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From Chapter 1 of the book Shape Shifting--reclaiming YOUR perfect body:
Even if you're not a sci-fi fan, you've probably heard of the concept of shape shifting. For horror movie fans, it means the ability to transform yourself into an animal and back, like a werewolf or vampire bat. For those who are knowledgeable about shamanism and tribal cultures, it means working with power animals and co-joining with others for healing purposes. For fans of Star Trek or The Matrix and the like, it simply means the ability to morph into another body.

For our purposes, it means our inherent ability to constantly recreate our bodies into whatever form we choose, including our healthiest body possible—the ability to shift from a body that doesn’t suit us anymore, because it’s out of shape and possibly overweight, into a body that brings us great joy, using the awesome power of our thoughts. Our thoughts, which are just like magnets, bring to us exactly what we send out.

At this point in our evolution, it's not usually an instant physical transformation like in the movies, especially if we’re working on something big. For now, we're still mired in the illusion of physical reality and therefore believe that we are required to follow its rules. So, we think that the only way we can change our bodies for the “better” is through horrific diets, exercise programs or—worse yet—surgery. This book is designed to help you to understand that there is another way to go about it.

The human race is beginning to wake up to the fact that there might be something to this New Age hoohah. It's not just hippies and freaks who believe this stuff anymore. There's a reason for that. It works. But until we remember how to instantly create change, it takes a while for the shift to take place. So what this book is intended to do is to ease you into new thought processes that will help you to believe that you (yes, you!) can do this—that you’re already doing it! You really can create a zingingly healthy body—the kind that feels like it's about to burst with joy, every single moment of every single day.

Having a hard time grasping the possibilities? Consider the multitude of sci-fi concepts that are now mainstream, everyday events. I believe that sci-fi is humankind’s way of getting used to far out ideas, in order for the ideas to become immersed in the collective consciousness until their actualization into reality is allowed through the filter into someone’s brain as an “Aha!” moment. Check out a small list of things that used to be considered stranger than fiction:

Television and radio
The Internet
Space travel
Medical body scans
Walkie Talkies
CD players

The list goes on and on. Here’s something else to think about: in sci-fi, everyone is healthy or easily healed. Why is that? Could it be something else that we’re eventually going to consider a no-brainer?

The most important thing to realize, before we go any further, is that shape shifting is not just a sci-fi concept. The fact is, you’re already doing it! You just aren’t conscious of it. Every thought, word and action causes your life to shift in one way or the other. They directly affect the shape, health and condition of your career, house, relationships—every facet of your life, including your body.

“Dressing for success” is a form of shape shifting. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity. It really does have an affect on how you think, act and carry yourself, which then directly affects your future. Likewise, on the other end of the spectrum, living as an abused housewife will eventually affect your health, appearance, posture and extinguish the light in your eyes. Even the bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People follows the concepts. Deciding to change the way you think about, speak about and carry your body will specifically cause a shift in your shape.

So you see, the idea isn’t sci-fi at all. You simply need to become conscious of the fact that your body looks how it looks, and is how it is, because of thoughts, words and actions you’ve lived in the past. At every moment, your body is in the best condition that your mindset allows. By waking up and deliberately changing your choices, instead of just going with the same flow you’ve been allowing so far, you shift your shape to a healthier version. It also helps if you can learn to stop judging yourself and just accept that you didn’t know what you were doing. You can have a fresh start any time you choose, every moment of every day.

Throughout the book, we’ll be working with something I’m calling the Essence. You’re probably familiar with the concept under various names, and I’ll go into it more later, but I’d like to briefly define it up front so we are all on the same page with my specific meaning for this word. What I mean by the Essence is that substance from which our world and we are made: the liquid light—a living, breathing hologram—which flows in a never-ending, boundless river of possibility.

If you need a visual, you might watch the move The Matrix—in particular the scene where Neo takes the red pill and his reality begins to dissolve into a flowing liquid. Or, watch the scenes where he dodges bullets. The ripples they leave in the air behind them demonstrate how they are moving through the substance I’m calling the Essence. When the monitors on the ship show the matrix in code, that is close to the truth of how the Essence translates our energetic impulses into what we call physical reality. While I’m aware that the storyline of this movie is fiction, it shows incredible vision on the part of the special effects department. That is what the Essence really looks like in motion. This will be explained fully, later in the book. For now, just trust me on this.

The liquidy Essence of life simply reproduces what you put into it. It responds like a giant copy machine in response to the thoughts you lay on the “glass.”

Like a pebble, rock or boulder (which correspond to thoughts, words or actions) tossed into a pond, it responds with either tiny ripples in reaction to the electrical impulses of your thoughts, and/or with larger waves that your vocalizations create, and with tsunamis that your actions cause—the more active your input, the larger the result.

It’s like living your life from the viewpoint of the mirror on the wall, with no judgment at all. It just reproduces what is placed in front of it. Pretend you’re a mirror and pay attention to what the conditions of your life and body are reflecting through you. And know that you can change it with the flicker of a thought.

The basic trick to making this work to your advantage is to only allow thoughts, words and actions that are in line with what you want to create. Easier said than done, right? Well, so is taking a shower easier said than done. So is reading a book, eating a meal, going to sleep…so is everything, no matter how easy it may be, easier said than done. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it, right? We’ll spend the rest of this book easing into a mindset to help you to realize that this really is easy to do, once you decide to do it.

You already know how to do this. It’s just a matter of remembering to be aware of it. You picked up this book because, at some level of consciousness, you knew that there was something here for you. Trust yourself at the same level you trusted that voice inside that told you to pick up this book.

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