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6/30/10 10:44 P

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Hey peeps:) I've got to catch up on comments. I'm thinking of ALL of you daily, just haven't had time to really get online and find out what everyone is up to. I did lose another lb. last Fri. but ate a steak dinner for my 30th HS reunion on Sat. and ENJOYED EVERY BITE:) We'll see what happens this week as I'm not planning very well. Tmw is another day..right? My mother is in town for the 4th and I may not get a chance to post. I'll be back in full force next Tues. Have a wonderful LONG weekend!!

Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles, and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.
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6/30/10 5:56 P

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I have just a couple of minutes. I have a house full of sick kids. My oldest has strep, my youngest daughter has an ear infection, and my little boy had 3 immunizations this morning and he is not feeling well either. Good times! NOT! My oldest also had her physical and the Dr is worried about her weight loss. She is down 16 lbs in one year. She weighed in at 112 today. She is 5'9"!!! We have to keep a food journal for the next 2 weeks. The crazy thing is is that she eats a lot and often. She eats pretty healthy. He thinks that she may be one of the lucky few who burns more carlories than the typical person when she plays a sport. He said there is a good chance that she is burning 2500+ calories per volleyball practice or game. Nothing else to report. I will read up on everyone and hopefully reply tonight after the kids have settled in for the night.

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6/30/10 8:58 A

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Yeah I had to come back to it a few times before I understood it too. So don't feel bad, Ginger. It's actually not bad. I'll be on level 2 today. It will have to wait until this afternoon though. I have to take my son to a movie this morning with my niece and then we get to take her home an hour away. So when I get back from that, I'll be working out.

Ginger, I definitely understand how hard it is to work out in the humidity! I live in the south. I'm tired of not walking because of the heat and not being able to get someone who can help me watch my son, so I think we're going to do it at the mall. :) I can take his stroller and we can just huff and puff until the cows come home (namely me. :P) OH and don't you DARE despair over ONLY .5 pound loss. That half pound is OUT of there! If you think of it, that's 8 oz of butt you no longer have. (that's how I think of it!)

Mitchell, you're doing so good. Why don't you look into your local health club and see if you can get a 5k started?

Well, I have to get going now, I have 30 minutes to get me AND lil man ready to pick up my niece. See you later! :D

Tricky Tracy

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6/30/10 8:21 A

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Thanks Mitchell! For some reason I just couldn't wrap my head around it and I kept reading the page but it just never occurred to me.


Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat. ~Ann Landers

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6/30/10 4:33 A

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Good morning everyone!

Tracy, congrats on the measurements! Woohoo! I'm really glad you're making progress!
I like the thought about the 5k / 1.5 mile walk. I think you should definately try it! Finishing something like that is a great motivational boost! I'm sad there are not so many 5k runs here. I'd really like to try one :)
You're in a sewing club? That's awesome! What is your current project? I always wanted to sew. I crochet and knit and embroider and do some other crafty stuff, but I never had the chance to learn sewing :( My granny was a professional seamstress, but sadly she died when I was little. Someday I have to learn sewing...
Phew I just finished level 7 and it's getting tougher. The push ups work out now, but I get problems with the sit-ups! No wonder, my tummy is far from trained! How felt level 2? Is the jumping part already getting easier? I hope so!

Tricia, I hope you find a way to stay on track and manage the important things before you take off again for visiting your parents! I hate having the feeling that there is not enough time for everything anyway, that keeps me from starting, too.

Ginger, congrats on your weight loss! Loss is a loss. You can be proud anyway!
I know, I know, the page is irritating. I had a hard time, too! I'll try to explain it to you, if you like! I need to know how old you are exactly? I think I remember you're between 31 and 35?! That would mean your goal is to reach level 26.
You do the exercises indicated under chart 1. You start with level 1 and you do EACH level of the first chart (level 1-12) for 2 days. So when you're level one you do the first four exercises in a total of 2 minutes! (sounds fast, but is doable). You don't do as much as you can, you try to do the repititions indicated for level one: exercise 1: 3 repititions, exercise 2: 4 repititions, exercise 3: 5, exercise 4: 24 and so on. The blue number under the repitions is for the time. So you should do 4 partial sit ups in 2 minutes and 4 chest and leg raises in 1 minute and so on... The second day you do exactely the same and on the thrid day you move on to level two. The time limit for the exercises stays the same, but you have to do more repitions (second line in the chart). Oh gosh, it's hard to explain by writing it down! Was that ANY help? I'd totally understand if you're still or even more irritated!

I'll have breakfast now and study after that! Have a great day everyone!

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