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5/27/12 1:08 P

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Interesting idea...

I DO have peripheral neuropathy, with an atypical pattern (hands are worse than feet!) and it is associated with abnormal heat and cold responses, tingling, itching, burning, pins and needles, numbness... the symptoms are made worse by various nutritional deficiencies.

...but I don't think I've ever heard of any kind of neuropathy that causes the widespread aching that is one of the most prevalent fibromyalgia symptoms... that just isn't what nerve damage feels like, at least in my book... lol

My neurologist told me that the numbness and burning in extremities is because the nerves are only getting partial signals to send the blood back to the heart, and it slows the circulation and reduces the amount of oxygen that gets to the cells there... so they either "complain", screaming to the brain that something is wrong, (the itching, burning etc) or they shut down... and eventually, if nothing changes, the nerve cells will die from lack of oxygen, sometimes before they reproduce-- and if there aren't enough left viable to regenerate when needed... well, you can imagine. Scary stuff...

I am seeing my neurologist in a week or two... this SFN thing might be worth asking about...
but with the fibrofog, maybe I should go and write this down! LOL

Thanks for the little snack--aka food for thought!... lol

Kathy emoticon emoticon

"The real secret of success is enthusiasm..." thanks, Walter P. Chrysler. I believe it. That's what I want in my life--to give my imagination a chance, to live with energy and enthusiasm!
P.S. I looked up enthusiasm, and it says the root words mean God within... interesting...!

Ralph Waldo Emerson said 'Life belongs to the energetic.' But you don't have to be frenetic and hyper--some energy is quiet and steady, like a heartbeat... and that works too! LOL

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5/27/12 1:48 A

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I have be diagnosed with a probable FMS. After years of thinking that maybe I was going crazy it has come down to this. I have been very proactive never giving up on the quest to gain more knowledge about what may be happening to me. I have been reading more & more information about small fiber neuropathy & how it may be mistaken for FMS or how FMS could actually be just small fiber neuropathy. I was curious to find out if anyone else has any information on this. The information that I have been reading about is that SFN is hard to detect, the conventional test aren't able to pick it up. I am very interested in learning more thanks!

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