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6/29/10 6:31 P

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I have been so busy! I meant to get on here this morning and I started to type out a message and then everyone got up and life ran off with me. I am currently waiting for my buddy to meet me at Starbucks. She's trying weight loss with me. I took the kids and DH to see Toy Story 3 today. Oh my heck I was crying buckets. It's was so sweet and heartwarming.
I have lost a half pound this week. I could have done better and was all ready to add the dreaded "only" in front of that half pound, but it's better a loss than a gain!

Mitchell - I looked at this website and totally didn't understand what I was supposed to be doing. LOL I assumed I should have been doing all I could for a minute or whatever. BTW, I love love love those push-ups and the part that said you should "get up in whatever way possible" LOL If someone can explain a little better, I'll take a mulligan and try again.

Tracy - !!!!! SO Happy for you!!! I am so inspired by your commitment. I have a C25K app on my iPhone and I have been SLOWLY trying it out. It's rough. I live uphill from everything and well, the attic/treadmill/running/95% humidity... it's not working so good.

Zoe - hope the dentist goes well. I know how scary it can be. I used to wear my headphones to the dentist all the time to block everything out. Have fun on your trip and take lots of pictures.

Shelly - I am glad you had a great time on vacation. I am sure next week you'll lose 2 pounds so you can tell us how great you did. :)

Tricia - I wish I were doing great with fitness! I have to force myself to get out and do something. Great job!


Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat. ~Ann Landers

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6/29/10 4:41 P

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Hey everyone, feels like it's been a long time! I'm happy to be home from a brutally hot weekend in the sun for my kids' track meet, but I came home just in time to start my summer quarter classes, and we leave again to go visit my parents on Thursday. With all the running around, I've been struggling to keep on track. I know I went over calories/fat this weekend at least once, and I haven't been doing so great with fitness. I'm trying to stay on track while we're home this week, but it's hard. I'm exhausted and have tons of homework already. It's hard to prioritize, knowing that there just isn't time for everything. I'm looking forward to this trip, but I'm also looking forward to getting back home with no travel plans so I can get back into a routine.

Mitchell- I'm glad you're enjoying your workout. Good for you! And I hope that 19 mile hike goes well!

Tracy - Excellent goal with the 5K. I'm planning to go walking tonight, and I'll probably mix in some intervals of speed walking or light jogging to up the burn. Good luck to you!

Shelly - glad to hear that you did okay this weekend and that you had an enjoyable time. 1.5 lbs isn't too bad!

Zoe - have fun with your family and enjoy your 4th!


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6/29/10 1:11 P

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So I did the xbx work out again today. Based on my age I had to do level 1 again. Tomorrow I get to move up to level 2. I also did the week 6 challenge that She-Ra put up. I didn't think that 30 squats could be felt so soon. Well, yeah...they're felt! *L* I'm going to do the crunches later today. Then start my modified c25k. Which for this bit is going to be walking a normal pace alternating with brisk walking for 20 minutes. When that feels easy, I'll be upping the ante. :) Eventually I'll be doing the c25k. And I am going to participate in that 5k run/1.5 mile walk that's being hosted by our local Relay for Life. :)

Tricky Tracy

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6/29/10 1:06 P

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Alright ladies, I got on the scale this morning. I gained 1 1/2 lbs. I'm not upset about it at all. I didn't work out at all on this vacation despite bringing my gear with me. And I didn't eat as well as I had been, not terrible but not as good. Its all good.

We stayed in the most incredible house. My new SIL's parents own it as a vacation/rental home. There were 17 of us staying in this house. The basement was a giant rec room with couches, poker room, tvs, beds, pool table, ping pong table and a hot tub. We sent all the big kids, ages 8-20 down there. We almost never saw them unless they came up for food. It was hot and humid and rained almost every night

Yes our weight loss was noticed. Especially by my FIL. He's awesome that way in general. Lots of questions about how we were doing it, what we were eating, etc. As I anticipated the one couple (BIL & SIL) were negative. But I was quick to be insulting back, just once.

The wedding was gorgeous! I have a new SIL who is amazing. And she has the greatest name in the world, its the same as mine and my other SIL. Go figure. lol

Ok, I need to go for now. I have lots to get unpacked and washed and all the other stuff that goes with it. I will talk with you all later this evening.

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6/29/10 9:59 A

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Welcome back, Shelly! Glad you're home safe and sound. When are you putting pictures up on your spark page? Was your family astounded at your progress? Details, girl!

Mitchell and Tracy - I just looked at the link to the XBX. I guess an advantage of being so old is that I would only have to go to level 11 LOL. I don't think I could keep up with the time restraints but they do look like basic exercises that would be good to do anyway. I know I need to do something else besides walking and stretching; I've been ignoring the fitness page except for that.

Well, ladies, I am putting the final touches on my suitcase and the shuttle picks me up tomorrow morning at 5:40am. I will be with family for 4th of July and I'm so excited. It's been two years since we were all together. I know I'll be able to walk, but will really have to watch what I eat.

Bad news is that I have a crown on one of my molars that is getting more and more heat/cold/pressure sensitive. Before I leave town and especially before I leave the country, I need to make sure it's ok. I have dentist phobia and am sitting here with stomach upset waiting until I have to go. I hope it's something not too painful. I'll come back and let you guys know.

Other than that, have a great Tuesday!

Merry Christmas!

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6/29/10 8:53 A

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Morning everyone!

So last night I did my monthly measurements. I lost 2 inches overall. .5 in my waist, .5 in my neck, .5 in my thigh, and .5 in my upper arms. :) That's so awesome. And to have only had a 2.3 TOTAL loss for the month, I'm pretty amazed by the size loss. But I'll take it and run around the block with it.

Ok, so I'm thinking of doing something rather bold. Our town is hosting a 5k run or 1.5 mile walk for Relay for Life. I'm thinking of doing it. I am not even caring if I place, I don't think I will, but I do want to finish it. I might just do the 1.5 mile walk. Which I'll be happy with. But I want to shoot for the 5k. So starting today, I'll be doing a C25K challenge. I will decide closer to the date if I'll be doing the 5k or the 1.5 mile walk. I have several friends who are doing it. One is my REAL LIFE inspiration! She lost 125lbs because she was done being the fat girl. She used Livestrong instead of here though. STILL she's awesome. As a matter of fact...I need to add her to my motivational collage. I'm still making that by the way. I'm trying to find the perfect things to put into what and where I want to be when I get where I want.


Shelly! Glad you're back. I'm glad that you had a good time. And I'm sorry that you felt like you needed to eat the stuff left in your room. I'd have packed it up and brought it home with me. OR if that wasn't possible, I'd have put a note on it for the housekeeper to put it in the employee break room. Then if she decided to toss it, oh well, that is her doing it, not you. BUT as I've been figuring out, this is a very mental challenge we've put ourselves in, and we have to change a lot of our thinking habits in order for this to be something permanent.

Mitchell, I'm still on level 1. I'm supposed to do every level for 2 days in chart 1. So I'll be doing that today as well as my first day of c25k training tonight after my sewing club meeting. I'm going to see if my girlfriend will want to come with me, since she's in the 5k thing too. :)

I'll check back later on today! :D

Tricky Tracy

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6/29/10 4:01 A

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Good morning ladies!

Tracy, I'm glad you did it! Yay! :) You're right. The hopping is hard for me, too. Today I'm supposed to hop 20 times, I don't know how that is going to work out. My knees sound terrible while jumping but I feel no pain. Anyway I'll go see the doctor because I want to go hiking at the end of juli. My bf and I signed up for a hike near his home town to train for the mountain hiking we want to do on our vacation! 19 miles... I need to make sure my knees won't give in. How sad is that? I'm 22 years old and have to ask if I'm able to walk 19 miles :(
I'll try level 6 when I finished this post and I'll report about it later on!

Shelly, I'm so happy that you're back! It was a quiet weekend with so many of us not at home! I'm happy you did fine with the eating. And yesterday? I'm sorry you're feeling bad because of that, but I'm sure you'll be able to train those probably gained pounds away this week!
Perhaps you're wondering what Tracy and I are talking about. I found this training routine this weekend which can be done in only 12-14 minutes and I asked if anyone was interested to try that with me! Here is the link:
[Okay, I don't know why this is, but the "l" belongs to the link.]
Are you perhapy interested? Or is anyone else who wasn't here this weekend? I don't know if thats possible with your bad knee, but it'd be great if you joined in! :)

I'll do my XBX exercises on level 6 now and then I'm going to study a bit. This afternoon is my last practical genetic course and I'm going to walk there again. It's going to be tough though, it is so hot outside! :(

Have a great day everyone!

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