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6/1/10 10:59 A

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All excellent advise. I would also ask yourself if you are really hungry. If you think you are, drink some water and wait 15 minutes. If you still are, then eat something like .5 cup cottage cheese or yogurt and an apple for something to crunch. Let that settle and I bet you won't feel hungry any more. It will take time to get used to eating smaller portions but once you do one entire day without going over, then the next and the next, you build a momentum that you will want to keep. I agree that since it's a lifestyle change, it will need to be something you can live with. Maybe eat a little more during the day so you are not starving yourself - your body needs fuel especially with the walks you are doing. Don't be afraid to try whatever will work for you. And don't be afraid to ask for help; there's even a Message Board titled Panic Button for immediate help.

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6/1/10 10:44 A

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Also, if you find yourself watching tv and eating and it's that pattern, tv = food, then maybe you should turn off the tv and read for a little bit until it goes away or start doing some crunches while watching the tv. You can do those laying in bed. And grab a glass of water and drink it even if you got your 8 glasses in for the day. And if nothing else works, plan that into your calorie allowance for the day. If you KNOW you'll be eating a sandwich in the evenings with your shows, figure out the calories of the sandwich and save them out so you can have it. OR! You can do what I've done the past couple of days, post on here. Or one lady, she'll put it in her nutrition tracker and she debates if it is worth it or not. She said that generally does the trick for her. (I've not done it yet, but I can imagine that works PRETTY well!)

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6/1/10 9:18 A

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In a lot of cases our minds and bodies confuse hunger with thirst. When you are having a craving start off with drinking 8 oz of water. Flavor it with crystal light if you need something sweet. Wait 30 minutes and then see if you are still hungry. It has worked for me numerous times.

The other thing is, the 1st 2 weeks I started this journey the cravings were insane. I simply forced myself to ignore them. I continuely asked myself "Is it worth it?" My desire to be healthier and thinner was bigger than my desire to eat a cookie.

Good luck!

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6/1/10 8:32 A

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Hello! First stop telling yourself that you are on a diet. You are making a lifestyle change. Diets end, a lifestyle change is forever and you need to be able to make changes you can stick with forever. If you can't stick with a certain change, then its not working for you and you need to try something different. If you are really craving a treat, plan for it and allow yourself to eat it. For example. I knew that I'd want cupcakes yesterday, so I planned for it and I ate them. I did go over my calories for the day, but not by much and today, I'm back on track. You can still do this and lose weight. So, plan for that serving of cookies or ice cream and try to stay within your calorie range. It can be done and I KNOW you can do it!

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6/1/10 4:36 A

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Hi ppl,

I need some serios help. I have lost 2 kgs so far but now I am starting going off track. Cravings are starting to take over and I am desperate that I am not going to make this diet even this time. I have gone beyond the nutrition tracker advise for 3 days now and I am getting frustrated.

Usually I will be ok during the whole day but in the evening while watching TV in bed the monsters come out. I will start thinking FOOD FOOD, FRIDGE, SANDWICH!! Aaarghh! I go out of bed and make 2 sandwiches and eat them while watching TV. And to console myself I say to myself you had a rough day you deserve a treat! And it's not true! The treat should be that I stick with the diet! I am walking 4.5miles each day and enjoying it and looking forward to it as well. And then in the evening I lose everything!

So please help and I need some serious advise on this because this is always how I go off my diet track!

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