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6/11/12 2:58 A

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I hope you find your mojo again, it can be tough to get motivated!

A long way to go but keep plodding along, day by day.

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5/25/12 3:29 P

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Sometimes that hill is so slippery that you do roll all the way down. emoticon I wish I could give you a magic potion to stop it. I wish you well. emoticon

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5/25/12 12:14 P

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I have sturggled with the same issue for many years. Through the help from everyone here on SparkPeople, I'm finally learning to handle those time when I feel as though I've fallen and can't get up. Another Spark Member has a saying "if you get a flat tire you don't go and poke holes in the other three tires, you fix the one flat and move on." I love this analogy, it helps me to realize that one "bad"choice does not ruin the entire day or plan. Also, I think about when my kids were babies, first learning to walk.... when they fall down, I still cheered them on, helped them up and encouraged them to take another step. We would never tell our children or anyone else, "Oh you fell, you should give up"... They keep trying until they're finally off and running. Well, we are the same, one baby step at a time we can achieve our goals. Even if you roll all the way to the bottom of the hill... pick yourself up and try again. Then the next time, and there will be a next time, you'lll be able to stop yourself half way down the hill. It gets easier when you're no so hard on your self. Sometimes we make mistakes. We make bad choices. That doesn't make as bad people. Be kinder to yourself, and it will be easier to forgive those occassional slips,

Progress, not an Perfection....
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5/25/12 12:14 P

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I use to do that but then I started giving into when I have a craving for something I would eat it. I found that by doing this I would get rid of the craving by only eating a small amount (when I use to not do this and finally gave into the craving I fell off and into a hole), now by doing it this way, I just record the oops and continue the way I should be doing.

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5/25/12 11:24 A

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I also don't have that as often as I used to. But something that I do struggle with now is when I put a lot of effort in and I don't see any results, I get this huge wave of disappointment flood over me and it feels very heavy and depressing. I don't like it. It is like a feeling of hopelessness, that no matter what my efforts are, things just aren't working out. So I feel like giving up completely. I don't give up, but my heart isn't into it, and I feel that my attitude is not good. I find it hard to pull myself out of this - and it lasts more than a day, unfortunately.

“Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles…. it empties today of its strength.”

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5/25/12 10:31 A

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I haven't gone off the wagon, in the past I might have just stopped paying attention, but since being here I haven't stopped at all. I do not deprive myself of anything. I still have ice cream and chocolate, I just make sure it's the good stuff and not the cheap stuff. I have chocolate and vanilla for breakfast most mornings, in the form of Greek yogurt and chocolate cream cheese spread on English muffins. I find it helps to allow myself to have anything I want as long as it's within my calorie allotments for that day and if I go over the calories, I don't sweat it, I can always do better tomorrow. Not letting anything be on the "do not eat" list helps, but I avoid trigger foods like prepackaged cookies because I know I'll eat the whole bag. That doesn't mean I never eat a cookie, just when I have the option of only having one, like at a party or sampling them at the store.

An excuse is just a challenge to figure out how to do something different.

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5/25/12 7:37 A

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One thing I have learned is sometimes there are chemical reactions going on in your body that cause those cravings and if you can eliminate some of them one at a time it helps more than you know to stop the craving. The one I fight most now is boredom and mindless eating. I have cut out all sugar and artificial sweeteners except stevia. I also had a sleep study done and I now sleep with a cpap machine. The minute I started sleeping well my weight started to come off. Not sleeping well causes higher cortisol levels and your energy is down so your body thinks it needs fuel. I am not a Dr. This has been my experience and I hope this helps somebody else

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5/25/12 6:21 A

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Yes,I also have had that problem,but I now have it less and less.
It depends on the days (PMS just plays with my emotions).
I think it is a process and the more times you can stop yourself from rolling all the way down,the less it will happen.
There are good articles for emotional eating and on how to not give up on this site,when you get that urge,you could read about it until it passes(if possible).
Or you can blog about your feelings and see if you can't get through it without eating.
Good luck!
emoticon emoticon

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5/25/12 3:34 A

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In the past when I was on a diet I had to follow my eating program faithfully. One little bite of chocolate could ruin everything, make me feel a complete failure and compel me to stop my efforts. After falling off the wagon it was impossible to go back on. That doesn't happen any more. If I slip and fall, I get up, brush myself off and start all over. So far so good.

What troubles me though is that when I fall, I find it impossible to stop until I have rolled down all the way to the bottom of the hill. I know the psychology behind this behavior. When I eat something I shouldn't have, I still feel I have ruined, if not my entire program (as I used to feel in the past) then my efforts for the day. It feels that I have given up too much (my expectation to lose a pound the next few days for instance) for too little in return (too little satisfying food). So in order to do the most out of this bad bargain, I go on eating searching at least for that feeling of satiety, hoping it will outweigh the feeling of loss. (It never does) I know all this. I'm even aware of it as it is happening .A small voice behind my head keeps describing to me what I'm doing and the reason I'm doing it - to no avail. When it starts it's as if I have set in motion an old vinyl record. It won't stop until I have listened to all of it.

Has anybody got the same problem? Has anybody managed to wean himself / herself off the habit?

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