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6/20/10 9:23 P

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Shelly-I live in husband and son spent all day in my two year olds pool lol. I'm off to DSW tomorrow to find shoes for a wedding! I'm going all out in some sexy heels...I can't do flats at all! I am going to have to control myself and only get one pair though is so difficult!!!

Zoe-I am originally from PA and I'll tell you what, I don't know how I've gotten used to it either lol but I have. Everything down here is AC so you just make sure on the really really hot days you go from the car to the AC lol ... you get used to it like everything else!

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday! I have off of work tomorrow so my little guy and I are going to do as little as possible (Except workout of coures :) ) Talk to you soon!


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6/20/10 1:12 P

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Tracy and SB, I don't know how you do it with the humidity. Where I live it is very hot but it's a dry heat. We do get "monsoons" in the summer, but even with the thunderstorms, the humidity is still lower than every where else. On the down side, you wrinkle like crazy out here unless you moisturize a lot!

Good job, SB, for breakfast. Eating out is my downfall so i try to avoid it. I have to connect that eating is not a cause for celebration LOL. Breakfast if my favorite eating out meal and if we go to Cracker Barrel, I am all over those grits and bacon and cheesy hash browns - whew, getting hungry just thinking about it! Better off with my granola and fruit that I'm eating as I type this (I know, it's a no no to be on the computer when eating but I can't break that habit yet).

Shelly - can't wait to see the pictures and you are so lucky with your neighbors! My daughter also has to straighten her hair; she got her dad's thick curls not my baby fine thin straight mess.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys their day today!


Merry Christmas!

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6/20/10 10:17 A

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Tracy - The Y is awesome! We have right near our house that I have checked out and they have great facilities. But we have a rec center just as close and just as good facilities and it hardly costs us anything so I couldn't justify the Y. If the rec wasn't here we would have Y.

SB - Congrats on making a great choice for breakfast! That is so hard sometimes. I struggle with that when we eat out. Not that I don't want to make a good choice but sometimes restaurants don't have much in the way of options. Hope you have a great day at work. ICK! lol Where in FL are you?

Yesterday was a blast! My hair looks so much better. Not quite blonde, light brown with some gorgeous highlights. BTW, our neighbors have their own salon and they take good care of us. They are amazing! My oldest is going to be a hair model for them in a couple of weeks and have her hair chemically straightened. She has crazy thick curly coarse hair and always flat irons it. It will be interesting, and FREE!! lol

Anyway, I went to DSW and went shoe shopping after that. I spent almost 2 hours looking at shoes. lol I was looking for flats for the wedding. I hate flats! I love all my heels. This was a hard process for me. I ended up with a cute pair of black sandals that have a series of ruffles across the back of the shoe. Oh and I ended up with 3 pairs of heels too. LOL Turquoise open toed, red stilletos, and a pair of black heels that have a series of straps across the top of the foot and up the ankle. Now I need new clothes to go with them. LOL My knee was throbbing by the time I was done trying on heels. Guess that's my sign that I won't be wearing heels to the wedding but as soon as I am heeled I will be strutting in the new shoes. LOL

Then it was off to my BFF's crawfish boil. I was soooooo bad! I just couldn't pass up any of the food. There was everything from ribs, pulled pork, jambalaya, dirty rice, basil corn, potato salad, dilly salmon, oh my!! I had a nibble of everything. In order to do that I needed 2 trips through the tables. And I swear it was one bite of everything. There was so much food. It was like heaven and a nightmare at the same time. I did pass on the dessert table however. I was so full and I figured I had done enough damage for one day. I got on the scale this morning and I'm up 2.5 lbs. Oops!!! Its ok, I'll work it off and it kind of was worth it this one time.

Oh I did get pictures taken and I will post those up later today. Have a great day! Happy Father's Day to all your kids Daddies out there.

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6/20/10 9:08 A

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Good Morning Ladies! I just have to share that we just came back from Bob Evans for breakfast...normally I would eat the strawberry cream cheese crepes....mmmmmm yum...but I was very proud of myself (and my husband for pointing it out to me) when I ordered a low fat alternative with pecans, blueberrys, cranberries bananas and yogurt. I left still very full and's always nice to be able to eat out and feel good about it afterwards! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, I will be working all day so my boys are home enjoying this beautiful Florida day without me :( But you have to do what you have to do right!!!

Tracy, the YMCA is a perfect place (and air conditioned) to work out! I hope it works out for you! I have one right around the corner, but I do all my working out in my house with my 2 year old lol! Enjoy your day!

6/20/10 8:25 A

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Morning ladies!

I hope everything has gone well for you guys last night. The wedding I went to was beautiful, even if it was so hot the devil would sweat. Today we're just having an easy going day. I think I might make some homemade pancakes for my boyfriend today in honor of Father's Day. :) On his dresser he has 3 books and a coffee mug that lil man colored for him. :) I'm sure he'll love it. :) I'm going to check on a membership to our local YMCA. If nothing else I can't use this heat as an excuse to not work out. And it really isn't the heat I have issues with, it's the humidity. When the heat index is 111 degrees and it's only 90 outside, it's too much. :( So anyways, I hope we can do the YMCA thing. :)

Tricky Tracy

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