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8/17/10 11:55 P

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I really and truly haven't forgotten you ladies! I might get on SP 5 minutes a day. :( It'll all calm down soon, it's just one HUGE adjustment period. It all started with me trying to get my financial aid worked out college. I'm technically a student at a 4 year university in concurrent enrollment with our local community college. Since I have no courses at the 4 year this semester, they have to have consortium agreements between the two schools. Basically it states for Financial Aid that I'm a student at one college and will get my financial aid through that school, however, the money will be sent on to me, minus that schools fees to pay the school I'm actually taking classes at. (confused yet?)Anyways, our community colleges are set up in a universal system. I have 5 courses, two physical and 3 online. 2 of my online are technically at another community college in the system. THEY are the ones giving me fits about paying my tuition up front no matter that I have NO INCOME and am getting a full Financial Aid. Anyways...this was ONE WEEK BEFORE CLASSES START. Massive stress and panic attacks. So instead of eating myself out of house and home. (I haven't really been good at doing it healthy, however, I am proud to say I haven't went NUTS like normal under such duress.) I decided to put my nerves to different use and started re-arranging my entire house. My son's room wasn't just his bedroom. We also had our computers in there. I had a huge office desk in the kitchen (no kitchen table, to be rectified soon.) and our coffee table in the bedroom because my son had a HUGE ball pit in the living room. Needless to say, the computers came out of his room, 3 desks got whittled down to two, his stuff is all in his room now and our bedroom is sans living room furniture. OH and our kitchen is minus an old desk. SO, then I pretty much get the financial aid stuff settled. I should get it within the next couple of weeks. School starts yesterday. I have 5 classes, no books because I have to get my financial aid to get them, and wasn't made aware of this until last week as well. AND I have to take my son to Nashville (2 hours away high way travel) to see a pediatric allergist to be tested to see if he has allergies that is causing his severe asthma attacks. (last one was in may and he was hospitalized overnight because he was breathing so badly. He was under a croup tent and all.) So hopefully soon, it'll calm down enough. I'm praying anyways.
OH and I have to observe 5 class blocks, of a minimum of 15 hours. For two of my classes. So that's minimum of 30 hours of observing classes from preschool to 12th grade. This could get interesting....

OH and it's my pre-TOM weight gain bonanza (you guys remember the awesome 1 week 11lb weight gain) I'm only 1lb heavier than I was 2 weeks ago. BOOYAH, so maybe I have lost something afterall? *L* I doubt it!

I hope to talk to you ladies soon!

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8/17/10 2:48 P

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Despite the schedule change, I managed to walk to the bus stop this morning. It's not Monday anymore so I'm feeling pretty happy about that.

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8/17/10 10:22 A

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Good morning! School started yesterday so at least I know where one of my kids is 7 hours a day. lol The other 2 really need GPS locators. emoticon

Barb - Welcome to the group. We do keep losing people around here but every now and then we get a couple of new faces.

I had a fantastic run Sunday evening. I went 4 miles in 36:14. It was an awesome feeling, especially the look on my husband's face when he saw my time. teehee I love competition. I was planning on running this morning but my youngest had a terrible night sleeping. Not sure what's up with him since he has always been a fantastic sleeper. Guess I'll fit the run in this afternoon. My eating has been fine. Now that I am in maintenance mode I have been toying with my food a little and trying to find a balance in my carb intake. I actually haven't felt too good on the days that I have increased my carbs specifically for a run. I'm going to talk to my 2 sports/nutritian friends this week and get their help and input. Alright, off to make some breakfast for the littlest ones. Have a great day!

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8/17/10 8:21 A

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Good Morning fellow "Sparkers". Woke up to a beautiful sun rise and for the first time in many days the heat and humidity is gone (for now). Really enjoyed my first cup of coffee this AM. Been drinking it warm not hot because of the weather.......I know that may sound silly to some of you, but I really like coffee (black) and when I couldn't drink it hot it just wasn't the same. Going to make the best of today.......putts in the garden, just some flowers to work with. Would like to grow some veggies, just haven't figured out were I could put a plot. Will go for a walk later and grill out for dinner (chicken breasts and Italian sausages (a weakness of mine) I only grill the sausages so it's a fair weather treat. So much for me and my day ...
what's everybody else up to?

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