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9/28/13 5:29 P

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Oh, ladies, it's nice to know I'm not the only one w/dr issues! I though maybe it was just me, imagining things!

I used to see a rheum, neuro (some of them help fm), chiro, etc. hubby's insurance changed last year & I lost all but my PCP. I've been relying on him to help me, but I feel like he's tired of dealing w/me. I have more than fm, but fm is definitely the most frustrating! I've had so many offices tell me their drs don't treat fm. It's just too "complicated" & they don't have the time. What did they go to school for!!! Apparently just to have "easy" patients that have easy 15 min appts, & only come in for colds. I live very near Chicago, so you'd think there'd be someone here who handled this! I tried a fm clinic, & the guy was a quack! Scary thing now is that he sits on the advisory staff for one of the major fm sites. He just wanted to do injections, have me but his videos, etc., & come to his office twice a week for therapy. Uhhhh, no! Also tried the pain mgmt clinic route. "Here, sign this contract & we'll get you some codeine." Again, no!

My current neuro won't treat fm but gave me a list of drs who do. I contacted one & have to call back on Mon, but she's a physiatrist. Why does it seem that every physiatrist wants to do injections or "specializes in injections"? I want to find someone who can treat the core prob, not just throw a bunch of pills at me & hope they work. My PCP also suggested I find a psychiatrist who does psychopharmacology to check all 29 of my daily pills & see if there's a better option. So far, they're not accepting new patients, don't do the med thing like that, or won't take my ins ! The one who did, didn't have an appt until after Christmas! So in the meantime , I stay depressed, anxious, sleepless, & hurt? Sounds wonderful! Yikes!

Has ANYONE been satisfied w/ANY type of dr out there? My PCP has me looking into the psych dr, a fibro " specialist" (whoever that is), & also get a sleep study done (which ins won't cover). I'm lost. Wish I knew a dr as a friend to ask for a real recommendation. I think my PCP is just scared of me now. (He's been a jerk lately anyway)

Any thoughts? Anyone??? (Message me if you're more comfortable)

Good luck to everyone!

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9/27/13 9:50 P

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Sad that it's still like this, when there is now definitive proof that we're not making things up!... The rheumatologist who diagnosed me when back to his homeland... and the one I have now agrees I have it but says that other than cortisone shots and monitoring my "situation", there's nothing he can do for me. My PCP takes care of my pain issues...*sigh*

"The real secret of success is enthusiasm..." thanks, Walter P. Chrysler. I believe it. That's what I want in my life--to give my imagination a chance, to live with energy and enthusiasm!
P.S. I looked up enthusiasm, and it says the root words mean God within... interesting...!

Ralph Waldo Emerson said 'Life belongs to the energetic.' But you don't have to be frenetic and hyper--some energy is quiet and steady, like a heartbeat... and that works too! LOL

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9/27/13 5:28 P

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I have been trying for years to find someone who specializes in Fibromyalgia. Some say it should be physiatrist, but the ones in my area specialize within their specialty. Like they only treat the cervical spine. My family doctor was the one who diagnosed me a long time ago, because no one else knew what to do. Her daughter has Fibro so after talking with me for just a few minutes she knew what it was. She took care of me, but it was really only writing prescriptions after we found something I wasn't allergic to. She closed her office a few months ago, so now I need a family doctor and lost the only one who understood what fibro was. I did finally find a doctor at a pain center who said she would try to treat me. Their website even said they took fibromyalgia patients. What she does is injections, and I can't get her beyond my cervical spine. I have had injections, some of which worked for a couple of weeks on the specific place where she did the injection. All of the injections she did were for my cervical spine (I had a fusion in 2008) and they are telling me all the pain in my head, neck, shoulders and arms is because the discs above the fusion have to work harder. No one said anything about that when I had the fusion and I bet the surgeon would say that's not why I have this pain, I have it because I have fibro. She recently sent me to PT, of course the script was treatment for the cervical spine. The PT did this amazing thing to my head today, she was actually moving bones in my neck and my head. She said they were all stuck. It did loosen up the tightness in the back of my head and I am grateful for that, but it's still the same old thing "what about the rest of me". I am sure my shoulders are locked up and well as everything else. The PT is only going to treat my cervical spine, in another week I will be doing aquatic therapy. I guess since she is only treating my cervical spine, I will have to wear some kind of snorkeling mask and put my head under water. It just makes no sense.

I actually called a hospital once to try to find a doctor that treated fibro and he told me there really weren't any because not very many people had it. I told him millions of people have it.

I wish some doctors would take an interest in fibro and realize they would be millionaires if they came up with something that worked, but it just seems no one is interested. I have been to a lot of pain doctors too who have told me they don't treat it.

It's really frustrating trying to explain what is wrong, especially when it changes hour to hour, day to day, month to month etc. It seems to scare them to death when you fill in the page with a figure of the human body and you have to mark where it hurts and what kind of pain it is.

I hope you all have a good weekend and are able to find someone to make the pain go away for a little while. I just got a lot of flower bulbs to plant and this takes my mind off of it and I can escape for a little while.

Take Care,

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9/26/13 8:26 A

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My therapist demanded I see a doctor and get checked for Fibromyalgia. Yeah my therapist. I seen a doctor and he did the physical and said there was nothing wrong with me. Brought the news to my therapist and he said get a second opinion. So I found another doctor he said he couldn't diagnosis me, but he set me up with a doctor that could. After seeing that doctor he disagreed with the first doctor and said there was no way that I didn't have it. If it weren't for that therapist's demand for me to get checked out for it I don't think I would ever have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.


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9/25/13 8:34 P

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My Family Practice Dr. is the one I still go to. He seems to understand but I also ask him for the appropriate or current treatment. I haven't asked him for a referral but I do know there are specialists in my area.

As far as the exempt cash payment, I haven't heard of that either!! Sad they are reverting to that. but you will soon be able to get insurance with no riders on it. You can not be denied insurance for any reason. Hang in there!! Work with Aleve or Advil (generics) if you can as they are good anti-inflammatory meds.


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With God all things are possible.

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9/25/13 2:58 P

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This isn't how I found the right doctor but happened to me yesterday. I'm still searching for the "right"doctor. I lost my insurance about 3 years ago. Due to fibromyalgia, I can not get insurance. I called this doctor office that has many doctors working there. They are supposed to be the BEST. When. I told the receptionist that I didn't have insurance, she said,"we don't except cash pay patients". Here I am with fibro, wanting to get better, but because of fibro can't get insurance and because I don't have insurance, I can't see the best doctors in my area. This is totally messed up!

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9/25/13 9:22 A

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I've been searching high and low for a doctor in my area that embraces both western and eastern treatments for Fibromyalgia. However, during my search yesterday, I was flabbergasted!

Of those I spoke with, they 1) wanted to shoot me full of injections, 2) dope me on medications, 3) don't "do" FMS.

Wait!? What was that last one?

You read that right... I called rheumatologists in my are and was told "We don't 'do' Fibromyalgia." When I asked if they knew anyone, they said "No, but why don't you do a web search."

Seriously!?! Duh! Why didn't I think of that? I mean... I do SEO (search engine optimization) for a living... Ha! (Ok, ending sarcasm here.)

Have any of you found the same stupid responses and, more importantly, how did you find the right doctor?

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