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6/8/12 2:26 P

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Yep, It's definitely an addiction. I'm jealous of people who live close enough to the ocean to get in a couple good dives after work.

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5/4/12 4:38 P

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Sounds accurate!

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7/4/10 7:57 P

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I have to join this group after reading the first post! Scuba diving is an addiction for sure. We got spoiled going to Catalina Island in February for our advanced open water certification; I am anxious to go there again. This week we are going to Monterey, and setting out to do our first dives alone. I will post how it went.

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6/6/10 1:07 A

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Pacific Northwest Diving....we acquire AIDS...aquatically induced divorce syndrome. We expend so much physical, intellectual and emotional resources on our addiction, that our spouses leave us...eventually we even notice. We are sad but it frees up more time and money for diving. Sick, huh? So then my favorite dive buddy and I got together. We just spent the last year designing and building our new home around our dive habit. Back the dive van into the garage, unload the drysuits and cylinders into the dive room, rinse it all in warm water and hang to dry over the center floor drain in the climate controlled 60 degree room. Storage above houses all the tropical gear and spares. Next up is the 45 foot yacht that we can use as a B&B for teaching scuba in the San Juans. Let the store deal with the classroom and pool sessions and we'll pick the clients up Friday night and do two days of diving, drop them off Sunday afternoon at the dock with new certs, and motor away...........splash :)

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6/3/10 11:43 P

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Sounds just like us here in the mid-West, too!!! Addiction??? Who's addicted???? Bwhaaaaaaaa haaaaa haaaaa!!

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6/2/10 7:22 P

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This is spot on Ron! Crazy how much money the average diver will spent. And it never stops.

Thanks for sharing!

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6/1/10 6:25 P

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I am in the North- EAST... but much rings true!
Thanks- I am copying this to everyone else who froze their but off in 47 degree water with me last weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6/1/10 2:57 P

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Hey divers,
I'm reposting this from another forum I frequent. It hits WAY TOO close to home!!! :)

What diving in the Pacific North West means.
-You will spend upwards of $1,500 for a rubber jumpsuit that 99% of the people who know you will never see you wear.
- 52 degree water is nice and warm in your warped view.
- You look forward to spending 45 minutes driving, an hour bs'ing and setting up gear, another hour bs'ing and breaking down gear, another 45 minute drive home, another hour rinsing/drying/charging/maintaining gear, and countless hours talking about a sport that you just actively participated in for 50 minutes.
- You complain about how awfull it is to dress yourself in layers of black thermal clothing on an 85 degree day while you voluntarily do so.
- You brag when you can see 30 feet, as though this is an unheard of feat for all mankind.
- You immerse yourself in chilly pea soup for hours on end looking for a creature the size of a dime that doesn't give a hoot that you were ever there.
- You spend thousands of dollars and countless hours hoping to get lucky and catch a 3 second glimpse of a creature that people see at the aquarium every day for a few bucks, or on Discovery for free.
- You collect pictures of slugs.
- Your friends are jealous of you when you buy a flashlight for $1200. (and, HID head, your wife/hubby wonders why they can't use it when the power goes out at home)
- Some fanatics among you will risk losing close personal relationships and lifelong hobbies and interests to go swimming.
- You will plan the vacation of your lifetime to an exotic destination for a week and never see the culture, lifestyle, environment or geography of the place you visit.
- You know the physiology of bubble formation in the body, the consequence of high PPO2 exposure, Boyle's law, and the factors that contribute to nitrogen narcosis; you have no idea how to fill out the forms your boss just gave you.
- None of your thumbtacks on Google Earth are on land.

and theres one scuba instructor who shamelessly begins each class with the following disclaimer
"Scuba is a very addictive sport. This addiction will cost you far more than any cocaine habit. It may cause friends and relatives to shake their heads and wonder how to rehab you from your addiction. They won't understand the world you've sunk into, no matter how hard they try. You will become reckless in your finances, allocating far more to the addiction than others deem sensible. I am a dealer. I make no apologies. I will be here to feed your addiction long after your first taste. That said...are you ready to move forward?"

And they laugh... (?????)

Have a great day all!




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