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6/12/10 7:23 P

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I spent the day shopping and had therapy on my leg. News in not as good as we thought originally. The therapist said he's not sure I'm going to be ready in 2 weeks. WHAT???? I leave for IL in 2 weeks. I have to be able to get through the airports with 3 kids in tow and be able to dance my butt off at the wedding. Then he told me I CANNOT wear heels!!!! WHAT?????? But I can't get dressed up and not wear heels!!!! DANG IT!!! This is not what I wanted to hear. So I went to DSW to find a cute sexy pair of flats. HA!!! They don't exist! I came home and cried! So silly I know but I was so bummed. On the up side I bought 4 dresses and 5 shirts. I'll take most of it back, because I'm strange that way, but I can never make up my mind until I bring it home and try it all on again. lol It drives my husband crazy. lol So after all that shopping I realized I didn't eat lunch which was a bad idea. I have nothing planned for dinner. I'm starving. And my leg is swollen, painful, and then there is that beautiful blood pool in my ankle. Oh gosh that had better be gone before the wedding. Ewwwww! I will read up on everyone and check in again later. For now I am going to go find a piece of string cheese.

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6/12/10 12:18 P

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Good afternoon ladies! It's freezing cold in the office today. They seriously need to do something about that. I was totally bummed when I woke up this morning and realized I still have 2 more work days left till my weekend. At least I had time to get all of my food together before I left the house this morning. I am loving my new breakfast sandwich. Tonight I will take photos of my walk/hike as long as I get home at a decent time.

Check out my blog post with the links in it, too, if you get a chance. The second link is a height weight chart with actual people in the chart. I think it's a neat little thing. :)

TEACHRMOM6 - emoticon on the 1 pound loss! It means you're doing it right and that's wonderful!

Cecelia - Happy Anniversary! I'm not a big seafood fan but I am a fan of Margarita! (We go way back! LOL) I don't know if it's been mentioned but you should try a shop on . It's simple to do and you can't get orders for mass amounts unless you post them!

56_PICKLES - So sorry about your watermelon! I bet it was the best one, too. We don't have a Farmer's Market but there is a farm stand about 5 miles down the road. He has the best corn and green peppers. The kids like to go down there to pick out pumpkins in the fall, too. The farmer always has these humongous ones in the yard near the stand.


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6/12/10 11:44 A

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Mom6 - oh, I remember those days. Just hang in there. If your eating healthy and exercising, the pounds will come off and more importantly you'll have enough energy. Besides, 1 pound is 1 pound - celebrate!

Cecilia - Do you have a Farmer's Market you could set up a booth at? I just went to mine this morning and lots of people have things like that to sell.

Oh, and I'm with you on the c-section thing - had two and then a couple of year's later had an ovary rupture so they went in the same scar. Now I have a nice little "apron" that I am desperately wanting to get rid of. My youngest is 18 so I think it's time! LOL

Hope everyone has a great Saturday. I woke up at 4:15 and couldn't get back to sleep so finally I just got up and did my walk with one of my other dogs (2.7 miles in 45 minutes), then went to our Farmer's Market and spent way too much money but it all looked so good, came home, dropped a watermelon in the driveway ($2.50 wasted), and now am waiting for hubby to get dressed so we can go to our Saturday morning coffee time. I've already been to the Paradise Bakery website to see what I can eat LOL.

Take care all!
~Zoe emoticon

Merry Christmas!

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6/12/10 10:42 A

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Hi everyone,

Well last night I didn't get a chance to read up on everyone's posts, so I'm trying to scan through now. My husband and I went out to dinner for our anniversary. It was seafood, on a lake, gorgeous views. And I was even good. Grilled snapper, shrimp, and lobster. Well, all except for that yummy melted butter they bring to dip you lobster in! And the margarita probably didn't help either, but who tracks calories on their anniversary!

I've got a house to pick up, groceries to buy, and do another dinner party tonight for friends. I have no idea what to serve. Maybe it'll come to me.

Mom6-We all go awol from time to time. Life gets crazy. If I don't post on here first thing in the morning, chances are I won't later!!
Shelly, take it easy or your knee will never heal.And I'm sure even though you realized you do too much, that doesn't really stop moms! The day I got out of the hospital from my last c-section, I was dipping pretzels for my daughter's Christmas party at school. I just about split my incision back open!!

Mitchell, i think it's great that the schools make children learn so many different languages. I wish our schools here did. But I can understand the confusion with the grammar structure. I had a friend from Spain who spoke several languages and some things just don't translate right. I hope your presentation gets finished and is great!

Zoe-I'll check out your pictures this afternoon. Wouldn't that be fun for all of us to take pictures of what our walks look like. We're all spread so far apart. It would be neat to see.

Rachel-Hang in there. I'm not sure I'd know what to do with myself if I wasn't stressed and running around all crazy! I think hard times is just life.

So what business am I doing? I make hairbows and accessories by hand. It seems silly, but it really is my art. I sell a few here and there, but I mostly give them away. But my girls have a fairly expensive ballet habit, so I really need to find a way to supplement our income. Ebay is a rip off, and I've tried Craigslist. So I'm ordering magnets for my car doors and business cards to hand out. People stop me all the time, but I don't have anything with my contact information. The website idea scares me a little. There's still fees involved with operating one as well. And what if it snowballs and I can't keep up with orders? So I'm going to stay local for now, but I'm really going to get serious. I'll attack playgrounds and hand out cards to anyone who will take them!


Women wish to be loved not because they are pretty, or good, or well bred, or graceful, or intelligent, but because they are themselves.
-Henri Frederic Amiel

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6/12/10 9:17 A

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OK - I was AWOL again yesterday. So sorry:( I NEED a laptop!! I have an infant that sleeps in a port-a-crib in my bedroom and that is where my computer is. It is wake the baby or let them sleep. YOU know what wins out!! Did get a chance to browse posts from yesterday, but I need to go back to respond which I will today...promise. I've been struggling too with a scale that refuses to move although I know I'm doing the right thing. Why at 48 does my body not respond like it did a decade ago:) I DID lose 1 lb! I know...not a huge thing, but SOME movement of that scale is ok with me. I'm basically ignoring it now but getting on to make sure I'm not gaining as I can do that too. Gonna keep on PLAN, continue to exercise, and it's gotta happen...right?:) I hope ALL of you have a wonderful Sat! Grocery shopping, exchanging a bike helmet that is too small for my four yr. old, and in search of an obnoxious bike horn for him to blow as we "training wheel" it around our block! LOL Have a great one, all. Be back later!!

“Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles, and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.”
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