but probably a bit more sparingly now. I have one of those oil misters (see link:
I put my oil in it to help with portion control.
They had some new organic item (new to me) organic sourdough bread in a three pack that needs no refrigeration or freezing. I try to keep my bread intake low (approx. two servings a week). So I hope this stuff does stay fresh in the cupboard for a long time, the package says so, guess I'll see soon enough emoticon
I picked up many other organic items a broccoli cousin, was very good with a bit of vinegar, sweetener and salt and pepper, no oil. Organic cheeses, peanut butter and celery. I was/am (experimenting for the fun of it) trying to see if it is actually possible to eat only organic... I think it is but whoa is it difficult. emoticon

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10/29/13 2:21 P

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I smiled as I watched this video .. yes, this man does not like Olive oil and yes he exaggerates the use of olive oil but be honest in looking at the diet plan
- I'm eating more fruits and veggies than ever in my life.
-I am cutting down my red meats and feeling healthier
-No I don't drink wine - I m dry alcoholic - but I do try to drink small mounts of grape juice often.
-The few grains I eat [I am celiac] are whole and gluten free
-Yes I do use olive oil in small amounts ... NOT pouring it over everything ... and I don't think the diet guidelines tell us to use extra amounts, just to use it in reasonable amounts in place of other saturated fats ... the calories are still there so be reasonable.

Don't worry about names of diets - eat good, whole foods and be healthy. Portion control and EXERCISE are important... not arguments about oils!

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10/29/13 2:03 P

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SHAWN- I would like to apologize to you for making you think I was negating anything you said or felt about this video, As I admitted, I did not watch all of it, but I by no means meant to insult your opinion of the video, which you had obviously watched and thought about much more thoroughly than I did. I really meant to be supportive because I thought you might have made the post because you were following this diet and the video might have made you think you were doing the wrong thing. We can find all points of view on the internet and I think that's what makes it such a wonderful tool. It gets us all to thinking about what we believe and gets us sharing our viewpoints with others who think differently. Thank you for posting this video and giving us all a chance to learn!

You are what you believe.
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10/29/13 1:29 P

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"I watched some of the video (had to skip some because it was so terrible) and it was full of inaccuracies."
Well I didn't skip any of the video, and I did not see any inaccuracies. Possibly personal opinions based on first hand experience.

"Just because it's on the internet, doesn't make it true, accurate,etc" Who said it did, not me.

" I think you have to look at what works for you- and not be swayed by every schuckster that comes along."
I agree it's best to look at what works for us, that's what I was doing "looking".

I don't even know Jeff Novick, MS, RD, LD, LN, yet I feel deeply uncomfortable reading the negative slurs you used to describe him, seemingly for no other reason than your not caring for his opinions. I would never use such negative terms to describe you or any person, just because I might not care for what they have to say.

Ancel Keys Mediterranean Diet research, 1950's

The CDC Says 33% Of Americans Are Obese; Itís Time To Take Responsibility

"Guess you and I just helped this jerk get whatever he was looking for by watching his video"
I've seen no evidence that would lead me to believe Mr. Novack is a "jerk" or a "schuckster".

Novickís insightful and humorous approach to nutrition and health has helped thousands worldwide make the transition to healthy living. He holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Indiana State University in nutrition, with a minor in exercise science.

Novick serves as Vice President for Executive Health Exams International and lectures at the McDougall Program in Santa Rosa, California and at the Engine 2 Immersion program in Austin, Texas. He is also the Director of Nutrition for the Meals for Health program, which is helping empower low-income families to achieve optimal health.

For almost a decade, Novick served as the Director of Nutrition at the Pritikin Center in Aventura, Florida, and as Vice President of the Board of the Directors for the National Health Association (NHA). He also served as the Director of Health Education for the NHA and as an Adjunct Professor in the School of Health Sciences for Kaplan University.

Novick has taught nutrition classes at Indiana State University, Indiana University Medical School, the University of Miami Medical School and the Florida Academy of Family Physicians. He regularly lectures at medical conferences across the country. While in Indiana, he created and taught the Nutrition Education Initiative, a preventive medicine curriculum for medical doctors, residents and medical students. In recognition of this groundbreaking project, Indianaís governor awarded Novick the Indiana State Public Health Excellence in Health Science Award and Indiana State University awarded him the Graduate-of-the-Last-Decade Award.

He has been interviewed by Newsday, Parade, Menís Health, Shape, Womenís World and has appeared on Fox News, Discovery Health, the Today Show and other media outlets nationwide. He recently appeared in the documentary Processed People and the movie Fatboy, which won the Best Documentary award at the Fort Lauderdale and Queens Film Festivals."

HOPESINGH, it was new and surprising to me, so I thought it may possibly be to others.

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10/29/13 6:52 A

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Just because it's on the internet, doesn't make it true, accurate,etc. I watched some of the video (had to skip some because it was so terrible) and it was full of inaccuracies. Did you notice he said "they just poured olive oil over their standard American food?" Then he mentioned data that 33% of Americans are obese- VERY old data! I think you have to look at what works for you- and not be swayed by every schuckster that comes along. So much of what's on the internet is put there for shock value- or to just attract viewers- which may be accompanied by "fame" for the high number of viewers or even monetary gain from the ads. Guess you and I just helped this jerk get whatever he was looking for by watching his video. emoticon

I think the Mediterranean Diet is a very healthy lifestyle. And despite what the idiot in the video says, there's a lot of data that shows it is.


You are what you believe.
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10/29/13 6:47 A

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Nothing new here. Olive oil is not the core of mediterranean diet, we know that. low fat proteins and lots of freggies and legumes are important in that diet, and that is well known as well. And the strange name, "mediterranean", is a gross generalization - quite an obvious fact too.
The guy is right, I just don't see what's shocking or surprising about his speech.
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10/29/13 12:14 A

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This video shocked me. It's about the Mediterranean Diet, which I have been using as a guideline.

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