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4/23/12 12:42 A

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I agree, this is not right to pigeon hole and label us incorrectly. It is a social problem of misunderstanding compounded by syndromes of physically painful patterns.

I seem to have missed the point by not being familiar with this web site; I got onto this topic as an after thought. Do you have a link to this article? What is DMS; Department of Medical Services? Whenever doctors cannot properly define a condition; ‘idiosyncratic’ phrases get selected. There are real physical causes; repetitive use of inflammatory things; redundant eating of unknown intolerance in certain foods, bad reactions to medicine or extra things in them; artificial ingredients in many soap/shampoos make-ups colognes and cleaning products. All of these things compound the vicious cycle of hidden swellings and the following pains.

The liver and other body filters work hard but sometimes they are overwhelmed. I have cut my pain way-way down by not eating foods or using products that hurt or promote hidden inflammation. My myofascial triggers are defused with the use of clean whole food; additive-free medicines, sometimes I only use compounded prescription types of medicine; and pharmaceutical ‘grade of quality’ vitamins minerals and enzymes. These are sound steps to recovery from serious inflammation bouts, as well as pain-free clean (little to no inflammatory effects) in my daily use health and beauty products.

I support with nutritional support taken a few times each day; Malic acid and “B” vitamins; I do this with capsule a complete complex of “B” vitamins; especially additional “B1-B5 and B12”. These and obscure minerals like extra molybdenum and vanadium all work to off set those bodily trigger responses. My daily doses of probotics of billions per day have rebuilt my gut’s ability to strengthen my immune system. My intestines are stronger to make more vitamin “K”. I can do this because I no longer have the interference of IBS or gut holes. I take fewer risks that sabotage the newly rebuilt gut balance the doctor and I have repaired. I will not risk destruction of that balance. A stronger gut means better health. I can avoid the need for doctor prescribed broad spectrum antibiotics. Those antibiotics kill gut flora, as well as the bacterial pests that require antibiotic warfare. Stop making the pain by changing habits in various ways of prevention through; inflammation control, serious nutritional support of both essential and often the ones called non-essential supplements, and being aware of hormone cycling which weakens the immune system 2 out of every 4 week (28 day) cycling. I prepare for this shift and treat myself differently during this weaker 2 weeks time. Stressfully fast or slow and natural aging is accompanied by reduction in the body’s hormone making factories. This must be seen to by a physician with know-how and the rest do fall into comfortable place. No pain prescriptions; only pharmaceutical quality ingredients taken here.

It IS an issue of mind over matter; but it is not only that! Fibromyalgia symptoms are the results of aging; also from nutritionally poor diet; but mostly by not compensating for the stress versus energy limits modern man is ignoring in an artificial world. All that artificial crud of: colors/ flavors/ sweeteners/ thickeners and fillers/ fake and nutritionally weak food fats and oils; these things strain the liver and backup as microscopic crud under the skin. It is interesting that this crud does stick around; the liver does not know where to put it because they do not seem to leave via the normal waste channels. In this world of artificial things the doctors refuse to point to the true facts and believe recovery is possible through clean restful wholesome solutions instead of ‘there must be a drug for this?’

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4/20/12 2:21 P

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Thanks for the info, Martha.

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4/18/12 10:17 P

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Sharecare fibromyalgia expert Celeste Cooper warns about the recommended changes to the DSM V.  "Why should we be concerned? Because of the broad criteria proposed in the CSSD, just about any painful condition could be considered a psychiatric disease.  The lack of focus on objective assessment of comorbid conditions in the proposed criteria for FM, and ignoring the need for a physical assessment of tenderness or the presence of palpable myofascial trigger points will easily allow FM to fall into the category of hypochondria."  (Used globally, DSM V is the planned fifth edition of the American Psychiatric Association's (APA)  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.)  Celeste's article for the NFMCPA "We're on the Edge - and It's Not Glory"  calls for action in the fight for all people with disorders that could fall into the CSSD (Complex Somatic Symptom Disorder) for DSM-5 classification.

Sharecare  is an interactive, social Q&A platform designed to greatly simplify the search for quality healthcare information and help consumers live their healthiest life. Sharecare is enlisting the nation’s leading health experts, care providers, organizations, and brands to join the health and wellness conversation and empowering users with high-quality, relevant answers to their health questions from multiple expert perspectives and with interactive health and wellness tools to take action on what they’ve learned.

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