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6/27/10 11:10 A

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BBQ's, beaches - wow, it must be summer! Glad to hear everyone is getting out and enjoying life. Also glad you're feeling better Tracy.

I did a stupid thing last night and it was my(!) idea. My dh, son and I were working on something around the house and I had to run out for a part. It was past dinner time, I was hungry, so I stopped at In-N-Out (Mitchell - it's a hamburger place) for dinner. It tasted wonderful and I even had real Coke - yum! But then about 15 minutes later my stomach started revolting and I had an upset stomach most of the night. Bleh. Why did I do that? Easy - I hadn't planned and shopped ahead, I let myself get too hungry, and old habits are hard to break. But lesson learned and today I am eating better.

Everyone have a great Sunday!

Merry Christmas!

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6/27/10 9:53 A

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Mornin' people!

My stomach is feeling a lot better than yesterday. It's still a little achy (like I got beat up from the inside) but definitely a lot better! My knee is feeling better too, so I can finally start those exercises with you Mitchell. I was holding my son and reaching for something on one leg (stupid I know) and I heard something pop in the back of my knee and it has been giving me fits all weekend. BUT it is feeling stronger and better today, so I'm going to start on those exercises! :D Besides, Sunday sounds like a good day to start anything! Last night my fella and I had a date to go see the premier of "Hell is Full". It's a local movie production company that uses local people to act. So it was a great time. And I love supporting local talents. :)

Mitchell, I'm glad you are having such a good time and you're doing so well with your bbqs. I think that's our hardest hurdle. Eating what you want in the right proportions. I know I'll have that hurdle next weekend as we're having a huge Independence Day celebration at a friend's house. I'm already making my game plan!

Ginger, I'm glad you got a few days to relax from work. :) I was wondering where you were. I hope you guys enjoyed beach.

Tricky Tracy

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6/27/10 7:37 A

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Morning everyone! I had a few days off from work and I didn't get much computer time. It was good though because I got to take the kids to the beach and then lay around and not do anything! lol

I need to run through and catch up on messages but I hope everyone has been doing well.

Mitchell - I hope you have a great time at the BBQ and get at least a small treat. :)


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6/27/10 4:03 A

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Good morning everyone!

Tracy, I'm so sorry to hear about your stomach issues :( I hope you're better now and were able to get a nap yesterday!

Zoe, are you feeling better today? No more aching muscles? I hope so! :)

When I have time and I'm on the computer, our threads are the first places I go to, too. ^^

The bbq on friday night went great, I rode the bike, didn't eat potato chips and only drank 2 beer-lemonade-mixes. Still not the healthiest evening, but I think I can live with that.

Yesterday was a very busy day. I over slept and got in a hurry because I went swimming with some of my friends from 12-6pm. I didn't dare to wear a bikini, although I have plenty of them. For now I was happy with my tankini.

In the evening my family had a bbq and after that I did some exercises and went to bed!

Today I'll try to learn a bit in the morning because I won't be able to study in the afternoon. The game Germany vs. England of the soccer world championship will be this afternoon and I'm meeting all my friends to watch it together outside in a friends garden. And guess what? Right, afterwards there will be ANOTHER bbq. I'm glad there's always salads so I can eat one piece of meat and then fill me up with salads...

What are your plans for today? Can't wait to hear from all of you guys! emoticon

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